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Snow Day!!

The Snow Day Meme

Whether is was announced on the local news station or it's a
freak storm. You wake up to the news that school is cancelled,
transport is down or perhaps you need to take a personal day
because of unfavorable conditions.The point is it's a snow day!
So enjoy it at your leisure.

[x] Reply to the post with your character/preferences.
[x] Respond to others with one of the prompts listed.
(or make your own!)
[x] Have fun!

Snowed in: uh-oh, it looks like it may have snowed a little too much last night, and now you're stuck inside. So grab a hot cup of cocoa, curl up and relax. Or maybe you're going a little stir crazy. Have fun with it.
Snowball fight!: Arguably the best part of a snow day, right? Gathering a bunch of friends, or just one, and spending the day in modern snowy warfare. You better make your ammunition and pile that snow fort high, you don't have much time before the snow begins to fly.
Ice rink: Oh wow, winter hit pretty hard, didn't it? The local pond froze over and is even safe enough to go skating on! So grab your skates and hit the ice-- not literally, though. That hurts.
Walking in a winter wonderland: The way the snow glistens is rather pretty, isn't it? Sure it's cold but it's not so bad if you're spending it with a loved one, enjoying the scenery and staying close to keep warm. ;)
Etc: Don't like any of the prompts? That's cool. Feel free to do whatever you like. Just have fun.