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Smut Picture Prompt Meme

the smut picture prompt meme




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greg lestrade | sherlock | ota

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[Open to cross-canon. No Irenes, please.]
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It had started as coffee, and they'd had coffee together before, so there was nothing special about that.

It was, however, the first time she'd had coffee at his flat. But they'd been talking about the new hell in both of their lives; well, Greg had been complaining, rather, not realizing that maybe she wouldn't want to talk about this. Molly had been on a few dates with the madman, after all. He wasn't completely convinced that the Moriarty was really back, of course - had to be a trick, someone who had worked for him, just playing them all. But then then the burglaries had happened, and the notes had been left behind. A young man on the force had been killed - one of his own, someone he had liked even. It was clearly trying for him, as evident when he accidentally raised his voice and very nearly threw his coffee cup across the room. Donovan could have told anyone that Lestrade did have a temper.

He had sighed, running a hand down his tired face then apologized, sinking into the couch... and Molly had surprised him by covering his hand with her smaller one. Greg blinked up at her, then looked down again, his voice gruff mostly from his own resentment at himself. "Well, I'm the world's biggest wanker, aren't I?" he snorted quietly. "A smart man gets a pretty girl at his flat, he would know better than to go on about work. Sorry, Molly."
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She squeezed his hand and gave him a small smile.

"It's alright, Greg," she said, ignoring the whole first part of what he'd said except for the slightly pink blush of her cheeks. She likes him, for sure. And when she had been able to finally get her head out of her arse and see anyone else besides Sherlock Holmes, she realized that Greg was, well...quite attractive. And a good man. And nice. And kind to her.

But she had so many of her own issues right now - the breakup with Tom, Sherlock being back, Jim being...whatever he was being.

"Moriarty...or...whoever...has us all on edge. I often feel like throwing things myself., I did the other day. I owe St. Bart's an Erlenmeyer flask it would seem."

She huffed out a sort laugh at herself. This was all pretty mental. Sherlock had his brother's men watching her almost every move, just in case. She was sure John and Mary were probably practically on lock down. Sherlock was being...well, Sherlock, and she worried about him sleeping and eating and staying away from the drugs.

None of them were in good shape right now.
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Sure, he had sort of let it slip, the bit about her being pretty, but he wasn't so tired that he hadn't known he was saying it, too. Greg could've taken it back - not that she wasn't pretty, but that he shouldn't be flirting with her, even offhandedly as he was. After all, it hadn't been long since she was out of a relationship, too. Actually, it had been much shorter for her than him and his sham of a marriage, and she probably needed a friend more than anything. But the fact was Molly was pretty; more than just pretty, actually. Sherlock Holmes was a damn fool for never noticing. Course that wasn't the kind of thing he noticed anyway. Lestrade wasn't sure the consulting detective even thought of people like that, man or woman. And Molly? She deserved to be noticed.

He smiled and chuckled in quiet amusement at her comments. "I'm sure the people at St. Bart's could let something like that go. I mean, that Erienmeyer flash probably had it coming." Greg couldn't help but joke in that deadpan sort of way of his. Maybe what they needed was less talk about the criminal mastermind apparently come back from the dead... and just more of the simple human comforts. The touch of her hand on his was innocent, friendly even, but it felt nice nonetheless. And if his thumb had started to stroke the skin on the back of her hand, it was just a little thing, really.

"Did you want more coffee? Or tea, even - I've got some of that." It was the British thing of him to do, anyway. No matter that he'd rather just be close to her, feeling something more than just a starvation for human contact. But ever since that night, the one Christmas party at 221B Bakerstreet, seeing her in that dress... well, he'd never been quite able to look at Molly Hooper the same way.
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Molly laughed at his joke.

"It had been taunting me all day," she joked back with a smile. "And I'm sure Bart's won't miss it. We have a whole supply. I just feel guilty for losing my temper like that. It's not like me."

Her smile falters a bit, thinking about it. She's been on edge and she knows it. Her focus moves to Greg's hand on hers. The feel of him touching her like that sends a bit of a thrill through her until she chastises herself for being so quick to rouse. She's gone longer without having a man touch her, but she's been lonely since Tom left. Even if she were the reason he was gone.

"Um, yes, tea...tea would be nice," she stuttered a bit, having been lost in her thoughts over one simple touch from the man. A touch she instigated really. She was so silly sometimes. "Thank you."
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Please excuse my delay!

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Greg can't help but feel a bit like a schoolboy with a crush. He's even started to feel his nerves acting up, just like a teenager on a first date. Now that it's just about them, and not Moriarty or work or even Sherlock, things are more real. Part of him just wants to keep touching her, or having her so close. It's been a while since he's been with a nice girl, a girl who probably deserved better than him, but seemed to like him all the same.

When stumbled over her words a bit, and smiled like that... Greg felt something tug at him, deep inside. Just like that, he knew he was in trouble.

But he nodded, smiled, then stood up to go for the tea. It was silly, but he hesitated only a moment before releasing her hand. "Right. So, cream or sugar, then?"
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No problem! Hardly a delay at all. :)

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Once he let go of her hand, she put it back in her lap with her other. She could still feel the warmth of where his hand had touched her though.

"Both, please," she said with a small smile as she looked up at him. "Thank you."

She too felt nervous in a way that she hadn't on any previous coffee meet-ups. Maybe it was that they weren't in public now. And neither of them were otherwise engaged with other people. It seemed like there were possibilities now, that hadn't been there before.