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there's nothing like a good massage ♥

Massage Meme

Everyone could use a good massage now and again right? Well it's time to let you characters lay back and relax-- or maybe treat someone else to a little skin therapy. ;) Break out the oils and scented candles, it's time for a good rub down.

How to play:
♣ POST with your character (list their name & canon in the subject if you please and any preferences you might have)
♣ Others can reply giving the massage or recieving it.
♣ Use RNG to pick from the numbers below, or pick your numbers, or make something up!
♣ Have fun!


001. Shoulder and Neck - the basic of the basic. Perhaps a strained shoulder, been sitting too long at their desk. Or maybe something even more strenuous. However, it's time to work out all those accumulated kinks.

002. Foot - It's time to give those yapping dogs a rest and treat them to a little TLC.

003. Hand - Hey don't forget about the hands, overworked constantly they could use a bit of a break.

004. Arm - Time to loosen up a bit and rub out those arm muscles.

005. Leg - Perhaps you're looking for something a bit more specific and intimate. Calve massage? Thigh? It's your choice.

006. Back - Considered a coup de grace of massage, the back massage, when done right, can bring extreme relief to those who receive it.

007. Scalp - Wanna feel those tingles down your spine? Maybe a little oil to help add health to the hair?

008. Full Body - Maybe it’s not just a specific area you want treated, but your entire body.

009. Wild Card - Anyway you want it. Mix and match, maybe I forgot something you want.


001. Friend - getting a massage from a friend can be a wonderful bonding experience. And exacerbate already existing tensions ;D

002. Lover - Whether a show of care or a prelude to something more intimate, a massage from a lover is a very welcome thing.

003. Service - Hey some of us aren't so lucky. We gotta pay for this service.

004. Wild card - Whatever you want. However you want.

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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce | Angel the Series and BtVS| Canon mates preferred

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[Fred finds herself walking slowly down Wesley's hallway, old memories keeping her company along the way. It's been months since she's been here. Well over a year, actually. It's all too easy to chalk it up to world's ending and perpetual darkness and more than a few really long days at work -- but a part of herself can't wonder if it's something else entirely.

Does Seidel still have her tangled up somehow, even now? Fred decides to blame work.

The same work that apparently kept Wesley from coming to bed two nights before. She'd wondered, when she first woke up and saw Wesley's side of the bed not slept in, if he'd allowed himself to sleep at all. For some reason she had no trouble at all seeing Wesley allowing his work to keep him up all night. Instead she'd found him sprawled on the couch, legs hanging off one end his neck cocked at an angle that could never be comfortable.

Was her blanket stealing habit really that offensive?

She'd let the smell of coffee wake Wesley up and decided not to say anything about it. Mainly because she wasn't even sure what she would say. That she wanted him to come to bed? That'd she'd missed him? What did that even mean. Fred chalked it up to loneliness and one too many nights at the office. An office where too often her friends were in the same building but not the same place.

Well, she'd promised Wesley she would sort out his burnt-out apartment, and keeping that promise involved a pair of old jeans and sturdy work boots -- with a six pack in one hand and a small paper bad tucked up under an arm. Already noting the heavy scent of smoke, Fred reaches up and knocks on his door]
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Re: 1;1

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[The past day or so hasn't been that pleasant. Work has still been stressful and his flat is still a mess. It's salvagable, but its current condition almost makes him think it's a perfect metaphor for the state of his mind. More disorderly than he would like. Depressingly empty and devoid of warmth. Once upon a time it had felt like a sanctuary. A place he could retreat to. But no longer.

He tosses another irreparably damaged book into the box marked 'rubbish'.

The knock grabs his attention and he goes to see who it is.


Of course. She'd been as good as her word. And she looked extremely fetching with her white shirt, jeans and bouncy pony-tail. Dressed for the task at hand.]


[He raises an amused eyebrow, then steps aside to let her in.]
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[It's not really a word open for debate. Fred holds the package aloft as she moves through the open door]

They're already cold, too. I picked them up last night and put them in the fridge just in case...

[She stops then, somewhere close to the vicinity of the center of the living room. Fred spins on one heel as she takes in the damage, able to picture all too well what it must've been like with the fire still burning. There's a moment where she swears she cane feel the heat on the back of her next. Finally, like a compass seeking north Fred turns back around to face the man still standing by the door]


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That was thoughtful of you.

[He smiles in greeting, closing the door behind him. But at her utterance of his name, he turns to follow her gaze.]

It's not that bad. And I'm not going to let a random act of violence turn me out of a place I've called home for several years now.

[He steps closer to her.]

It just needs a bit of airing out. Some new wallpaper.

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Some new wallpaper?

[Fred hears her own laugh as she passes over the beer to Wesley, keeping the paper bag for herself. It seems like a better option than letting the destruction overwhelm her. Of standing there and picturing how easily Wesley could have been seriously hurt]

You know, just in case the accent isn't enough to remind me of just how British you are...
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Stop that.

[He gives her a playfully stern look, while heading off to stow the beers in the fridge.]

Wallpaper sets the tone of a place.

[He snags two cans for them to open immediately, tossing her one.]

I already got started on the clean up, so...

[He takes a sip and then starts gesturing at the various boxes he has set out in the living room.]

Basically we have the items to throw out, the items which are undamaged and those which we're not sure about. I'll make a final decision on those. Luckily most of the fire was in the living room, so the much of the bedroom and bathroom are intact.
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[Not even remotely chastised, Fred reaches out to catch the beer with both hands. She rolls the damp surface alone her palms before opening it and taking a long taste. Yes, it's just shy of noon. But it's also Saturday, and they've had a long week]

Fine, fine....you caught me. My folks actually have wallpaper all over their place. Including the bathroom. [It's Fred version of stopping, at least. She acknowledges Wesley with a tilt of her can] It's roosters. Lots and lots of roosters.

[At first she hesitates to set the beer down on a nearby side table, but after catching sight of a particularly charred leg Fred decides a water ring would be the least of its problems. Hands free, she studies the boxes, then points to the closet shelf]

I guess I'll start there.
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Roosters? I can picture that, actually.

[He likes the Burkles. They're everything his own parents aren't. He pulls his own tab and takes a generous swallow.

Wes pulls another item off a shelf and contemplates it. It goes in the rubbish too. He nods at her choice, moving to a cabinet and opening it, starting to sort through its contents.]

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[She hates the idea of personally deciding to throw anything of Wesley's away, so most of Fred's choices are narrowed down to 'keep' or 'to be decided later'. Still there's the occasional book that is well past saving, including one so old that Fred can't bear to contemplate the cost of what was lost.

And that doesn't mean monetary value.

Fred can still remember all to well how it felt getting her things back from her folks, still in the boxes they'd been forced to collect them into after her missing persons case was closed.

Life's not meant for it, to be put into boxes that way. Closed off. And she hates it for Wesley now]
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It's times like this that I realise just how much I've actually collected. Hoarded, even. Some of these tomes I haven't read for some time.

[He inspects a leather-bound text and opens it to read the title page. Gant's Theorems of Transcendental Alchemistry. A priceless volume. But covered in soot, singed quite severely. He still puts it in one of the salvage boxes.
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I don't know if that's really what matters.

[It's a soft admittance, as she's distracted by another stack of books that've caught the toe of her shoe. These, however, aren't just the victim of fire but of water as well. Clearly closer to the source of the fire, they'd been doused with water in an attempt to put it out. The once-wet ash has formed a thick sludge over the leather binding, the pages pages still damp and stuck together. The musty smell that hovers over them is perhaps the most worrisome of all.

Fred kneels down to collect them, not really caring what they do to her clothes. Her fingers trace over the surface of the top book]

If there's anything here, Wesley? If the books are really past saving? Maybe I can still try and scan the pages somehow. Try and salvage what's in....[She catches herself, hears what she is actually saying] Only this is the part where I'm being silly, aren't I? You have your books at the office now.
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[Contemplates the books by his knee, running a fond hand over them. It's broken his heart just a tiny bit to see them so defaced and damaged. Looking up at all of his bookshelves, he wonders how it must have felt to see the library at Alexandria fall. All of that knowledge. The recorded thoughts. The insights and innovations of people now long dead. Gone in a matter of hours. Destroyed by the fires of hatred and intolerance. If there's one thing he abhors it's the destruction of information, of truths which will take another millennia to be imagined and realised. The Dark Ages wouldn't have happened if people hadn't destroyed their own heritage.

He passes a hand over the cover of another tome. Water damaged and yet he still knows exactly what its contents are. Turning to Fred he nods, a rueful smile softly coming to his lips.]

No, it's a lovely thought. I would like that.
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[She stands then, bring a small stack of books with her. A few late nights at the lab and she should be able to salvage most of what was there. She should've thought to bring the hand scanner with her]

So I guess that'll be our fourth pile then. The 'not about to let'...

[There's the faint buzzing of a cell phone as Fred trails off into distraction. Tugging it out of her back pocket, she glances at the caller ID and sends Wesley an apologetic glance before hitting accept]

...hi Mama! No I wasn't going to make you leave a voice mail. Yes, yes I know that it's been a few days. Things just got really hectic at the office and...no, I know it's not an excuse. I'm at Wesley's, actually. Yes, that Wesley. Yes he is very....I am not telling him you said that, you hear? And that's not...look. I've got a date tonight, alright? Does that make you feel better? His name is...we'll talk about this later alright? You want to what?

Of course you do.

[Releasing a sigh, Fred turns towards Wesley with an expression already begging his forgiveness]

It's my mother. She wants to say hello.
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[Wes is pleased to hear that Fred's mother is on the phone. She's an admirable woman, brave and strong. He listens to the exchange, sorting through more items. The mention of his name grabs his attention, of course. But then she's talking about having a date and he knows it's not him. So it must be Knox. His heart sinks slightly, but he hides it. As always.

It surprises him a bit when he's handed the phone, but he takes it.]

Mrs Burkle, hello. Yes, it's good to speak to you too. What? Oh, she's just over to help me...well, I had a bit of a fire at the flat. It's fine but we're just trying to clean up the damage. Thank you, that's very kind. Her date? Well, I think it might be best if you ask her yourself. Yes, I agree. You needn't worry, we're all keeping an eye on her for you. We wouldn't let anything happen to her.

[There's a slightly longer pause.]

Of course. Absolutely. Both of you should come out some time to visit. I'm sure she'd be thrilled. We'd all like to see you actually. Alright then. Take care.

[He hands the phone back to Fred.]
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[Fred takes the phone, tucking it back under one ear to protect it from her particularly soot-covered hands. Even as she starts talking she starts trying to brush of the worst of the dust from her shirt before giving it up as a lost cause]

That's...yes. Yes he is. Look, I'll call you tomorrow, alright? We can talk as long as you want then. Ok. I love you too. And make sure Daddy knows he's included in that as well.

[She ends the call and returns the phone to her pocket. Wesley gets another look of thanks]

She likes to talk. But I guess I had to get it from somewhere.
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[He busies himself with more sorting, so as to not appear to be eavesdropping. When Fred addresses him at the end, he looks up and smiles.]

Not the worst trait you could pick up. She's great, by the way. And apparently, you owe her an explanation about your impending date.
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I'll tell her about it after. I had to give her something or else she would've thought that...

[Fred catches herself. That isn't what she meant to say. Both of her hands hook on the back pockets of her jeans as she looks over at Wesley]

We're going bowling, actually. He asked me yesterday morning after...[Her features brighten, clearly remembering something] You. Thank you for the muffin. How did you know apple cinnamon was my favorite?
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[Thought that...she might be dating him? Well, that's an ridiculous notion, isn't it? Wes nods, waving his hand as if he fully understands her desire to set the story straight.]

Bowling? That sounds like fun. A pleasant way to spend the evening.

You're welcome. I felt I ought to get you something. And I do pay attention on occasion. When my nose isn't buried in a book.
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More like he doesn't know what he's up against. My folks met in a bowling alley. We spent every Wednesday night there since I can remember when I was growing up.

[It's a good memory. Everything from her voice to the tilt of her chin confirms that. But when her gaze flickers back to Wesley, Fred's expression is more serious]

You didn't have to get me anything. You know that.
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It was just a muffin.

[He points out, a smile ghosting briefly on his lips before he stands up and starts to look for more empty boxes to use for storage.]

So, you're giving Knox a chance. Good for you. Forgive me if I hope you destroy him on the lanes.
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[Fred picks up another book, playing at it's spine before putting in in the keep box. A broken vase of some kind catches her attention next, and she bends back down to collect the pieces, her gaze occasionally searching for Wesley's direction]

It'll be fun, I think. It's not work to begin with. And he really seems to want to...well, he's insistent. That's not a bad thing, is it?
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No, it's not. Well, within reason.

[He can't help but add the second part. But there's a lesson here. About waiting too long. Not seizing the opportunities which come his way.]

Sounds like the perfect date. Not too formal. Definitely not work related.
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Not even the littlest bit formal. At one point, I was considering not even changing.

[Of course that'd been before Fred knew just how bad Wesley's apartment really was. She surveys her clothes, nose crinkling slightly]

...but somehow I don't think that's going to work anymore.
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[Fred's white shirt is already grimed with soot and there's a smudge of it on the side of her neck, but he doesn't point it out to her. Instead, he just nods, attempting with every fibre of his being to be the friend she needs him to be right now.]

If it's a date, probably not. Hopefully this won't take long, though, and then you'll be able to go back and change into something more suitable.

[Personally, he thinks she looks very appealing, no matter how much dirt she's gathered in trying to help him clean his flat.]

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