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1. Those boxers don't belong to me anymore. They belong to the desert surrounding Phoenix.

2. I refuse to be socially acceptable any longer than what is needed to pick up chinese food.

3. You are the best. Or certainly adequate for tempering my unholy desires.

4. I woke up to both of you drawing on me in sharpie, unless a glorious threesome was had the night before that is not okay.

5. Text him!
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call it harmless hazing
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I would not call it harmless. My face is stained. How can I remove it?
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uh...try scrubbing really hard? i don't know. ...sorry
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4. Hello again~

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[ Instant disgust crosses his features. ]

Gross, Cas. You're damn right that's not okay. Boundaries, that's me and my brother you're talking about.
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hello! :D

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My apologies. But you still drew on my face, and that was very rude.
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[ Dean smirk ]

What do you want, an apology? Sorry, dude, but can't be sorry for something I can't even remember. But you've gotta admit, it's kinda funny, Right? /nudgenudge/

By the way, what did I write or draw on you? Hold on. Knowing me, I probably snapped a picture of it.

[ flips through phone; heart drops when he finally finds it. ]

.. Crap. I must've been really drunk because I never would have admitted that. And in permanent marker no less.

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[ .. dean that is the absolute worst excuse for wiggling out of a well deserved apology ever. you're still responsible for things you do even if you don't remember doing it!! don't blame jack daniels for your foolishness. ]

.. what? What is it? I haven't seen it.

[ dean what did yoU DO.. ugh where is the closest mirror.. ]
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[ Hey. Nobody's perfect. Is forever blaming booze for everything, especially this because his memory is fucked based on how much he drinks now. ]

Uh ..-

[ Fumbles for words text.; Uh - crap balls. So glad they're not in the same room together right now. Because at the moment, there are words across the angel's cheek. 'Destiel' and a little drawing of himself and cas on either side of a heart. ]

Uhm. I can explain?

[ On second thought, from this he can assume he didn't draw this but instead Sammy did. Because little brother just loves to taunt him with this ever since they found out about their fans. Barks aloud- ]

Damn it, Sammy!

[ Dean can only hope cas doesn't decide to give him a call. ]
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[ right okay stumbling to a mirror now..

leitsed? no wait, backwards, right -- just be glad that castiel knows zero about fandom, and shipping, and.. subtext.

.. except that might not be so great after all, because that means he's asking questions. embarrassing ones. ]

What is Destiel? And these little figures look terrible. Neither you nor Sam have any talent for art.
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Oh, it's just a word. It's a combination of your name and mine put together.

[ And that was just the watered down version. In no way was he going to bring up the internet and how much further it just might taint his angel. As if introducing him to porn wasn't enough .. This might as well be the same damn thing, if he has to explain the whole meaning of destiel. Great. Now he's got a freakin` boner just thinking about it! ]

That's .. Besides the point, Cas.

[ He remembers the drawing well. Two stick figures one with wings and one without. And the picture he is staring at through his phone is of that as well as dean himself photobombing giving a thumbs up. I'm such a douche. Clearing his throat, the Winchester looks suspiciously around the room. Well. So much for that self-preservation because dean sends another text- ]

Anyways, Remember chuck? Long story short, it's because of his books. It produced a huge fan base and we're at the center of it. Hell- They've even made stories of their own that I'm just not going to get into right now because ... They ship us. Together. Man on Man. Skin on skin brokeback mountain can't quit you, type of stuff if you catch my drift..

[ A moment and then- ]

pleasetextmeback owo

[ Dean has got to say he is a bit worried of scaring his friend. What's more horrifying though is that he just remembered cas gets movie references now. Undo text! UNDO! Unfortunately for dean, text's don't undo. ]
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[ this is becoming a history lesson, isn't it? ]

Oh. So, like Brangelina. And Bennifer.

[ .. everyone should regret metatron filling castiel's head with all of these pop culture references, because this is just a mess. Things You Never Expected to Hear Castiel Say. or type, as it were.

there's a very long silence before castiel responds again, more than likely filling dean with a hundred kinds of dread, when really he's taking a long time studying his face in the mirror. ]

So I am the stick figure with the wings, and you are the one on the other side.

But you don't need to be concerned, Dean. Neither of us are cowboys.

[ and after a moment: ]

What does sailing have to do with anything?
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[ God, Cas, that is sooo 2008. And really freakin` weird coming from the angel dean has very well thought he figured out. Until now. He wonders what else about Cas he doesn't know about. He's growing up without him and that kind of hurts. ]

Yeah, I guess you could say that.

[ The next text makes the Winchester roll his eyes in slight annoyance. ]

Obviously, Cas.

Who said I was concerned? And ... Speak for yourself, dude. Cowboys are awesome. That is, if they weren't gay.

[ A bliiink. ]

. . .
That's not what-

[ Oh god, he can already feel a headache coming on. Cas was weird. But it's what dean always falls in love with about the angel. He's glad at least one thing hasn't changed. ]

Shipping doesn't mean sailing, Cas. It means putting us at relationship status in an intimate way. Like boyfriends. Or lovers. Which we're really not! 
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[ he may very well be pop culture savvy now, dean, but don't expect him to remember which dates are relevant okay. ]

Are you being homophobic, Dean? I don't see why gay cowboys should be any less "awesome" than any other.

[ rude, dean, he doesn't understand the shipping okay, you humans and your confusing syntax. ]

I see. And no, we aren't. So why are you bothered by it, if it isn't true?
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he's totally not homophobic tho. If persuaded in time.

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If that's the way you want to look at it, then yeah. I don't know if you've noticed but I have a strong preference for women. It's blinding sometimes.

[ Man on man ... Oh god, strike him now for even considering it! This is the way dean acts when he's trying to keep his bravado intact. Because he is manly. ]

I'm bothered by it because it's what people are thinking because believe it or not, cas, some times a guy gets a little worried about stuff like this. I've got a reputation. A good one at that. Besides ... Maybe I am a little homophobic, so sue me =w=
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haha ofc

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That doesn't..

[ .. okay nevermind. it's never a good time to discuss homophobia with dean winchester. yes dean, you are very manly. we are aware. everyone is aware. it is impossible not to be aware. ]

Anyone who would question your reputation over something like that is not someone with a worthwhile opinion. Don't worry about it, Dean.