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1. Do I look like a person who has full control of their limbs and existence on this plane of reality?

2. He was basically a horny puppy - following me around all night, and he kept sticking his hand down my pants.

3. I wore your shirt today and it has your blood all over it, but I am at a funeral home and they are using embalming fluid to get your blood stains out right now.

4. How many more of your relationships do I have to destroy before you realize sleeping with me isn't a good idea?

5. Text him!
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It's not all my blood.
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Of course. But I would estimate that at least 80% of it is yours.
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Okay. I'll take 80%, that's practically generous.
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Nevertheless, it will be returned to you soon, unstained. Thank you for letting me borrow it.
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Hey, it's not like you could have worn yours. It had no sleeves. The arm holes were literally arm holes.
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That would have been fine. Thermoregulation is not a necessity for me. Warmth is a convenience, not a requirement.
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Sure, but when the guy walks into the funeral house looking like he should be on the table, people get suspicious.
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.. well, I suppose that's true. But the funeral home was not a part of the plan to begin with. I simply assumed they would have more experience removing bloodstains than a dry cleaners would.

All things considered, I think I was right.
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I still maintain it'd probably have been better to just give up on it and buy new shirts all round.
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Easier, perhaps. But that would have been a waste. Besides, the people working here are very friendly, and happy to help.
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I'm not surprised. You're their first living customer.
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Yes, I suppose it gets dull, communing with corpses every day. They are not particularly chatty.
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And the ones that are make you wish they weren't. Still, maybe they just like the quiet?
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I imagine you would have to, in order to enter into a profession like that. I can understand the sentiment.
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You like the quiet, too, Cas? Why am I not surprised.
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Angels aren't particularly talkative. I have gone thousands of years without speaking to anyone, or anything. You strike me as the sort who would understand, but perhaps I'm wrong.
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Sure. Sure, I like the quiet too, but thousands of years seems like it would be too long. Sometimes you just want to be around people, listening to them, even if you don't want to get involved in the conversation yourself.
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I suppose that time is relative; we possess very different lifespans. A thousand years is not so long, for me.

But I can agree with that. I enjoy listening to you and Dean.
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You do? Why?
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Why wouldn't I? You're my best friends, I'm always interested in what you have to say. It's also usually very informative.
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Well I just mean
Usually we're just bickering with each other, you know?
We're your best friends?
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That doesn't matter, I still enjoy listening to it.

Is that such a surprise to you?
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I guess? I don't know.
I suppose we must be, if all the angels you used to know are dead, but it's
It's sad, I guess. It's really sad.
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Interpersonal relationships among angels are.. complex. My feelings toward them, and theirs toward one another, are difficult to explain in any language you might understand. Brothers and sisters in arms is likely the closest approximation, but still not an entirely accurate definition.

Before I met you, my outlook was very different. I don't think I was capable of making "friends" that fit the parameters that a human would use to describe that sort of relationship. Perhaps I still don't exactly understand it. I'm not sure that I ever will. But any angels I might have come to call a friend are dead, now, so you and Dean are all that I have left.

Does it make you uncomfortable? Would you prefer I use a different term?

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