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Nursed Back to Health

Nursed Back to Health

  • Comment with your character, preferences, preferred role, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Your character has either been injured/sick and had to be taken in (possibly against their will) or has been the one to help somebody like the former. Through the mending process, the two characters in a thread have fallen in love - or at least grown closer and more affectionate.
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chris | until dawn

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[ patient or caretaker! ]
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( can I interest you in pre-canon things maybe? )
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[ absolutely! i love these two, so i'm down for whatever you've got in mind! ]
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sorry for the delay, but here's your starter! run with it as you like.

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[ spending summer in the hospital is pretty much bullshit. then again, so is most anything lately, and that's more or less why he's there to begin with. it's doing him good, he'd like to say, but it's also... well... difficult. josh never really liked confronting his problems, and that's exactly what this is making him do. from his sisters upset that he never told them, to his parents at a loss asking-without-asking why it got that bad, what did we do wrong and that's not even starting on therapy yet.

but there's chris. chris who he's always been able to talk to. chris who knew, at least, about all that fucked up part of history from "incidents" to drugs that just wouldn't help. so it's- well it's more than just some weight off his shoulders when he drops by. it's not therapy, but it's important. josh doesn't really want to examine why too closely. ]
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no problem! looks great!

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[ Things have been weird with Josh in the hospital. Mostly because there are no Washington house parties to attend or 2am video game competitions to win or spur-of-the-moment drives to fast food restaurants to look forward to. Which, in translation, means Chris is suffering from a severe lack of his best friend. He tries to visit Josh at least four times a week - it would feel even weirder not to seem him at least that often - but it's always a little... unsettling to see Josh coupled with white walls and the smell of antiseptic. It doesn't suit him.

He's gotten good at dodging questions about Josh when the others ask. He's not sure how much of his situation he wants out there, so Chris has been tossing around the explanation of a flu virus gone a little haywire, and that's been working fairly well. But he's afraid that if Josh doesn't get released soon, the actual truth of the situation will get spilled and he'll feel like an absolute dick. Moreso, though, he wants Josh out of the hospital simply because he wants Josh out of the hospital. He wants Josh to be okay.

He sticks his head through the doorway of Josh's room - he's had it since day one; a single room thanks to his parent's money, with a window that's nice enough and a well cushioned chair that Chris has become good friends with - and puts on a practiced encouraging smile.

Hey, man. I brought pizza.

[ The food here isn't as bad as television shows like to make it out to be, but it doesn't come close to pizza. Chris holds up the box like an offering as he trumps in, snowy boots leaving puddles on the shiny floor. ]
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[ if there's anything to indicate josh's recovery, it's that he's beginning to get bored. like, really bored. there's only so much to do here - one TV on the entire floor and no good movies to watch, no leave beyond the hospital grounds, nothing to mess or tinker with unless people are keeping a close eye on him. not a lot of people who're actually any fun, either. and there are only so many times anybody can humor people and play fucking board games with them.

so yes, that leaves him alone in his room at the moment. he snaps the 3DS shut and drops it on the nightstand - turns out even DOA loses its appeal eventually - and flashes chris a grin. ]

That is the smell of you saving my life for like the third time this week, bro.

[ he moves over to make room for chris on the bed. pizza offerings are meant to be shared, after all. usually. ]
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[ If he's being honest with himself, Chris still isn't used to seeing Josh in a hospital bed, decked out in blue patient slacks and plain t-shirts. He likes it best when Josh has on a hoodie from home, or some of his typical bracelets; that little piece of normalcy that makes things one small bit easier. He has this irrational fear that this place will start to wear down on Josh, change him somehow and not for the better. Josh has always been the life of the party, the one who keeps everyone content and having a good time and he just-- can't be that here. At least, not to the same extent.

But if Chris is being completely honest with himself, it's inexplicably kind of nice to have to cater to Josh instead of the other way around. Josh is always giving, and while Chris is nothing close to a nurse or a doctor, he feels like he can help, offer something to Josh for a change. And that's kind of awesome.

Just call me the fairy godmother of good food.

[ He awkwardly manages to slide out of his jacket without dropping their supper, and plops down on the bed, setting the pizza box on his lap once he's settled his long legs on the stiff mattress. He pops open the lid and looks at Josh pointedly. ]

And it's still hot. I know, I'm the best.
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[ that remark gets him a scoff. ]

Only if there's some kinda plan for a daring escape hidden in here. Which... [ he's going to make an educated guess while grabbing the first slice, making a show of checking under it, ]

Uuuuh nope, not looking that way.

[ never mind that he's here out of his own volition. he'd be lying if he claimed it isn't weird to be looked after. he's always been the one doing the looking after. well, maybe not always, but as older brother and chief organizer of pretty much anything that needs it, it's kind of his territory.
weird, definitely. but not... not bad weird. joking at all is easier when chris is around.

so is getting distracted. ]

Everything Pizza?

[ which is the kind you get when you can't decide on what to get. practically a time honored tradition after long nights of games or movies with too much sugar and caffeine, or alcohol, or while seriously high. or a combination of the above.

occasionally also the kind you try to make yourself in a similar situation. which ends about as well as one might expect short of burning the house down. ]
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[ Chris rolls his eyes and stifles a laugh with a huge bite of pizza. He knows Josh doesn't like it here - being cooped up for so long would start to weigh on anyone - but he also knows that something here is working, at least a little. There's no easy solution to the situation, but this is all there is right now. Still, he's got to humor Josh. He chews thoughtfully. ]

Maybe next time I could bring a duffle. Stuff you in and smuggle you out.

[ That would make a pretty sweet story if it actually worked. But the consequences probably wouldn't be worth it. He might get banned from the hospital, and then they'd be limited to text messages like they'd been for Josh's first week after being admitted. It was actually kind of worrying how messed up Chris felt being forcibly separated from Josh. They're too used to being at each other's disposal any minute of any day. ]

Yeah, Everything Pizza. Figured that's what you'd want.

[ It's a literal taste of the ordinary. Which is either going to make things better or remind them both of how inordinary this all is. Chris is just hoping for the former. He takes another big, savoring. ]

So, how you holdin' up, dude? [ He knows he asks every day but-- he just has to. ]
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[ The mental image of Chris trying to haul him out of here in a duffle bag is enough to crack him up. Luckily, that's before the first mouthful of pizza.

On the other hand, chewing is a great excuse not to answer right away. Not that Chris hasn't heard more or less every kind of response to that question by now, from deliberately morbid to honest to brushing it off to joking about the whole thing. And still he keeps asking to the point it's becoming part of their routine, off-kilter as it might be in here.
Josh shrugs, making a noncommittal noise around his food. ]

There's fuckall to do here. [ This and statements like it have opened so many doors for getting them both into trouble over the years. Josh pulls a face. ]

Swear I'm gonna go crazier if they don't let me out soon.

[ Maybe then things can go back to normal. Something like normal. He doesn't feel normal, but he's not sure he'd recognize it if he did. One way or another, Chris visiting is the highlight of any given day. He hopes he never ends up taking that for granted again. ]
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[ It's good to hear Josh's laugh.

Not as good to hear Josh make those kind of jokes, calling himself crazy or out of it or whatever other word he feels fits that day. Chris knows he does it to make light of the situation, but there's always this bite behind the words that gives off this tinge of self-loathing and frustration. And Josh doesn't really deserve any of it.

Well, there's no excuse for you to be bored with moi around.

[ He gives Josh a little nudge with his elbow as he polishes off his piece of pizza. ]

What do you feel like doing? [ Sometimes the medicine has less-than-awesome side effects, making Josh feel tired or a little sick to his stomach. If it's a good day, they might go for a walk or play a technically against the rules game of catch; if it's not, they stick to video games, card games, or bad television. Chris has fallen asleep on one half of Josh's hospital bed countless times thanks to just how bad the television can be. ]
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[ If the way Josh is devouring the pizza is any indication, today might be a decent enough day. He'd say he isn't tired, but what would be more accurate is that he's always tired anyway, and so sick of being tired all the time. As much as he actually... likes them both just crashing together, because that, too, is almost-normalcy with how often they've stayed over since they first became friends, right now he's itching to move. ]

Am I gonna freeze my ass off if we go outside?

[ Not that he honestly cares how cold it is, but he'd rather not catch a cold on top of everything else. He's got his coat and boots at least.

Josh shifts closer before reaching for the next slice. Easier this way to avoid dropping any pizza toppings on his bed, which is actually kind of a challenge when there's everything. ]
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Probably not off.

[ It's cold, but not unbelievably cold. Chris is well equipped to handle it anyway if that's really what Josh wants to do; his contempt for the chillier seasons demands he layer and layer he does. ]

If you reach freezing point, you can borrow one of these. [ He tugs at the collar of his sweater, drawing attention to the two others he's got pulled on underneath.

The mattress is small to begin with, so Chris isn't really surprised when Josh has to press closer to keep the food from going everywhere - it doesn't really work; Chris has to catch a red pepper before it hits the white sheets - but he is acutely aware of Josh's presence. It's this thing that seemed to start gnawing at Chris' brain ever since Josh ended up here and Chris slid comfortably into the role of inexperienced caretaker along with best friend. Which is new and stupid and not really something worth dealing with when all this other shit is going down. He's content to drown all the weirdness with pizza, so he does, grabbing up a second slice and shoveling it in.

Ready when you are, dude.
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[ Chris doesn't leave the house with less than three layers on as soon as fall begins. That much hasn't changed. It sure would be nice to have some non-hospital clothes to wear. He doesn't bother denying it'd be nice to have a borrowed sweater from Chris in particular, either, but... shit, like anything's gonna come of that feeling. ]

Not if that means you're freezing instead, bro.

[ It turns out he never really stops being an older brother, even when he's in the hospital himself. Well. Either way, he drops the half-eaten slice back in the box to slide off the bed, padding barefoot the few steps to where his shoes are. ]
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I gotta toughen up sometime. Hibernation for humans is unfortunately frowned upon in most circles.

[ Chris'll make excuses all day if it means Josh has less to worry about. His plate has been stacked with shit for a long time now; Chris has no plans to make it any worse.

The fact that Josh so consistently yet casually thinks about Chris' well being even when he's the one in hospital is appreciated, though. He doesn't think any situation would make Josh completely shake that instinct off.

Chris finishes up his piece of pizza and closes the box. There's a microwave in the cafeteria that Josh can usually convince a nurse to let them use, so they can devour the last half of the pizza after they've gotten some fresh air. He leaves the box on the bedside table and waits for Josh to finish with his shoes, considering hauling off one of his sweaters and handing it over now.
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[ Josh pauses, looks up at Chris. He's not gonna let this one go, is he? So Josh concedes with a huffed laugh. ]

Alright, alright. You wanna do that now? I mean, if you take your jacket off out there, who knows, the exposure might actually kill you.

[ Of course he's gotta joke about that first, though. Never mind that he's oddly looking forward to a borrowed sweater keeping him warm. ]
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I'd rather not die today.

[ Chris slides out of his jacket and lets it drop on the edge of the bed, then grabs at the collar of his navy-blue pullover and hauls it over his head. He's left with a button-up over a t-shirt, so there isn't really much chance of him freezing with only one of his admittedly many items of clothing missing. He tosses the pullover to Josh. ]

But if I do, I guess you can keep that. [ He smirks and grabs up his jacket again. He and Josh are about the same size, but Chris has always been wider in the shoulders and thicker around the middle. Josh won't be swimming in the sweater, but he might have to roll up the sleeves, which is kind of a happy thought for some reason. ]
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what the hell, they're both so hopeless.

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[ Josh catches the sweater, which is really more a matter of preventing it from hitting him in the face and then holding on to it. ]

Only then, huh.

[ Pulling it on surrounds him with a familiar smell of Chris, which has been so firmly ingrained in his brain it sits right next to family, even if it isn't quite. Not that they're not close enough for it, but, especially lately, it's difficult to shoot down the butterflies in his stomach all the time, and those don't really go with "just like family" type feelings.

Spreading his arms does reveal that the sleeves are a little long. On the whole Chris' sweater is comfortably a little big on him, and for all that Josh is pretty happy in his own skin, he never understood why Chris ended up with broader shoulders than him when the heaviest piece of equipment he usually carries is a laptop.

Josh smirks, cocking his head at Chris while he rolls up the sleeves before he picks up his coat. He feels more at ease somehow. Safer.

... and ignores that, already making for the door. ]

Cmon, let's go.
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COMPLETELY; i love it

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Maybe if you asked really nice. Or threw in a couple of bucks.

[ Chris is pretty sure the reason he's bigger has less to do with muscle and more to do with conveniently bulky bone structure; it makes him look more filled out than he could ever hope to be.

Josh, apparently, doesn't have that luxury, because the sweater does sag when he pulls it on. Tt doesn't look awful, though. Just-- different, two kinds of familiar put together in a way that Chris, well, likes. And Chris decides to say so, though with a lot more sarcasm.

You look great, man.

[ And he'll leave it at that. Josh seems rearing to go, so Chris follows after him, flicking off the light in the room as they head into the hall and down towards the stairwell. ]
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me too.

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[ Josh gives a short laugh at the remark, sarcasm and all. Never mind that he's half surprised there was a comment at all. ... Never mind that he did notice Chris looking, and that unlike Josh, he doesn't exactly have much of a pokerface. He shouldn't be getting his hopes up, should he? Shit.

While trying (and failing) not to think about that too hard, he's making his way down the hall in long strides, giving a cheerful wave to the nurse keeping an eye on the comings and goings at the moment. Most normal thing in the world, right? Right. It's not a long way to go, and Josh doesn't slow down until they're outside, the cold and the smell of snow hitting him all at once. ]

Sweet freedom!

[ His turn for sarcasm - it's not like he can't go this far any day of the week, but that doesn't stop him from grinning at Chris anyway. ]
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[ Chris was totally looking and he was totally unaware of Josh looking at him.

Chris trails after Josh, taking a cue from him and nodding politely at the nurse as they pass her by. It's still odd to think that Josh probably knows a lot of them by name, seeing them everyday, exchanging small talk with them whenever they bring his meals or fresh clothes. It's just odd all over to think of Josh here and not at the Washington's place. Chris had been there not long ago to pick up a game Josh was itching to play, and his room had seemed so empty, temporarily abandoned.

It's definitely cold out, but Josh seems less than concerned. It's fresh air, even if it's chilling. He smiles crookedly at Josh.

You gonna do the whole "the hills are alive" thing?

[ He walks across the pavement walkway and into the grass lightly dusted with snow. ]

Where d'you want to go?
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[ Josh is only now actually buttoning his coat up, tugging the collar of the sweater out of it so it doesn't sit uncomfortably around his neck. ]

You know, I was thinking more uh, Braveheart? But then I'd probably have to go right back in.

[ Not actually true, to the point he doesn't really see why he might not want to joke about it. And it's better to joke about something than to follow his initial train of thought right now. That one went from disappointment at how little snow there is (because it's not at all enough for a snowball fight), to snow this early in October is bullshit and then took a swift detour toward, well, it being October, and there not being a Halloween party at home this year.

... Is he even gonna be out of here for Halloween? His shoulders sink.

No point getting worked up about that right now. Josh gives an exaggerated shrug and joins Chris on the grass. ]

Not like there's a lot of places to go.

[ While the grounds aren't bare by any means, there not a lot that's happening, and no places to be really out of sight. All of it by design of course, and for good reason, but still... ]
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[ Chris should have known he was thinking Braveheart. That's a sorry miscalculation on his part. He does pick up on the way Josh's shoulder sink after a moment's silence, and swallows, wondering what he's thinking now. Maybe he's just cold.

When Josh stops next to him, Chris reaches out and fixes his lopsided collar in a "just guys being dudes" kind of way and then stuffs his hands in his pockets. Hands to yourself, Chris.

There's... trees.

[ He takes a few steps towards one, and then turns to face Josh, walking backwards. ]

We could... climb trees. Get some much-needed exercise?

[ It's the best he can come up with. They've wandered the hospital grounds countless times, sitting on frigid benches and playing games of outdoor checkers, and Chris gets the feeling that it's all getting old. The whole place is getting old for the both of them. Josh should at least be able to check out on a day pass. Then they could hit the theater or an arcade or anywhere that isn't this place. ]
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[ Just guys being dudes, yes. That's also exactly why Josh can't even bring himself to say anything about it, not even a shitty "you're not my real mom" line or anything. For some reason, it cheers him up, but even to his own mind that makes no sense.

The suggestion, on the other hand, does. The look on his face goes from disbelief to a grin within the space of a few words, and Josh wonders if it ever felt this way for Chris when he was the one to suggest something ridiculous. All he knows is he feels lighter. Grateful too. He follows. ]

You sure you haven't forgotten how?

[ That is clearly a challenge. ]
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[ Josh's reaction is immediate and Chris is proud to have put that look on Josh's face. It's a task that's felt both harder and easier since Josh ended up here. It's easier to get a smile, because Josh needs as many reasons as he can get to do just that, but it's also harder, because Chris never knows what's genuine and what's faked for Chris' sake.

This feels genuine.

It's like riding a bike, right?

[ He doesn't think he could forget such an essential childhood skill, though his inability to be any kind of graceful is likely to make it unnecessarily difficult. Still, he's willing to take on Josh's challenge. He smirks and heads to the tree with a new kind of vigour. There's a low-hanging branch and he goes for that first. ]

You're on, man!