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Hogwarts AU meme

Hogwarts AU meme

  • student/professor/castle ghost, etc.
  • what house
  • what year
  • pure blood/muggle born/etc.
  • any other preferences

Pick a prompt below or RNG

  1. Quidditch Match: are you a player? a fan? someone who doesn't care for the sport but got dragged along anyway?
  2. Welcome Feast: first years getting sorted, old friends seeing each other again, and all that food!
  3. NSFW (Not Safe For Wizards): grabbing a quickie in the prefect's bathroom, seven minutes in heaven in the Room of Requirement, or what little witches get up to in the girls' dormitories.
  4. Detention: are you cleaning cauldrons or sent off into the Forbidden Forest? either way, you're in trouble!
  5. Class: passing notes in Potions, running late for Care of Magical Creatures, discussing selfies in Muggle Studies... whatever you're doing, remember, you're here to learn!
  6. Holidays: do you go home for Christmas, or are you still at school? and what ugly sweater is Mum going to send this year?
  7. Hogsmeade: congratulations, your parents signed the permission form (or maybe you forged the signature). time for some time outside of school.
  8. Diagon Alley: back to school shopping! don't forget to stop by Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes!
  9. Choose Your Own Adventure: but remember, the wand chooses the wizard.
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Chris Halliwell | Charmed | OTA

[personal profile] 2ndcharmedson 2015-10-19 10:24 pm (UTC)(link)
- Professor
- pure-blood (technically)
- possibly teaches potions
- He's here on exchange with a new magical school in America. Trying to get those exchange programs going again following all that with You-Know-Who