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The Text Meme

That's it. Just text.

We have the TFLN, the misfired texts and the sexting, but what about just texts?

You want to text that person, for whatever reason. Because you need to ask something, because you forgot to tell them something, because you miss them. Because you are in danger, because you need to know where they are or simply because you want to share this fact or story that's hilarious and can't wait another minute to be shared.

Serious, romantic, scary, funny, you pick the reason. Just text!

The Rules:

1; Comment with your character's name and series on the subject line.

2; Other characters will reply to yours by sending them a text.

3; It can be anything, you decide! Group texts are also possible!

4; Profit!
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Kara Danvers | Supergirl

[personal profile] strongertogether 2015-11-16 06:16 pm (UTC)(link)
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Look what I found
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Re: 2/2

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Alex, I know there's Superman caps. They've been out for years now. Remember, Aunt Martha bought us one when she took us and Mom to Metreopolis?
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Kara. Kara, they're Supergirl caps. They had a sign over them like "show your support for National City's new hero."
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You. Have. Merchandise! Admittedly a lot of it was pink. But still.
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I'm okay with it being pink. I'd like more colour variety, but pink isn't a bad colour. I just... I have merchandise seems... so weird.