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the picture prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
  • reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
  • link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
  • be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. that's kind of the point.

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    [ Gadreel wakes from nothingness and it's not unlike rousing from a state of blissful unconsciousness after a torture session in Heaven's dungeons. Only this time there is no pain, no lingering aches or seeping wounds. He just simply is. And it's wrong because he's not supposed to be, not anymore. Not when the last thing he remembers doing is sacrificing himself for the greater good and finally doing the right thing. Yet here is, somehow back on Earth with two feet on solid ground in a vessel made whole again, lacking its original occupant entirely. It's confusing, to say the least, and when he tries to make some sense of the situation by orientating himself and grabbing a newspaper, he's only left with more questions. Some considerable time has passed since his sacrifice. Gadreel has no clue how or why (and why now) he's been brought back.

    But someone else might.

    Luckily he knows where to start looking for that someone. He shoves all his questions and hopeful suspicions aside for the moment, turning that typical single-minded focus of an angel to getting himself to a certain bunker in Kansas. Even if Castiel isn't there, the Winchesters might be and although if that's the case and he'll likely be walking himself to certain death again, it'll be worth it if he can get confirmation that his sacrifice was enough to help. The humans seem alright from what he can tell, there's no sign of Metatron's presence to be found, but he has to know for certain and they can tell him.

    It's with that determination that he finds himself arriving at the bunker some hours later, standing in the rain. Having shared Sam's head space, it's not hard for him to make his way inside. He does so with no hesitation, his conviction unfaltering, though his steps do turn cautious as he descends the stairs and moves into the empty main area. At first glance it would appear no one's home, but Gadreel knows better. The bunker is vast and has many rooms, appearances can be deceiving.

    There's only one thing for it. He calls out, tentatively. ]

    Is anyone here?
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    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-11-07 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ from where castiel is reading in his room, it's easy to hear when someone enters the bunker; sound carries well, and he is sitting in silence, undisturbed. so when he hears the door creak open castiel lifts his head, a sharp crease in his brow.

    sam and dean aren't due back for several days. palming his phone, castiel thumbs it on to see if either of them have called, or left messages, but his home screen is blank. who else could it be? who else knows where the bunker is, and how to enter it? something cold pulls at his belly, and castiel rises quietly, careful not to disturb anything, and he lifts his angel blade from where it sits at his bedside, sliding it comfortably into his palm.

    he's slow to move as he leaves the room, climbs back toward the central reading area, keeping his footsteps as quiet as possible to maintain some semblance of stealth for as long as he is able. but when a voice rings out he's surprised, somewhat taken aback, because he hadn't expected the intruder to call out, and he had not expected to recognize the voice. castiel's right hand, holding the blade, drops immediately to his side, and he hurries quickly forward and into the wide open area. he had recognized the voice, but it is still hard to believe his eyes. ]

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    [ His call is answered by the sound of hurried footsteps and although he's glad to hear someone's around, he can't help but tense up a little. If it's a Winchester, his chances of being met with some hostility are probably still fairly high regardless of his sacrifice. (And Gadreel would not blame them for it, they have every right to remain angry with him.)

    But it's not a Winchester that comes rushing out to meet him. ]


    [ The sheer relief is palpable in both his voice and his expression the moment he lays eyes on the familiar figure. Now that he has fulfilled his goal, made his way to the bunker and found his brother, he no longer has his determination to focus on and he's left with a rush of mixed emotions; fear, confusion, relief, a spark of painful hope. Castiel's very presence already more or less answers his most pressing question, but he needs to hear it to know for sure, before he dares to believe.

    In the wave of emotions he doesn't even know where to begin comprehending, he gives in to the impulse to close the distance between them, to set his hands on Castiel's shoulders, feel him solid and real under heavy hands, and gaze into his eyes imploringly, tone urgent when he speaks. The angel blade in Castiel's hand goes ignored entirely in his desperation for answers. ]

    Brother, did you succeed?
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    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-11-09 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
    [ castiel stares blankly for several moments, his expression slack with muted surprise. he has questions, so many questions, but the solid, strong weight of gadreel's hands upon his shoulders nudges him from his thoughts, and castiel clears his throat. ]

    .. yes, we did.

    [ in a manner of speaking. metatron is still a nuisance, and they have much, much bigger fish to fry than him at the moment, but he cannot bring himself to cheapen gadreel's noble sacrifice. he dips his head courteously, lifting one hand to grasp gadreel's forearm in a gesture of solidarity, and thanks. ]

    Your sacrifice was not in vain. Metatron no longer rules in Heaven.

    [ but much has happened since, and it's a long story to tell - for now he has questions of his own. ]

    But brother, how are you here? What's happened?
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    [ Gadreel hangs on every word and the confirmation that Castiel succeeded in overthrowing Metatron has him sighing in relief. It's a whole-bodied kind of sigh, exhaling harshly, head bowing forward, shoulders slumping and eyes sliding shut for a brief moment as he lets the information sink in. Finally after so long he managed to do the right thing. There are no words to describe how that feels. ]

    Good. I'm glad.

    [ That's putting the profound feeling very mildly. But Castiel is asking the other question that's been plaguing him most so he snaps out of it, lifting his head. That Castiel asks means he doesn't know either and that leaves them with a very confusing situation indeed. He removes his hands from Castiel's shoulders to frown down at them in confusion. ]

    I do not know. I ... died, I know that for certain. [ He remembers vividly how that felt, the sharp pain of his light being focused into one point was more painful than any torture he has endured, but it was only for a moment and then it was over. The sweet release of death was far more preferable than staying behind bars once more. More than that, it was worth it. ]

    And then, a few hours ago, I found myself standing in Illinois with no clue as to how or why. [ He glances up at Castiel again, looking as lost as he feels. ] I was hoping you would know.
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    [ gadreel's relief is palpable, like a shift in the air itself, and castiel supposes that it must be. for all castiel has judged him in the past, he knows now that he was wrong to, that he had been foolish, and hypocritical. gadreel is not the only angel to have made mistakes, and castiel knows full well how carrying the weight of your actions can crush you, pull you down, he knows what it is like to chase redemption, to feel like you will never find it. and gadreel carried that burden for thousands of years, suffered for his indiscretion in ways that castiel cannot even begin to imagine.

    it feels good, to see that weight begin to lift from him, to know that gadreel can find some relief in it. ]

    I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for you.

    [ he says, gently. he wishes that he did, but though castiel is an angel of the lord, he is not omniscient, none of them are, and his stint on earth has taught him that he knows and understands far less than he ever could have hoped.

    turning the angel blade deftly in his fingers, castiel sets it aside on the long center table, then gently guides gadreel by the elbow toward the nearest seat. he has no idea how long he has been traveling, what he might have gone through to get here, or how he's even feeling, but if he cannot give answers, castiel can at least offer rest. ]

    Were you alone?
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    [personal profile] redemptible 2015-11-10 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
    It's alright.

    [ He means it sincerely when he says that. It's a disappointing response to be sure, but not a wholly unexpected one. He already knew before coming here that the chances were slim that Castiel would know the answer to the mystery of his return. Expecting him to have all the answers would be unfair. There's already more than enough comfort to be found in knowing that he has a familiar face to turn to and that Metatron no longer rules Heaven.

    Gadreel lets himself be guided, obediently following along and sitting down. It's not until he's seated that he realizes just how draining all the confusion is. Combined with his rush to get here, he's left sinking back in the chair a little, weary. ]

    Yes, I was.

    [ Now that he's gotten an answer to one question, there's no distraction from the other that's left hanging in the room. He can't help but dwell on it for obvious reasons. His very presence should be impossible, angels don't just come back from the dead. Except that it has happened before and Gadreel is aware of it. There are rumors and whispers that reach even Heaven's dungeon plus he has also seen Sam's memories.

    It's something that's been nagging at him the entire time and yet it takes effort now to scrounge up the courage to voice his suspicion aloud. ]

    Castiel, Father has brought you back before, hasn't He? Do you think . . . [ He falters, unable to finish the question because it feels far too arrogant a notion. The thought alone seems blasphemous after everything he's done and Gadreel knows better than anyone that God does not forgive easy. It can't be that. And yet there's that spark of hope ...

    He hurriedly shakes his head to dismiss the unfinished question, brows drawn together in a troubled frown as he looks away. ]
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    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-11-10 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ gadreel is already circling around what castiel had already begun to consider. castiel has seen hundreds, thousands of angels die, and as far as he is aware, god has brought none of them back - save, of course, for the curious and notable exception of himself. not only that, he has been saved more than once, which seems an impossible miracle, and castiel has always wondered what it could be that brought their father to single him out, to scrape him up and rebuild him, again and again.

    at first he had, arrogantly, thought it was favor. now? now he sees it as punishment. he cannot escape his transgressions in death, but must instead face them, suffer for them, rectify them.

    but gadreel? he has already redeemed himself. he had forfeited his own life in the ultimate sacrifice, and perhaps in a way it had been a little selfish, considering gadreel's driving force had been repentance, and in so giving his life he had finally achieved that goal for himself, but that does not make it any less noble or gallant. if their father brought him back, surely it must be a reward - or a sign that he will be, in some way, needed. ]

    I had considered that.

    [ he says, softly, leaning to half-sit against the edge of the long table, facing gadreel, with his hands locked loosely in his lap. ]

    In the end, only you can decide what you believe. Our Father has given me second life, and I am nothing special, no more important than you are. Perhaps he has work for you. Perhaps you will somehow be necessary to us.
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    [personal profile] redemptible 2015-11-11 10:37 am (UTC)(link)
    [ Gadreel glances back up at Castiel, feeling a lot less foolish when Castiel says that he has considered it too. That makes it a more real possibility instead of a desperate false hope. If God has brought him back then surely it must mean he has finally redeemed himself, that their Father approved of his choice to help Castiel and his sacrifice for the good of humanity. Perhaps the lesson all along was that he needed to remember their original purpose and in doing so earned his Father's favor back.

    After thousands of years chasing after redemption, it's overwhelming to even consider that he managed to attain it. It seems too good to be real. There's no way of truly knowing if their suspicions are true or not.

    It comes down to faith as it always does. ]

    It's— hard to imagine Father has forgiven me after all this time, but I do believe that helping you was the right thing to do.

    [ That he believes with absolute certainty. Castiel might think he's nothing special, but he couldn't be more wrong. It's obvious that he's important, that he's on the right path, otherwise God would not have granted him another life. He can see what it is their Father might be seeing in Castiel. And although Gadreel might not be certain of what to make of his own second chance (if that's what this even is), he believes in Castiel's. That's a conviction he can carry without remorse and it gives him something to focus on.

    He sits up straighter, resolute. ]

    And of course I'm willing to continue doing so, if you'll have me. I owe you everything, brother.
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    so sorry for the delay!

    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-11-13 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ castiel's eyes flicker toward gadreel, cool blue going soft as he shakes his head and speaks gently. ]

    No, there is nothing at all that you owe me, Gadreel.

    [ his voice is soft when he says it, and his eyes warm, but focused, assured, leaving no room for gadreel to try and doubt his words, or the conviction of his certainty. gadreel is a fine angel, one of the very, very few, aside from himself, and perhaps hannah in some ways, who truly attempted to understand humanity, to fight for them, to make the choices that he thinks their father would have liked. because that's just it, isn't it? it's all about humanity. it's all about earth, and these people. his great work. castiel has long since stopped loving humanity because his father told him so, however - he loves humanity for himself, because it feels right for him. ]

    You are a better angel than far too many that I have known. Whatever debt you feel you owe, you have surely repaid. Rest easy.

    [ but of course, that doesn't mean he's about to dismiss gadreel, either. he's proven himself a worthy ally, he's strong and useful, and he and the winchesters are sorely in need of whatever support they can muster. not to mention, he owes gadreel this much, and he deserves to be rewarded after too many long years of punishment. ]

    Still, I would have you at my side, if that's your choice. We won't turn you away.

    [ and he's making that decision for sam and dean, he realizes, but he must. if they don't understand, he will convince them to see reason, but he will walk out of that bunker door himself before he abandons gadreel to twist in the wind. they'll understand. they must. ]
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    [personal profile] redemptible 2015-11-15 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ Gadreel doesn't doubt Castiel's words or the earnestness behind them, not for a single second, but he doesn't agree with them either. He owes Castiel everything. Without him he might never have achieved his redemption. If it weren't for Castiel extending his hand in an offer for alliance, understanding and forgiving, then it's possible he would've stayed by Metatron's side in spite of his doubts. He would have stayed because he wouldn't have had anyone else to turn to, but luckily he did. Twice he has placed his trust in the wrong angel with devastating consequences, now he has finally found the right one.

    Although he doesn't agree, Gadreel doesn't argue as Castiel goes on to reassure him. ]

    You are far too kind.

    [ That's all he says, because Castiel is. It's a kindness he hasn't known in millennia. He'll simply have to repay his brother with his loyalty, it's all he can offer. His choice is already made. ]

    It is. [ He replies instantly, unwavering. Given how his last interaction with Dean went, the 'we' is a bit dubious though. It's not that he's ungrateful, far from it, but he kind of does have to comment on that. ]

    However, I do not wish to impose upon the Winchesters. I doubt they will be happy to see me, they have every right to remain angry. But in whatever way I can help, I will gladly do so.
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    not a problem!

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    [ gadreel says they, but castiel hears dean.

    sam surely has every right to be irritated with gadreel, he supposes, in many ways he has far more reason than dean, but it's not sam that he's worried about. sam is reasonable, kind, and forgiving, far more willing to overlook the past to benefit the future, and after all that gadreel has done to help them, he's sure that sam won't turn him down.

    dean? dean is a tougher nut to crack. he always is. castiel sighs. ]

    I'll handle them. [ that is: i'll handle dean. ] They will see reason. You've proven yourself an ally, and I can't.. I won't leave another good angel on their own. It's dangerous for us to be alone.

    [ which is such a strange thing to say, really. for millions of years castiel has relied on his brethren, trusted them implicitly, completely, but now? now everything is broken. much of it, most of it his very own fault, so even now, in many ways he does not hold their anger against them. but regardless of blame, gone are the days that the heavenly host performed as one body, there are too many factions, too many rogues for any one angel to go unaffiliated for too long. gadreel has been given a second chance, castiel would not see it wasted. ]
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    [personal profile] redemptible 2015-11-16 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ Frankly he does mean mostly Dean even though Sam arguably has a lot more to be angry about. Gadreel knows Sam, knows of his kindness and how he'll be more willing to accept his help despite the horrible acts Gadreel committed in his misguided attempt to seek redemption through Metatron. Sam had been prepared to hear him out before. But Dean? Dean is all rage, dangerous and unpredictable. Not to mention the last time he'd seen the older Winchester, he was bearing the Mark of Cain and that does not make for a good combination.

    He'd argue that he doesn't mind keeping his distance, that he could stay elsewhere and come when called, but what Castiel says piques his curiosity. Particularly the part how it's dangerous for them to be alone because that is a very strange thing to say indeed. It would be one thing if it was just Gadreel, his transgression in the Garden will never be forgotten, he knows that. But Castiel said he'd overthrown Metatron, so surely that means Castiel would be back in Heaven's good graces, would it not? Their brothers and sisters would have had to see reason.

    There is a lot he must be missing here, he realizes. ]

    Brother, what happened? Why are you here?

    [ 'Why here and not in Heaven?' ]
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    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-11-23 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
    I'm here to stay with the Winchesters.

    [ he says, because it's automatic, because anyone who knows him at all would understand his bizarre yet unshakable connection with these men, how often he has been at odds with heaven, and hell, and everything in between in order to stay near to them, and damn anyone who attempts to get between them.

    but gadreel does not know that. not really. for all the years castiel has spent rebelling against heaven, challenging the apocalypse, overthrowing raphael, and everything that came after it, gadreel had been locked away. does he even know that it was castiel who has broken his wings? who has made such a mess of heaven with his own two hands, that there is virtually no way possible that it could ever return to what it once was? he cannot know how much metatron told him, how much he cares if he does know, how it makes him feel - but it all ties in with the fact that he knows, too, that that is not really the winchesters, or the bunker, that gadreel is referring to, here.

    he sighs softly, a weary note woven into the sound of it, and castiel's eyes wander, staring at nothing, unblinking. ]

    There is.. much about me you might not know, Gadreel, and more that has happened since your passing. After you hear it, you might rescind your offer to me, but I will tell you everything, and leave it to you to decide.
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    [personal profile] redemptible 2015-12-03 09:50 am (UTC)(link)
    [ Gadreel might not know of the bond between Castiel and the Winchesters, but he does understand that they are important; to Castiel, to whatever bigger plan out there. That Castiel is here for the Winchesters is a valid enough reason, even lacking the full context, but that doesn't quite answer the real question being asked. It's true that there is a lot he doesn't know about, neither about what has happened on Earth both before and after his death nor does he truly know Castiel. He only knows of the things Metatron has told him and what few rumors reached the cells through gossip exchanged by the guards. He lacks context for a lot of those things.

    But that doesn't change his resolve.

    He's seen for himself what Castiel is like. It's Castiel who showed him real kindness and who, in the end, helped him obtain the redemption he so desperately sought for countless years. Whatever Castiel might have done in the past or after his passing, it's not going to change what Castiel has done for him. And if there's anyone who understands making mistakes with grave consequences for the whole world, it's Gadreel.

    So he keeps looking at Castiel with that same determination, unwavering. ]

    You need not fear judgment from me, Castiel. After everything I've done, I'm hardly one to speak.
    heavenonearth: <user name=tesseractheart> (.039)

    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-12-05 07:28 am (UTC)(link)
    [ knowing what he knows of gadreel, that does not surprise him to hear - still, castiel can't help but feel unworthy of such fealty and faith. after the atrocities that castiel has committed both in heaven and on earth, it feels to him that gadreel's great sin is of no great import, small time when weighed against his own; but then, castiel wears his guilt like an iron chain around his neck, and never lets himself forget.

    he breathes deeply, nods, and begins.

    for what it's worth, castiel is quick and concise with his storytelling. he offers gadreel a rundown of all that has happened since his passing - how they had broken the angel tablet and revealed metatron's duplicity to all of heaven, how they had been dealing with the mark of cain, and, to his great shame, castiel's part in the plot to spring metatron from prison again in order to deal with it - and subsequently losing him on a selfish errand to restore his own grace. gadreel had given his life to see metatron punished, and castiel had squandered that for his own preservation; it's shameful. castiel's eyes are distant, looking past gadreel, away from him, to some dusty corner of the bunker.

    and after that, of course, the mess of the mark, the book of the damned, rowena, and the release of the darkness soon after, everything up until the point they are at, and castiel's hand in all of it. his foolish mistakes. again and again, he makes them. when he is finished, castiel exhales in a slow sigh, at last lifting his eyes to gadreel's face again, solemn and contrite. ]

    And so you understand why I would not blame you, should you choose to make your own way. But you know now everything that I know, and all that has happened since you left us.
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    [personal profile] redemptible 2015-12-05 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ Gadreel settles back in the chair and listens attentively as Castiel begins. His face is kept a neutral blank, almost bordering on stoic, while he's given a rundown and not once does he interrupt, he merely listens. Although hearing that Metatron is out and about brings a stab of frustration, it's short-lived because he quickly realizes that turning Metatron into a mortal human is possibly the worst thing that could have been done to him. It means he's harmless and without power, far removed from Heaven's influence, no longer the key player he fancied himself to be, just another face in the crowd of humanity, left to die an unimportant death. It's actually a very fitting punishment. So Gadreel can't be angry about that, he can only take satisfaction in knowing that Metatron's existence must be a miserable one now. And it's not like he faults Castiel for wanting Metatron's knowledge and his own grace back. It's understandable.

    As promised, there's no judgment from him. The only thing that eventually gets a visible reaction out of Gadreel is the news that the Darkness has been released. The shock is there in the slight widening of his eyes and the breath he sucks in. He'd been dreading that conclusion as the story had gone on, but to actually hear it confirmed leaves him deeply unsettled. It's a terrible mistake that could mean the end of the world for sure and he doesn't entirely get it, the lengths Castiel will go to in order to help just the Winchesters, but it's not his place to judge. Never will be. If it weren't for Gadreel's own mistake, they could have had the Garden of Eden forever. Instead humanity suffers because of him and it's not a mistake he can ever correct. He can only try to make up for it and helping Castiel seems like a good start. Considering the threat they're facing, he only grows more convinced that God has brought him back for that purpose.

    Plus Castiel helped him achieve his redemption, it's only fair he helps his brother right his wrongs in return. ]

    I have not changed my mind. [ He states with conviction, meeting Castiel's gaze without hesitance as he leans forward. ] Besides, with the Darkness out, it sounds like you could use all the help you can get. She's ...

    [ He falters there, not even sure how to convey the enormity of the situation, how impossible the task at hand. He has to settle for shaking his head with a troubled frown, dismissing the thought. ]

    I'm not sure how much help I can be, but for whatever it's worth, you have my aid.
    heavenonearth: chnsevans@tumblr (.046)

    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-12-06 08:58 am (UTC)(link)
    [ it's a true testament to the greatness of gadreel's heart that he is able to forgive so readily, to understand so easily, and forego any judgment. not for the first time, and surely not for the last, castiel feels for him, deeply, terribly, for all he knows gadreel must have suffered for his mistake, for all he has been punished by god and heaven and, he's sure, himself, for if he is anything like castiel, his own self-deprecation must be far worse than any that anyone else could heap upon him.

    a shame, that more angels are not like him, that it seems in the very nature of their kind to fall to violence and hatred and arrogance. castiel cannot fault them for it, truly. angels were built to be warriors, they are not like humans, they were not meant to make choices, to wear free will, or decide the nature of their own hearts. they are more machine than animal, and without a shepherd to guide them they are afraid, and confused, devoid of the purpose they have known for so long. not all of them are blessed with the same faculty as castiel and gadreel and hannah and the scant few others who have been able to discover kindness for themselves, and a worthiness in things beyond the will of heaven, things of their own choosing.

    but it is no less sad. so many angels have died, so many more shall die, because they cannot find it within themselves to love humanity, and to love each other enough to set their blades aside. it's all the more reason to appreciate gadreel, his sacrifice and his nobility and more than that, his willingness to see his own wrongs and work to set them right. as far as castiel is concerned, he already has. ]

    .. you have my thanks. Truly.

    [ sincerely, from the very bottom of his heart. castiel knows little enough about the darkness, but he does know that it's something enormous, something so ancient and esoteric and dangerous that it could destroy them all. gadreel might hardly be enough to fight such a thing, but there can be no such thing as having too many allies, and to have the company of another angel again is welcome. sam and dean are his family, castiel has pledged them his undying loyalty, they will ever come first, but gadreel is a brother too, and someone worth knowing, castiel thinks. someone whose presence he's sure will be rewarding. someone who can understand him in ways humans never can. ]

    We're up against impossible odds, I know, but to have you by my side despite it all is an honor.
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    [ Even for all the terrible mistakes Castiel has made, it's easy for Gadreel to see why God might have favored him. He was once favored too, after all, God's most trusted. He'd been nothing but another face in the ranks, nothing that special among the angels, but he'd shared their Father's love for his creations and that wasn't very common, wasn't part of their design as soldiers. It's likely why he was chosen to guard the Garden of Eden, for his love and conviction and his readiness to place humanity first. And he did place humanity above all. Until one day he failed and in his guilt and desperation to reclaim his good name, he forgot what truly mattered. He remembers now and he recognizes it in Castiel.

    They seem to have quite a bit in common and Gadreel understands, better than anyone, wanting to do the right thing and only making more mistakes along the way. But mistakes, Gadreel has realized, are made to be learned from. Everything happens for a reason. He wasn't brought back for nothing. The task at hand is very clear, however impossible it might seem. For all the countless centuries of abuse he suffered at Heaven's hands, he still has faith and his conviction in their cause is stronger than ever. This is God's Will, he's sure of it. So his decision to stick with Castiel takes no consideration at all.

    Instead of arguing that he owes Castiel or that any thanks aren't needed, he inclines his head in acknowledgment of Castiel's words of gratitude, solemn and accepting. ]

    As it is mine to stand beside you.

    [ He echoes the sentiment with equal sincerity. Impossible is probably putting it mildly, but then Castiel helped him achieve what he had once thought impossible. Still ... ]

    Taking on the Darkness will be far from easy. It took all the archangels just to lock her away last time. I don't know if it can be done again.
    heavenonearth: chnsevans@tumblr (.043)

    [personal profile] heavenonearth 2015-12-09 04:42 pm (UTC)(link)
    .. I will strive to be worthy of it.

    [ but brooding on it any longer certainly won't do them any good. gadreel has made his decision, despite all that castiel has told him, and to aid him still is his choice, there can be no arguing it. all he can hope to do is as he says - be worthy of it, do what he can to see to it that gadreel does not regret his decision. a shame that every time he tries to do good, however, it always seems to come back around and bite him, but that won't keep him from trying.

    inhaling deeply, castiel sighs low and soft, drawing his fingertips over his brow. ]

    I know. I can't even begin to comprehend the vastness of this thing we're up against.

    [ and for once, castiel is looking truly tired, stretched in that deep, bone weary sort of way. the apocalypse, lucifer - they had felt like impossible opponents at the time, yet they now feel as candle flames before an inferno, and castiel is feeling taxed already, like he's flagging before the starting gun has even fired, though he knows it has nothing to do with the darkness, and everything to do with himself. there's conviction in his eyes nonetheless, when he lifts them to gadreel's face. ]

    But if there is a way to be found, we will find it.
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    [ Gadreel doesn't say "You already are" like he wants to because he knows they'll just end up talking in circles, neither of them feeling worthy of one another's support, instead he levels Castiel a look that conveys the message before letting the matter go. It's questionable how much help he can actually be against such impossible odds, if any at all. Once he was a powerful guard tasked to protect the most precious thing of all—humanity—but now he's nothing more than a fallen creature with clipped wings. Even then, as his old long-forgotten self, he wouldn't have stood chance against something as ancient and all-consuming as the Darkness so there's certainly nothing new he can offer now.

    Still, God is on their side if his resurrection is any indication, that's enough reason to keep having faith, to stay strong. They're not alone in this and Gadreel fully intends to keep his word and stay by Castiel's side so long as he's permitted and for however long he lives this second chance he's been given. His purpose here is clear to him and nothing can make him falter now.

    He meets Castiel's conviction with his own, resolute. ]

    We will.

    [ He has no doubt about that. But he sets the subject of the Darkness aside for now because he didn't miss the way Castiel looked so impossibly tired. It's an image that's hard to shake and he's left with the distinct impression there's something more going on. So he lets his expression soften, the hard lines of his face easing away and his voice turning more gentle, slipping into a tone that he's only ever gotten to use around Abner. ]

    Are you all right?

    [ It's perhaps a silly question to ask considering the state of things, but Gadreel is asking it in a way that leaves the state of the world out of it, inquiring on a more personal level with quiet concern. ]
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    [ castiel knows that look, can recognize the blind, unwavering loyalty in gadreel's clear eyes because it seems so much a reflection of his own. perhaps castiel had defied heaven and turned his back on the host, but he has always been loyal to his own heart, stood stalwart beside his conviction that humanity is to be loved and protected, that god's green earth is a precious and fragile thing that is not for angels or demons to interfere with. god had asked his angels to love humanity, to shield them and swear them fealty, and for all of his mistakes castiel has at least never truly allowed that to fray.

    so who is he to deny gadreel what his heart seeks? to dare tell him how and to whom he should give his loyalty? castiel cannot feel worthy of it, for all his missteps, but then he supposes that sam and dean must feel the same of him. he sees something in them worth following, worth loving absolutely, without fail, even if they do not see it themselves, and perhaps.. perhaps gadreel might see something similar in him, though castiel cannot possibly begin to fathom what.

    nevertheless, he respects gadreel, cares for him, knows he can fully trust a brother who was willing to sacrifice his eternal existence in order to see him succeed. having him nearby will be a comfort, and he's in no place to turn down any help when they're in dire straits as it is.

    .. still, he can't help the surprise that flickers over his face. ]


    [ he's used to these sorts of questions from sam and dean, but not from fellow angels. truth be told, he's more often than not on the wrong side of heaven most of the time as it stands, knows full well that he's reviled by most of his own brothers and sisters, but even that aside angels aren't terribly.. compassionate by nature. but gadreel is different, different in many of the ways that castiel himself is also different; a common thread runs between them.

    castiel, however, has learned to lie, learned that no matter what you are feeling it is always better to say you're fine, better not to worry those who already bear such heavy burdens with the weight of your own sorrows and aches. gadreel has carried enough in his long life, and castiel cannot think of a thing that he could do or say to heal the slow festering wounds in his own heart, anyway, so he shakes his head, shifting his gaze aside. ]

    Of course I am. [ he says, cleanly, and at last shifts from where he is sitting to stand on his feet again, as if he's physically closing the dialogue. ] I'm more concerned for you. Are you feeling weak? Tired? Do you need to rest?
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    [ Being with Castiel, having been with him when he finally achieved his redemption, it's so easy to see now where he went wrong in the past when he placed his faith first in Lucifer and then in Metatron. Castiel is not like them, he's a kindred spirit to Gadreel in more ways than one. They have an understanding born out of similar experiences. They both know what it is like to be outcasts, to be hated by all of Heaven, to make mistakes with disastrous outcomes regardless of their good intentions. They're very much alike. But that's not the reason why it feels right to trust Castiel and give him his loyalty, though it does help to have that common ground, unfortunate as it is.

    No, it's because Castiel had the good will to reach out to him, to reason with him when he needed it most and help Gadreel see the error of his ways and justify the doubts he'd been having. He never offered redemption the way Metatron had done, but Castiel had made it possible all the same. There were no false promises and there still aren't. Both times before he was tempted, but Castiel has always been plain and honest with him, has even laid out all his own mistakes and left the choice up to Gadreel whether or not to stay. Castiel has treated him like an equal right from the start when he came to Gadreel and that's more telling of his character than anything else. They're equals in their cause to fight for humanity and stay true to their original mission.

    Being treated as such is not something he's ever gotten to experience before and now that he is given such treatment, it only highlights how foolish he'd been to follow Metatron and yet again be swayed into doing the wrong thing when he should have known better. He does now. He might not truly know Castiel that well, their alliance was a very short one before his demise, but he highly doubts that Castiel would ask of him the things Metatron had done. In fact, he has not asked anything of Gadreel, only that he make his own choices.

    If there is one thing that he knows with absolute certainty, it's that Castiel is worthy and perhaps he'll come to see that himself.

    He watches the flicker of surprise with interest, curious as to why his question might have been perceived as odd. It's curiouser still when Castiel goes on to blatantly lie and Gadreel can't help but frown, tilting his head skeptically as Castiel gets to his feet, utterly unconvinced and not bothering to hide it. He doesn't reply right away when the inquiry is turned back on him (although it does catch him off guard a little to hear someone say they're concerned about him, it's so novel) and instead he scrutinizes Castiel a small moment longer before speaking up. ]

    Pardon my saying so, but you do not look like it.

    [ As polite as the words are, his tone is one of blunt honesty, plain and no-nonsense. For Castiel to look so exhausted even though he's regained his grace is worrisome. It doesn't help that he recognizes the kind of tiredness Castiel displayed. It's one that he's far too familiar with, that he has seen countless times in the dungeons on the faces of other captive angels and has felt himself.

    But it's not his place to question Castiel, to pry for an honest response that he clearly does not want to give. So he doesn't. He moves to his feet as well before he finally replies. ]

    I feel fine. [ He answers truthfully, briefly glancing down at his hands, and perhaps it's brash to say given the circumstances, but ... ] Better than I have in a long time.

    [ There's no describing what it feels like to find purpose again and to know that, finally after all this time, he's on the right path once more. God has brought him back and he's found someone worthy to stand beside, there's nothing else he could possibly ask for. ]
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    [ castiel has learned to lie, but he does not claim to be particularly good at it. it's an unnatural thing for most angels, and castiel has always been an honest, austere sort even among his own kind - so he's not surprised to find that gadreel sees through it easily. he's quick to avert his eyes, dropping them low to the floor and away, because he does not have an explanation, couldn't bring himself to give it even if he could manage to piece together the myriad factors weighing his misery. it's far too complicated a thing to begin to put words to, and gadreel.. for all he has been through and all he has sacrificed, he does not need to carry this burden, also.

    but of course he doesn't prod, he doesn't ask, because there is a kindness in him that surpasses anything he has ever known, and castiel can't help but feel so furious in retrospect that gadreel should have been punished the way he was. for an angel, he has such a great amount of heart, a compassion to be envied and admired and emulated, though not in a hundred thousand millennia could castiel hope to achieve it. still, he's glad of it now, that gadreel so considerately allows it to drop, and the way castiel exhales, and the settling of his shoulders, suggests his gratitude.

    perhaps he will be better for his company, and castiel is glad to have family nearby, even if he does not quite know gadreel as well as he would like. there will be time for that.

    for now, though, castiel lifts his eyes again and clears his throat, looking gadreel over unabashedly, studying his face and body with all the impartial concern of a doctor with his patient. he remembers being brought back, how good it felt, how whole he was, and assuming it was god who brought gadreel back as well he can only assume it must be more or less the same; he certainly seems hale and healthy enough, so castiel will have to take him at his word. he is.. curious, however. ]

    Do you feel different?

    [ he can't help but ask. god had brought him back improved, after all, powerful and stronger than he had ever been, a seraph, healed and restored and enhanced. ]

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