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Go here to do the thing.
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I swear man, this is the last time I'll ask you to find my underpants for me. Help me out
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I've heard that before. In fact, I still have the text.

Don't you have more than one set?
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I mean it this time

[ No, he doesn't. The neediness of Dean Winchester knows no bounds. Also the inability to keep his pants on, apparently. ]

And of course I do. I just don't like my private collection being out there in the wind. What if someone uses them for a spell? Some kind of kinky hoodoo? Sells them on eBay?

My junk's been in those, man. What if some sicko messes with little Dean?
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Little.. Dean?

[ why ]
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Yeah, you know, little Dean.

[ Cas, just walk away. Just go with it, man. Let this one slide. ]
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[ yeah that's not going to happen, he has real concerns now. ]

I don't understand. Who is Little Dean?

Do you have offspring that I've not been made aware of?
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My dick, Cas. I'm talking about my dick.

[ God, if you're out there... Just take him back. Please, Lord. You can have him. Dean's done. ]
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[ Look Cas, we've talked about this. It's text, not video. Use your words. ]

Come on, don't be a Little Cas. Help me out.
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[ who are you calling a little cas oh my god ]

No, Dean. I don't have the time to hunt down your underclothes. Forget about them.
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Okay fine. But when my michael's sword gets possessed because of a rogue pair of underpants and I whip it out and come at you swinging, you'll know who to blame.
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i hate you

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What does the Michael Sword have to do with anything?

I'm concerned, Dean. I'm coming to see you.
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Bring whiskey.