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1. I figured you were on something. You're way too happy right now to be sober

2. this weekend took five years off my life and what was left of my dignity

3. But of course I'm in. After all, what fun would the holidays be without trying to find the perfect gift to impress someone you've met once, but need the approval of??

4. Text her
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[personal profile] cnrkent 2015-11-27 09:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Good thing dignity comes back.
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After this weekend, I'd sincerely doubt it.
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[personal profile] cnrkent 2015-11-28 12:58 am (UTC)(link)
Sure it will. Some people lose their dignity dozens of times in their lives.
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True, true. Now, just wondering here... How many of those people are the new Queen of Camelot?
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[personal profile] cnrkent 2015-11-28 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
One, maybe. Three tops.
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...What type of people have you met?
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I've met all kinds, but I was sort of hedging my bets on that one.
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So you, in fact, have not met any new Queens of Camelot apart from me
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[personal profile] cnrkent 2015-11-28 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
Not that I've been aware of.
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Okay. Then you do not know if my dignity will be regained. Thank you. That's so helpful
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You can always be the first?
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I'd like to be, but I'm afraid my dignity is currently completely gone. I am never hosting anything again. I don't care if my role 'calls for it'. Expectations can get lost for all I care. Nope. No more hosting.

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An opinion shared by seemingly everyone who showed up. Did I miss the memo about this? I was pretty sure we were at least meant to pretend to try to be sober for a half hour longer
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[personal profile] alladversaries 2015-11-28 02:53 pm (UTC)(link)
I pay little attention to pretense.
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Some of us do not have that luxury. Stupid protocol. I am rewriting it, I swear
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Re-writing protocol? On whose authority?
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Mine. New Queen of Camelot. I can do that stuff.
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I didn't realize I had a wife.
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...You're not Tedros, so you don't. How can you be King of Camelot? It doesn't make sense, I was at Tedros' coronation. Unless you're a past or future king? Magic could make that happen, I guess. And Merlin was the one who gave me this phone...
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I am King by birth and by right. Though if Myrddin has been involved I trust you are all doomed, the meddling madman.
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Okay, that? Tells me nothing. 'By birth and by right' - have you even tried to work out what's needed for the kingdom, and make plans for improving life for the people who live there? It's a big responsibility, the crown. You can't just expect people to follow you.

And I'll agree that he's probably mad, but Merlin isn't a threat to me. He's the complete opposite.
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Oh, the people do follow me - and my brother - for we have won what was rightfully ours to begin with, more than proving our worth.

You are but a lady and a young one at that. How are you to know better than one who was raised to be King?
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So... past king of Camelot then. Merlin said he was younger, but this is him we're talking about...

I fought beside him in a war. The ultimate war of Good vs Evil. Merlin not only saved my life, but countless others. We'd have been lost without his aid.

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