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It feels like we've been here before.


Ever wanted to throw your character into the wonderful world of dream share? Want to do a crossover with your spy or detective or wizard? Now's your chance!

1. Post your character, list any preferences (or no-nos) you may have!
2. Set up a scenario, if you'd like! Is your character an extractor, architect, point man, etc? What job are they on?
3. Tag around - do weird AU crossover things, whatever your heart desires.
4. Dream a little bigger, darling~ (and be excellent to each other)

Warning: Some threads may involve violence, psychological manipulation, or sex.

Extractor: They lead the operation, organizing the team and acting as the main creative force behind the operation.
Point (Wo)man: They do most of the nitty gritty work - researching marks, planning the logistics of the heist, making sure the risk is minimized.
Architect: They design the actual dream levels.
Forger: Psychologically adept, forgers can impersonate real people the mark knows, or invent characters to distract and/or manipulate a mark.
Chemist: They formulate the drug compounds (called somnacin) necessary for the dreamers to enter a shared dream state.
Projection: A figment of a person’s subconscious, usually manifesting as a person - either a random stranger or possibly someone you know! Or maybe even a shade.
Mark: The target of the extraction!


1. Extraction: you've been hired to extract information of some kind from someone! Who hired you? Who is your mark? How is everything about to go wrong?
2. Whoops it's the police! You're a law enforcement agent tracking down dream thieves. How are you doing this? Are you going undercover? Fighting fire with fire?
3. Dream therapy: Going into someone's subconscious can have uses other than just stealing, you know! Maybe you're a therapist, or a patient, looking for a little healing?
4. Dream training: You're a soldier or a cop, and dream sharing is the latest and greatest technology to help in training. OR maybe you're training your subconscious to resist invasion?
5. Inception: you've been asked to do the impossible! Who's your mark? What's the idea? Who's on the team? This can't possibly go wrong!
6. Trapped in limbo: You and/or the person you're dreaming with have lost themselves in limbo! What are you doing? Will you ever wake up?
7. Obligatory "have you ever had sex in a dream" prompt.
8. Wild Card: have fun, go wild, create your own!

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