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snuggle with someonespecial
What better time than these cool, crisp mornings or rapidly lengthening nights to jump right under a warm blanket with that irreplaceable person in your life? Even if you're not sleeping together - heck, even if you've not been straight with your feelings and you're not officially an "item" - there's nothing wrong with cuddling up. Grab a book, get some hot cocoa, turn on the TV (if you're in an era where the tube's available), or just enjoy each other's presence on the couch or in the bed.

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Kara Danvers | Supergirl | OTA

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[[Platonic snuggles are life. Shipping snuggles are also very cute]]
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sisterly snuggles bc these two give me life

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[ Lazy days are few and far between, especially recently, but if there's one thing Alex refuses to miss out on, it's her movie nights with her sister. No one was trying to destroy/enslave the city for once (even bad guys have a night off once in a while, right?) and Alex had requested a night off - no, told Henshaw that a night off was sorely needed for the Danvers siblings.

And so she calls out to Kara from her sister's kitchen over the sound of rustling plastic as she digs through the bag of necessities brought with her.

Popcorn or m&m's?
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all the sisterly snuggles

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[You never realise how much you need a lazy day until one comes up, and you find yourself sinking into your couch and realising just how much everything seems to scream how tired it is at you. Kara was just glad of the comfy clothing only rule when they had one of these nights. Alex in the kitchen - because she made the best popcorn and always had - was a familiar and comforting sight]

Is it greedy to say both? Because I think it's a both night.
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Nope. Just makes me feel better about wanting both, too.

[ Alex grins and puts the popcorn in the microwave before grabbing a couple of other things from the bag and heading over. She tosses the m&m's to Kara with one hand, keeping the other hidden behind her back. ]

Got you a present, by the way.

[ She holds out a cupcake - it's bright blue with a red and yellow 'S' iced onto the top. ]

They were selling them at the coffee shop this morning, urging everyone to support the city's first superhero. You're famous.
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[Kara's reflexes are better now that she's using and testing her powers often, so she actually catches the M&Ms easily.] Oh good. I knew if I started to use my powers again, I'd feel a lot more hungry, but I swear I've like... doubled my usual calorie in-take in the last week. I mean, not complaining about the whole eating more, that's great. I am complaining about the hit my grocery bill is taking. This is why Kal still has a job.

Oh, present? [She brightens like a small child because SURPRISE PRESENT! And then she grins and claps her hands like... an excited small child on seeing the cupcake] Oh my gosh, this is adorable! And people are really starting to believe in her, Alex, they're starting to believe in Supergirl.
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Most people would be jealous of their sibling having super powers. Me? Jealous of the amount you can eat.

[ She laughs, heading back into the kitchen when the microwave beeps. She talks as she works, filling up a bowl with popcorn. ]

You know they had a Flash Day over in Central? Flash t-shirts, food, coffee, everything. Even gave him the key to the city. I bet that'll be you soon enough. A day in your honour, people wearing Supergirl t-shirts.
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I would totally sharing the ability to eat tons, but the output to make it worth it is exhausting. Like... you never realised how good warm water feels for your muscles exhausting.

[And... Kara laughs, she can't help it.]

Winn would be so annoyed if they don't get the Supergirl costumes right. He's got mad sewing skills, after all.
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Trust me, the training I was put through? I get it. Hot showers are my best friend.

[ Alex grins, grabbing the rest of the food and finally dropping down onto the sofa beside Kara. ]

So! What terrible movie do we have this evening?
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Oh, oh! And bubble baths! I never realised just how great bubble baths are. I need to buy more stuff so I can have more of them. Seriously.

[Kara grins, and reaches over to the small pile of DVDs.]

Well, we have the ever classic original Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We also have Rocky Horror, and I think there might even be... yes, yes it is. It's your favourite.

[She hands over the DVD with a grin]
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(This guy could give some nice snuggles. y/n?)
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[[a ridiculously giggle Kara yes here]]
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(ooc: she so dang cute! platonic or not, I'm good with any of it.)

It had been a long damn day, night, week, whatever. He had nearly lost his job but she had saved it. She knew she didn't need to but he would lie if he said he wasn't glad she had. Not so much the job but he liked hanging around her. So much that tonight she was over his place and they were just lounging and flipping through channels. Somewhere along the way she curled into him and he found he liked it. So much he didn't even mention it so she kept doing it.
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[[ooc: I might ship it a bit. and totally believe in matchmaker!clark. because it's such a fun image.]]

Kara had really come to appreciate nights where she just got to lounge out in front of a television. It was a piece of 'being normal' that she had always enjoyed sharing with her sister and her cousin - on his rare visits - and now with James. He could have lost his job because she didn't want to do an interview. How selfish could she have been? Doing the interview wasn't a problem, well, except for Cat's attitude but she was past the point of expecting Cat to be nice. Still, there was a niceness to this, the hanging out at his place, curled up on his sofa and just watching whatever caught their eye. She leant back against him - not knowingly - and laughed at an commercial that appeared. Then gave an apologetic smile.

"Sorry," she said, "it's just... it's just that for some reason that ad always makes me laugh. I think it's because of how ridiculous it is. Visit Gotham, please ignore our high crime rates." Then, in a babble. "Not that high crime rates are funny, it's actually really worrying, I just found the ... it's the little bat mascot they use... with the wings?"
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