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The Road Trip Meme!

...self explanatory at this point, really. You're on a roadtrip. You're with someone else.

If you need a prompt you were stuck on the vehicle of your choice for an hour and currently really need to pee, what do.
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Josh Washington / Until Dawn

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[ still in the early stages of voice-testing, but would you be interested in a chris? we could go pre or post-game, keep in the spirit of scary or something light-hearted instead, bro-y or shippy; whatever you'd like! ]
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[ yes, that would be amazing! I'm down with bro-y or shippy or broshippy. maybe they could tour the haunted spots of the us, like a paranormal tour? Josh could be making a doco or something and. ahem. funding it... anyway let's definitely do this. ]
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[ oh, this sounds super awesome! and broshippy is definitely the way to go. i'm just about to go to bed (damn you, timezones) but i can get up a starter tomorrow. or, if you want, you can do a starter. either way, i'll tag you as soon as possible! feel free to add me on plurk too if you have one: [plurk.com profile] gansey c: ]
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[ Chris had been a little skeptical when Josh had first pitched the idea, and rightly so, because it had come completely out of the blue and way too early in the morning. He thought that undertakings like roadtrips were typically things planned out a little before you showed up on your best friend's doorstep and asked if he wanted to pack some bags and do something crazy. Eventually, he realized that Josh had, at least, the beginnings of a plan: a round trip, hitting hot spots of supernatural activity all across the US of A and filming every second of it, the endgame being a fucking fantastic documentary and some serious bro-bonding time. Surprisingly - or maybe not so surprisingly - that had Chris convinced. It wasn't like he could let Josh go by himself. In four hours, they had one of Josh's father's off-road vehicles stuffed with duffels and film equipment and were on the road. The whole experience already felt surreal, but that seemed to be a specialty of Josh's, one that Chris had somehow become accustomed to, if not fond of.

They checked out Ashe County Hospital first, only because it was close to home, but it turned out to be a dud, which Chris kind of expected; no ghostly shouting, no electrical surges, and no usuable footage apart from Chris tripping over a toppled stool and landing on his face. Josh seemed convinced it would make the final cut.

They've been on the road for three hours, heading towards Hampton-Lillibridge House in Savannah, Georgia, when Chris finally manages to placate Ashley through a series of apologetic texts and an overuse of emojis. She'd been a little pissed that they'd gone and disappeared without a word, but she seemed more worried than angry the more haughty texts she sent. Chris eventually convinced her that chances were they'd be home before they'd conquered the entire country and that he'd call her every step of the way. After that, she'd turned slightly more optimistic, wishing them luck and making them swear they'd look after eachother.

Chris tucks his finally silent phone into his jacket pocket and hauls the haphazardly folded map out of the dashboard compartment, flattening it across his lap. The sun has just barely begun to dip below the horizon, providing just enough light for Chris to read the street names on the faded blue paper. The road signs that go flying by don't have any familiar names.

The radio has been blasting about four decibles louder than is usually recommended for the last half hour, so Chris reaches to the console and flicks the dial, the vibrations in his chest finally stopping as the music turns into a low rumble. He rests his elbow on the passenger side door and leans his head against his palm, looking at Josh.

Pretend I don't sound like a disgruntled honeymooner when I ask: dude, are we lost?

[ Though who's to say they were ever not lost. As far as Chris knows, they're relying simply on their keen senses of direction and horrible map-reading skills to get them where they need to be, and honestly, he doesn't have much faith in either. ]
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[ i am on my phone and mid-packing, but i want in on this. i can write a starter, just lmk pre-game, post-game, threepover au?? ]