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Stop blowing holes in my (space)ship!

stowaway romance.

You've hidden on a ship, be it the water or space variety! Maybe you're a stowaway sister on a Viking longboat, craving adventure and getting more than you expected. Maybe you're a farm boy from a distant planet trying to fulfill your cryptic, intergalactic destiny. You could the escaped daughter of the earl, climbing on board determined to get revenge! Who knows, you could be abducted by some madman in a blue box, not a stowaway at all! It's possible you couldn't afford passage on the ship... Or you just fell asleep when you were loading the hold, and woke up at sea or in the cosmos!

Get found by someone - who may or not also be a stowaway, just like you. Or are you a dashing captain or lady pirate who's just found someone hidden in your cargo? At any rate, everyone will find more than they bargained for, because it's not just adventure on this ship's manifest: there's some attraction, too.

- Frankensteined from an old meme on LJ.
- Reply with your character, preferences, and what your setting is: pirate-esque or sci-fi.
- Reply to others
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Captain Marvelous | Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

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[ Nobody who comes aboard the Galleon can resist the amazing allure, the cunning charisma and intense sexual magnetism of Captain Marvelous. Not that he needs to talk himself up or anything. It's all very apparent. Just look at him. ]
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((OOC: Either this is just platonic, or one of those uber-cracky, "going to someplace very warm in a hand-basket" ships. Can't decide which))

[No one? Not even the man who once captained the Galleon before Marvelous ever did?

Not that AkaRed had intended to see his former apprentice up close so soon. He had needed a quick spot to hide from some 'blinded by justice' Space Police officers who only saw his record and not the poor man behind those charges. Thankfully, the Gokaigers have been cleared of all their charges some time ago, and not even those stubborn officers would even think of checking the Galleon.

AkaRed had only meant to hide there for just a couple of hours and then slip away with no one the wiser. Best to not drag anyone into his personal affairs if he can help it. Unfortunately, one of the Space Police had shot a tranquilizer at him before he teleported away, and he hadn't realized that it had hit its mark until it took effect. Thus, if anyone's checking the Engine Room at some point, they'll find a Red Sentai, still in-suit, knocked out cold on the floor.]
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(ooc: I'm cool either way; we can see how it progresses naturally ;D)

[ His old... mentor? Eh, that descriptor might just be too sappy.

Marvelous had known something was off. Ever since he'd first obtained the Galleon he and the ship had had a connection. A tempestuous relationship at times, but still; he can tell when something on board isn't right. He hadn't chosen the engine room as one of his first ports of call because of intuition so much as because it's a ideal place for unwanted guests to cause trouble. (That's not what he'll say when he recounts this story in the future, though.)

This guest isn't unwanted. Or causing trouble. He's out cold.

Marvelous is almost amused to discover AkaRed with a close-call hanging over him. It's really only funny because he had managed to escape to the eternal sanctuary of the Galleon. And because he doesn't appear injured, only unconscious. Marvelous waits until he begins to stir before piping up from his seat on top of a random engine component.

Weren't even going to say hello, were you?
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[AkaRed groans as he stirs, still feeling groggy from the drugs within the tranq. The first thing he's aware of is that he's on the floor. The second thing he notices is the familiar hum of the Galleon's engine room.

The third thing is Marvelous. Good thing his helmet helps to hide his instinctive wince from being caught unawares. Still, there's hardly any alarm beyond that; there's few beings AkaRed trust more with his safety than his old crewmate.]

...pardon my intrusion... [The older man slowly sits up, shaking his head in order to help clear it.] How long...?
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[ Marvelous's mouth twitches in amusement. There's no denial; either AkaRed has had a bump to the head so severe that he didn't take in what Marvelous just said, or Marvelous is right and AkaRed is evading. Whatever. Doesn't bother him. Needs must, and he must not have needed to say hi. ]

Not too long. I haven't been watching you or anything.

[ That'd just be creepy.]
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[Just a little creepy, yes. Not that it would bother AkaRed much right now, since his brain's still a little foggy. Instead, he's taking a quick look around to confirm that there was no one else but them in the engine room.]

...I apologize for sneaking aboard like this. Certain branches of the Space Police aren't as reasonable as the Space Sheriffs or Dekarangers can be sometimes.
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[ Nope, just them, no-one else. Marvelous won't bother saying anything about that though because AkaRed can see it for himself.]

Dekarangers? The S.P.D.? Yeah, they're friendly once they've had you in handcuffs for a few hours

...Okay, I had fun with that, though.

[ It's good to stretch the leg muscles sometimes when you don't have use of your arms. And the woman who had cuffed him had been a real beauty. Can't argue with that.

As for the mention of Space Sheriffs though, wow, Marvelous isn't touching that one with a long stick. If there's anyone who has shaped him in maybe even more ways than AkaRed himself it's Gavan.

Yeah, no, nope. No feelings about things here. He kicks the metal plating behind his foot a few times impatiently.

Bringing my whole past back to me at once today, huh?
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[AkaRed chuckles a little at that first statement. Hearing Marvelous calling such a scenario 'fun' doesn't surprise him one bit.] Of course you would see it that way.

[Feeling the last of the drug effects fade out of his system, he then gets to his own feet. However, that question does make him look at Marvelous curiously.] Oh? How so? Is it because it's been so long since we've last met?
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[ Well, what did you expect, Marv? To say something like that and not get a reaction? There's nobody else to blame but yourself. ]

Yeah, that's what I meant.

[ He jumps down from his seat, landing perfectly just a few feet in front of AkaRed, and folds his arms across his chest. ]

So, what did you do to get the Space Police all riled up? [ And can he help? Sounds fun. ]

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[Someone had decided that he was going to be taking an easy route home instead putting in all the effort to create a rip and walking home. That someone is also the worse at hiding and was in fact taking a seat at the table having discovered a sweet treat to munch on. So he was not going to be hard to miss being out in the open, fork in hand while savoring a bite of fluffy whipped cream and fruit.]

Good morning. [Well in his defense it might be morning on some planet.]
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[ The horror. The very idea of this dude; how dare he!

Marvelous's face falls as he takes in the sight before him. The luscious, juicy fruits, glimmering like a hundred different coloured jewels reflecting the sun. The beautiful spiralling tower of whipped cream atop them that appears softer and fluffier than any cloud Earth has ever had to offer.

Who even cares about the uninvited guest on his Galleon-

That's my food!

[ Marvelous does not consider it any sort of overreaction when he pulls out his sabre. Not at all, nope. Not when this is about breakfast. ]
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[Hey hey hey, clearly this is Tsukasa's food since he was currently munching on it (no, he wasn't going to say that it had first been in the ship's kitchen. Tsukasa made it so it is his). He raised an eyebrow at the appearance of the saber, but he didn't actually move. Instead, he just tugged the dish of yummies closer and picks up the second fork.

Yeah, technically this was suppose to be a shared treat but no, he wasn't going to share it if someone was going to wave a sword in his general direction. After all, swords are rude.]

It was your food. Now it's in my dish and I am eating it.
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[ Okay, so the sword doesn't intimidate him; that means he's certain he has the means and the skill to counteract it. Fine. Fine. Marvelous sheathes his sabre again. Time to consider sneakier, dirtier tactics then. ]

Even if it was your dish- [ Which it very well could be; Marvelous doesn't recognise it one way or the other - he doesn't pay attention to how his food comes, he's too busy eating it! Not to mention carrying around a bowl to hold potential food in sounds perfectly sensible to him- ] -it's still my food!

[He takes a dive for the table, swiping at the bowl. If it ends up all over the floor because of his reckless move to get it back so be it. He'll still eat it. No shame at all. ]
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[He is Tsukasa Kadoya. Of course a sword was not going to bother him, even if it was still rude to have one pointed in his general direction. He would say that too but the guy was going to grab at the food and that was just plain unacceptable behavior.

After all, that would be a waste of food!]


[He was so glad that Rider reflexes were fast, otherwise the food would have gone to the floor. As it was, Tsukasa lost his fork as he picked up the dish and pushed away from the table, letting Marvelous slid across with nothing to show for it but a forkful of whip cream and a lone grape.]
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[ Marvelous feels himself slide right across the table belly first, arms outstretched for grabbing, but somehow pitifully devoid of the bowl. That guy moved!

Marvelous curls his body, turning back in the direction he just came from, the one the dude just pushed his chair to and stepped back towards. The abandoned fork clatters to the floor, but Marvelous notices a smear of cream on his hand with a grape perched on top. He has time to hold that up to his mouth and inhale it before hopping back off the table and reaching out to grab for the bowl again. A small sample of what victory will taste like. Now that he's had it, he can't hold back.

Nope, he's not going to give up that easily, best accept that you're in for a food fight.

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[Wait. No, oh no, no one was going to steal his food, not even if they were so persistent. Tsukasa was so going to take a bite of food even as he uses one long leg to try to knock Marvelous back. He was going to do his best to keep a hold of the bowl while doing so too.]
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[Marvelous has to jump backwards to avoid the kick aimed at his stomach (his food storing area - how cruel!), using the momentum to rotate his entire body in mid-air as he leans his weight to one side. He lands on Tsukasa's left, and throws a punch towards his face, hoping that his aim will cause Tsukasa to jerk backwards and drop the bowl while he's disoriented.]

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[In his defense, he didn't actually want to become a stowaway like this and really did have no control over how he came to be on the Galleon. He'd been stuck in his lockseed after taking a rather bad beating in a fight and had retreated into it to regain his strength and ended up being picked up like a lost trinket.

The lockseed glows and there's a flash of light. When it dies down, Kouta is left crouched on the floor of Marvelous's ship in all of his space god glory. It probably would have been more impressive if he wasn't feeling so weak.]


[Darn, looks like he hadn't completely regained his strength.]
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[ Sorry, Kouta; you're not someone familiar, you're not supposed to be on the Galleon, and so your welcome comes in the form of the pointy end of Marvelous's sword, as he stands tall and steady, feet slightly parted in readiness. Marvelous won't be fooled by the appearance of injury; he's known enough opponents who have faked them to gain an advantage in a fight. Not to mention that flash of light that obscured his view for a moment could have been a trick to incapacitate him! ]

Who are you? What are you doing on my ship?

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[Hearing the voice makes his head sway and Kouta lifts his head up to see someone dressed as a pirate pointing a sword at him. Okay, this wasn't the first thing he'd think of when reforming and being threatened while in a weakened state was definitely not what he intended either.]

I'm Kouta Kazuraba. And, um... is that really necessary?

[Makes a gesture to the sword currently directed at him.]
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It's necessary until I've decided you're not a threat.

[ Oh man, that makes it sound like he's worried about a potential threat. And he's not. Marvelous can take this dude. Because he's just that good in general, not just because the guy is crumpled up on the floor looking weaker than a week-old kitten.

Marvelous thinks about it for a moment and then lets up his sword.

Eh, okay, I've decided you're not a threat.

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[Well that was fast. Not that Kouta's really complaining since there's no longer a sharp object pointed at his face.]


[He slowly pulls himself up to his feet though even standing up, it's clear Marvelous is the taller of the two. Kouta then glances about the surrounding area. He remembered the guy saying he was on a ship. His ship to be more precise.]

What kind of ship is this?
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[ It was fast, but that doesn't mean Marvelous won't be on guard, ready to pull the sword back out in a second. Not to mention he has a pistol too, you know. ]

Don't thank me yet.

[ The name the stranger has given seems to fit with the naming traditions of Earth that Marvelous came across while he was there. The clothing not so much, although some of the styles were so wildly varied that this could just be one he didn't come across. There was a thing called 'cosplay' Gai kept going on about...

He asked about the ship, though. Marvelous loves talking about his ship.

This is my galleon, the Gokai Galleon. She's a space ship. And you still haven't told me what you're doing here.

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[A space ship. Well then... Kouta makes a small noise of interest and he moves a little bit around to take in the surroundings a little bit more. For a space ship it was less... futuristic than one would think.

He then turns back to Marvelous.]

I'm not here on purpose. Someone probably picked up my lockseed while I was recovering and that's how I got here.
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[ Kouta doesn't seem as impressed with the Galleon as he should be. Marvelous feels his mouth tighten. ]

What the heck is a lockseed? [And how does picking one up have anything to do with Kouta getting here?] Is it some kind of transport? ["Picked up" kind of implies that it's small enough to carry, though, so...]

Does it look like... treasure? Because yeah, someone on my crew could've picked it up. Pirates have a thing about treasure.

[Oh, did he forget to mention that they were pirates? So yeah, there's that.]

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