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Merida | Once Upon a Time

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1. Clearly you've confused me for someone who has their shit together, and honestly I have no idea how you did that.

2. I am so sorry. Not sure for what, but whatever I did last night probably merits an apology, so I'm covering my bases.

3. im questioning your sanity while also accepting your reality

4. video games take priority over anything else you can offer me.

5. {{text her!}}
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Depends who's askin' about the sparrin' tae be honest. I'm no gonna go out of my way tae spar with the ones that were willin' to go behind my back. Sparrin' with you takes priority, though. You still need to show me a proper back-hand grip.
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I meant with me. Because you still need to learn that back-hand grip. No one else would be a challenge.
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Aye, just name a time and place and I'll be there. Need to make sure there's loyal guards watching the boys though. Turns out being almost killed by the lads they'd grown up looking up has a bit of a bad effect on a person. Who'd have guessed, eh?
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Maybe we can teach them a few things. Just to make them feel safer.
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That'll probably help. Me smashing Macintosh's face in'll help an' all. The scunner. An' Dingwall's bringin' up the fact that still 'technically' need a king tae support me. An' to provide heirs.
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"Technically' is just that. You will prove them wrong. As for heirs you still have time for that. You do not need a king to have someone to pass your kingdom too.
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Aye, try telling them that. I was just thinking of making it whatever niece or nephew was born first. I wouldn't mind the whole idea if they hadn't kept going on about it for the past few years. It gets boring after a while
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I would be happy to tell them a few things. That seems like a fine idea. I think that is one of those things that becomes less boring when you find the right person. The grating does get on the nerves. I know that feeling well.
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I'd let you an' all, if it wouldnae start them up again. I know about finding the 'right person', my Mum telt me I'd know when I'd found them, but I don't think I have yet. Ach, I'll make a niece or nephew my heir. It'll be easier, an' it's more likely one of my brothers'll find themselves a wife before I find a husband
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I will not do something to make things harder on you. I can always promise that. Even if I would like put a few of their heads together. Maybe one day it will be acceptable to never find that person. At least it would alleviate pressure.
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Aye, I can but wish. An' putting a few of their heads together wouldnae be seen as doing anything wrong. You're a respected solider, it'd be seen as you putting them intae place, or teachin' them a lesson
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Maybe the next training exercises can be a little more challenging for some key people. Perhaps they can be too tired to continue to make a fuss.
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That would be good. A few of them could do with a right challenge.
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Consider it done. It will be my pleasure to help out my friend. And teach them a lesson or two.
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I'm glad my Dad introduced us. It's good to have a friend who understands. An' if any of them say anything against you, well, there's a few of the clan warriors who'd be happy to step in behind you - they'd consider it an honour, actually.