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I still maintain that invisibility is far more useful and practical than flying, in almost every situation.
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You are so wrong, pal.

[ Here we go again. ]

We're not talking about useful here. We're talking sheer levels of awesomeness. Nothing beats flying, I don't care who you are
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[ this will never end. ]

No, you were debating 'awesomeness', not me. When evaluating superpowers, practicality and usefulness carry far more weight. Flying is overrated.
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Says the guy with wings

And what's invisibility useful for anyway? Hiding, snooping around, all that shady crap. Flying's for heroes. Invisibility's for cowardly douchebags.

No offense
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That is exactly why I am far more qualified to answer this question than you are, considering I possess both abilities, and you possess neither.

[ sit the fuck down, dean winchester. ]

Flight is convenient, but it is nothing more than quick transportation. It can offer no more than that. And I'm sorry, but 'looking cool' is not very high on my list of important abilities. Invisibility is far more rewarding, whether or not you believe it to be cowardly is irrelevant.
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[ Ouch. Way to prove his point, asshole. ]

Whatever man, we can't all be supernatural freaks of nature. I get along just fine with my super powers of kicking ass and looking cool, so you can keep your flying and your invisibility and all that crap. I don't need them
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[ wow you can dish it but you can't take it, huh? typical!! ]

That is not the argument, and you know it. Don't pout, Dean. There's no need to be mean.

[ freak of nature fine i see how it is go have roof sex with someone else then, you swine ]
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[ Hey look, let's not go jumping to any conclusions here. "Freak of nature" is slang, okay? It's a term of endearment. Really. ]

Shut up. I'm not pouting.

[ ..........Dean'll just be... looking around suspiciously... When he starts calling out to the empty hotel room "Cas?" You'd better not be there, invisibly creeping. Seriously, man. ]

Cowardice isn't irrelevant, alright? Neither is coolness. You can't just measure super powers by how useful they are, Cas, they're freaking super powers.

Look at Batman. According to you, he'd be useless. And he's awesome.
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[ term of endearment, yeah sure, you just want some nookie. and no he isn't there. sorry. he just knows you're definitely pouting. ]

No, Batman is very useful. He's resourceful, and wealthy, and athletic. But he has no superpowers. He doesn't figure into this equation.

Of course I can measure superpowers by their usefulness, that's the point. I am weighing the use of the powers themselves, not the measure of those who can or cannot wield them. Are you fond of Batman? Is that why this is a sensitive topic for you?
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What? It's not a sensitive topic. I'm not jealous of your super powers. Get real.

We're having an intellectual debate here. It's a principle thing. And you're losing because you can't look outside the box and see that how you use your powers counts for something.
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Of course.

I simply feel that weighing the value of a superpower, and how that power is used, are two separate debates. Objective vs. subjective.