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The Blind Date meme

The Blind Date meme.

Pretty self-explanatory. No matter how awkward and unexpected they might be, there is always something exciting about them. Who is your company for the evening going to be? Will it be a person of your innermost dreams or someone you absolutely can't stand? And most importantly...
How are you going to handle it?

What do:
1. Post with your character! They're now in the middle of a blind date.
2. Comment to each other! When you do that...
3. Go to and roll a single die!
First date
 -- You've never been out on a date before, so someone's decided to give you a helping hand.
On the rebound
 -- You're recovering from a painful breakup, but your friends/family think they found a great person for you anyway.
Not strangers at all
 -- Someone thought you didn't know your date. Turns out you know them from somewhere.
Hideously awkward
 -- Hey wait, that's your ex/boss/doctor/distant family member! Or, even worse, it's that person you absolutely despise. This will go well!
Existing partner
 -- You two are just acting like strangers to spice up your love life.
Future spouse
 -- Unfortunately, you have to have an arranged marriage. Fortunately, you get to meet that special someone for a date beforehand. How will the night go?
7. ...or, instead of rolling, come up with your own scenario!
4. Play out the date. This meme can be completely fluffy, smutty, or hilarious. If you don't want smut, you can put that in your subject. It doesn't even have to be romantic.
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Kara Danvers | Supergirl | OTA

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[open to a crossover? maybe 1, 6 or wildcard.]
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[[ooc: wildcard would work best. would you like to write us a started?]]
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first date

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Dating was an interesting concept. One that Automan wanted to explore. So, without Walter's knowledge, he had agreed to be set up by one of the policewomen in the station on a blind date.

He had done extensive research online and by watching movies on the subject. How hard could this dating business be? Auto shows up for the date in the black Lamborghini traced with glowing neon blue. His black dress suit is impeccable, after all it was created by a computer hologram. The only thing he couldn't hide of his holographic nature was the faint blue glow around his collar and the cuffs of his sleeves. He had Cursor rez up a handful of long stemmed roses before ringing the doorbell.