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thursday theme theance: morning after, non-expanded.


Last night was pretty wild, or maybe it wasn't. You have just woken up, but
you are not alone. Perhaps it is a stranger lying next to you, perhaps
it's someone you know. It might be your significant other, or a one
night stand. The fact remains that you are in bed together, naked and
something happened.


+ Comment with your character. Information and preferences best be included!
+ Someone replies.
+ Shit may or may not hit the fan, that is entirely up to you. You might even want to go for round 2, round 3 etc. etc.
+ Tag around!
+ Have fun and be excellent to each other!
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castiel / supernatural

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[Morning comes in the form of a hangover, causing Dean to wince at the smallest bit of sun coming in through the drawn shades of his hotel room. He groans softly and raises a hand to rub at his eyes and temples before slowly rolling himself out of bed. He shuffles into the bathroom to relieve himself, yawning and blinking blearily, mentally noting that everything hurts. A closer inspection says he was definitely up to something last night... maybe a lot of something or someone to be precise. Which would explain why he hurt all over. He's not sure how to feel about certain aches, chalking it up to some rough and excellent sex. Whoever it was, they couldn't have gotten much sleep.

He debates crawling back into bed for a few more winks but figures while he's up he better get showered in case his partner wants another go. Which leads him to try and remember who the hell was in the other room. Maybe he might need to ditch out early... but something was itching at the back of his skull. A familiarity with whoever it was, if they even sleep.

Why wouldn't they sleep? That was a weird question to mentally think of.

He steps in under the spray in hopes it wakes him up and soothes his aches a little more. He'll scrub everything well enough, giving himself a chance to make sure everything is all in one piece. He's fairly sure there are scratches in places he can't reach, judging by the sting of the water. Once he finishes he'll grab a towel and walk out in the nude, ruffling it over his head to dry his hair before he gets a good look at whoever is in the room with him.
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[ dean might be expecting some limber brunette or flirty blonde flung across his bed waiting to welcome him back, but he would be mistaken because it's simply.. castiel.

and he's sitting forward with the blanket pooled in his lap, leaning his wrists on his upturned knees with his fingers loosely laced between them, dark hair mussed and sticking up at all angles. his voice is rougher than usual, gravelly. ]

.. good morning, dean.

[ sorry to burst your bubble, friend. castiel clears his throat and shifts in the sheets, mildly uncomfortable because to be honest, he's not sure what sort of reaction to expect. dean had been more than a little inebriated the previous night, and he'd tumbled out of bed and into the shower so quickly that castiel hadn't been able to rouse himself in time to address him.

so here we are. bracing for impact. ]
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[That gravely voice is all too familiar and it causes him to pause, peering through his towel at the angel. He's damn near frozen in place for a moment before just dropping the cloth to his shoulders and staring in disbelief. He didn't. They didn't. Did they? Maybe there was some other explanation for the sex pains. Other things can cause those kind of aches all over right? It was a rough night of hunting he didn't just get completely hammered and fuck his best friend. It--]

Oh... crap.

[That was out loud. SHIT that was out loud. Okay. Okay he just needs to take a step back here a second and just try to calm down. This doesn't change anything right? Everything's great. Awkward. But it's alright. Though now he's feeling sorta guilty for somehow taking advantage of the other while he was drunk. He was incredibly drunk and that's not a great way to do something like this with anyone you actually give a damn about. And great this was probably BOTH their first times. It probably sucked. He can't remember if it sucked and he's kind of peeved he can't remember the details right about now. Maybe that's for the best as his mind is reeling at the idea that he just slept with another dude. An angel dude. His best friend at least but still... This is...

Yeah who's he trying to kid this kind of changes a lot doesn't it? But right now is not the time to be questioning his own sexuality. No doubt Cas is feeling really, really awkward right about now. He should at least be a good friend and not make it seem like he's THAT confused and uncomfortable. So alright, cue acting cool and casual in 3... 2...

He clears his throat and moves to wrap the towel around his waist.


[Yes. Perfect. Great start. HEY. Fantastic. So smooth and not at all tense. Not like he can read your thoughts and everything. Shit

He'll just saunter over and dig out some clean clothes. Good Job Dean, you are a piece of work.

You...uh... you doing okay?
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[ just be thankful, dean, that castiel does his best not to.. overhear your brain ramblings most of the time because he respects your right to privacy. though it doesn't really matter, to be fair, considering his thoughts are written so clearly on his face that dean might as well be an open book before his eyes, and this is.. more or less the reaction that he expected. ]

I'm fine, Dean.

[ super smooth, dean, you're a real straight shooter. there's more than a little irritation in castiel's voice, though it's harmless enough; he's less angry and more weary really, and not looking forward to all the mud they're going to have to slog through together in what will no doubt be a very awkward conversation. and to sweeten the pot, castiel is naturally awkward, so this is bound to be a good time.

he's honest, though, straightforward and to the point. after running a hand over his face he sighs, and turns his head to watch dean evenly. ]

You don't remember, do you.

[ less a question, more a statement. ]
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[Yep, yep, not thinking about the fact it's an Angel, wearing a guy that had been married and had a kid. Nope. Pushing all of it to the back of his mind and.

Oh good. See. Everything's fine.

What? Yeah, yeah of course I remember.

[Hah. No. Doesn't recall a thing. He'll stoop to open his travel cooler for a beer.]

You did that thing you learned from the pizza man.

[And cracking that beer open for a swig, casually.

Wait. No. He really wants to remember things because he needs to know who was on top. He had to be right? But there were other parts of him that were wondering if it were just from excessive thrusting or OTHERWISE. He was pretty drunk anything could happen. He'd like to think he wouldn't have... but maybe...
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[ .. oh dean. caught in your lie and lying badly to attempt to save it, it's very sad, and very obvious, and judging by the baleful look on castiel's face he absolutely isn't buying it. ]

Of course.

[ but he isn't going to call him on it, because dean does what dean does, and he's going to find excuses and workarounds because he isn't comfortable talking about it and castiel is just going to have to.. accept that. because that's what he does, at least as far as dean is concerned.

you see, though, the problem with not talking about it is that you absolutely definitely will never know for sure what happened, and castiel doesn't seem to be about to mention it. because honestly, why would he? top or bottom, this is all greek to him (actually, greek probably isn't even foreign enough), he has no sense of wounded masculinity to protect and would probably think the entire concept of top and bottom and displays of sexual dominance are pointless and silly. so you'll just have to stew in your juices there, dean, and deal with having no idea whether or not your ass virginity was claimed. ]

Did you get enough rest?

[ casual conversation is just going to have to do. ]
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[Dean sets his clothes aside and moves to sit on the edge of the bed near Cas. He's clearly from the school of thought that if you've got a hangover start drinking again and it'll be gone. Castiel has probably seen this a few times lately. It sure as hell isn't good for his liver but he's not expecting to live that long anyway. Hunters don't often get that luxury and with the major shit they keep getting themselves into he's fairly certain he and his brother's number will be up sooner than later.]

Yeah. Slept great.

[He knows his lie isn't working and this is probably going to have to be a conversation they gotta have. As much as he wants to avoid it and pretend it didn't happen, it sure did. The sooner he gets over it the sooner things won't be awkward between them. There's a curious part of his mind asking if he'll do it again, if only to try and remember if he liked it. To at least give Cas another chance because it seems like he messed this one up. But the more dominant part of his mind still trying to be straight and manly says no. fucking. way. He just has to decide if he's going to listen to that part of himself. Things don't have to change between them. This doesn't have to change anything and if they find something in each other no one needs to know. It's just sex.

He clears his throat once more, sort of staring at his feet for a while before looking up at his best friend.

Did you sleep? We must've had one wild night.

[His body certainly feels like they enjoyed every bit of it for most of the night.]
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[ be thankful you're friends with an angel who can cure your cirrhosis with a single touch, if need be, though yeah it's not likely to come to that. castiel isn't here to judge, however, and how much dean drinks and when is none of his business, he's not the guardian angel of alcohol abusers. ]

No, I didn't. I meditated for awhile.

[ mostly he stared into the dark and listened to dean sleep and thought about what had happened and how it would all roll over in the morning. but there are upsides to not being a human, and that means not being constrained by human guidelines and rules and social mores. castiel doesn't feel awkward at all - that is, no more awkward than he ever really is, on any given day, because as far as he's concerned there's no real weight attached to sexual intimacy. he and dean are close, very close, more intimate than castiel has ever frankly been with anyone, really, and how dean chooses to express that closeness is of no consequence to him. he'd be just as happy talking, or driving together, or any number of things, but dean is a physical man, he likes alcohol and he likes sex, so it's not so surprising that his affections might manifest in this way.

and that's fine. that's good. it's not as if castiel didn't enjoy it. but being an angel means he gets to enjoy it without any of the funny strings attached than humans might worry about. listlessly, he stretches his bare arms out before him. ]

But yes, it was.. informative, for certain. You're a decent teacher.
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[Informative? Decent? He's just sort of looking at Cas like he has two heads and then laughs a bit at the idea that he had any clue of what he was doing.]

Thanks Cas. Though I mean, I was drunk and I've never been with a dude before so I didn't actually know what I was doing. But I guess I did it well enough huh?

[A small nudge. It's about then that he's giving up the ghost though he knows Cas can see through his lies.]

So uh... what... what did I do anyway?
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[ informative for sure. consider castiel a blank slate when it comes to all things sexual in nature, pretty much everything is going to be a new and fascinating and educational experience. he raises both eyebrows when he looks to dean again. ]

So, you don't remember?

[ thankfully, castiel takes pity on him, even though he shouldn't, because if dean's so hammered he can't even remember what he's done all night, then he doesn't really deserve to know. but castiel is too soft on him, in the grand scheme, and it's always easier to show rather than tell. so he lifts two fingers to dean's forehead, pressing gently.

enjoy your sex montage. ]
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[There's an expression that crosses his face that is certainly sheepish, like some comic-relief side-kick unable to deny his crime. Complete with an attempt to smile innocently and shrug as if he didn't know better. You'd almost expect Castiel to just shake his head and roll his eyes and go "Oh you!" But instead he gets two fingers pressed to his brow.

The next few seconds seems like a whole night in Dean's head, watching everything they did while he was drunk. It was sloppy, rough, primal... and really, really hot. So hot in fact that seeing it again like a split-second porno causes Dean to ... well, pop a boner from the imagery alone. He glances down at himself and grabs a pillow to cover it since the towel is doing a great impression of a tent.

Well, I uh... I remember now.

[Boy does he ever. At least he can be secure in knowing he didn't give up his anal virginity while sloppy wasted. Though he does feel like he could've given Castiel a much better experience. He's not so sure he wants that to go on record as how not!great he is in bed.]

Thanks for that.

[He clears his throat.]

If you think that was good man, [Laughing slightly and shaking his head. But he's not secure enough to offer another go. Still confused and slightly in denial of what happened. He's not gay. He refuses to believe that. Bisexual maybe? But for all the time he's spent opposed to "the gay" it's a bit hard to swallow that this just happened. Let alone promise a better time. But this was CAS. His best friend. He really should treat him better.]

You haven't seen me sober.
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[ even super serious castiel can't help but find himself amused by the drama of thought and emotion playing out across dean's face right now in the mere seconds it takes for him to recall and process everything that occurred the previous night. despite himself, he feels the pull of a warm smirk at one corner of his mouth, bleeding into his eyes. ]

You're welcome.

[ and don't think he doesn't notice that pillow either, winchester, but thankfully he's tactful, and a good friend, so he doesn't mention it. or laugh at it. but he tilts his head in thought, blue eyes distant and unfocused as he thinks, mulling over their encounter. sex is not natural for angels, everyone who knows anything about them knows that. they have no reason for it, no purpose, no drive, no equipment. but their vessels certainly do, and though most sensations are muted, a thick, sticky veil standing between the angel and all things touch and feel, the more time castiel has spent earthbound, the more he has found himself appreciating things. little things. like flowers, and bees, and the intelligence of animals.

sex too could be one of those things. and while it's unlikely that he'll ever take the initiative to seek it out, he finds that he wouldn't necessarily mind doing it again, for someone he cares about. he finds that it was.. well. it was good. and if there's anyone he would do it for, it's dean winchester.

so he hums in his throat, turning over the memories, his eyes narrowed thoughtfully and he says, as if surprised with himself: ]

.. it was good.
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[Dean sort of quirks a brow as the Angel seems to need to repeat himself. At first the inflection sort of goes over his head.]

Yeah, yeah, ok ya big softie.

[But it's only after the fact he realizes it was more of a surprise for himself. Dean never really thought too deeply about what Angels do or don't do in this case. Having a human body must be weird but Castiel seems to be adjusting and letting his curiosity teach him things. Like... gay sex with his drunk best friend. And... as it turns out. He liked it. Even if Dean is fairly certain it was probably terrible. But for a first time well... anything is good right? Till you have better or at least SOMETHING to compare it to. He has to wonder if he should feel ashamed for corrupting the angel or something.

No. Scratch that. He kinda feels proud of that fact. Maybe he really shouldn't, but he wouldn't be dean if he didn't chalk it up as a victory. Taking angelic virginity has to be a thing somehow. Well. It is now.

AND WHY THE HELL IS HIS BONER NOT GOING DOWN?? He lifts the pillow to glare at his crotch.

Go. Away already.

[It was uncomfortable. He had no idea remembering all of last night would be so... potent. He really can't deny it now. He liked buttsex. And, really, so long as it's not going in his ass, he can still claim to be somewhat straight. SOME straight guys even take it up the butt from their ladies. He always thought that was kinda weird and he was opposed to the whole existence of the prostate but... apparently it's good?

No. Nope. Not going there. We're not thinking like that. One thing at a time. This is a big enough thing as is. And he has to decide if it's a Thing thing. Especially since he has a pretty persistent hard-on right now. He could go rub one off but... well. If Cas took initiative he might not say no to a handy or something.

I'm... I'm glad you liked it Cas and that I uh... that I was the one you shared that first time with. Sorry I was drunk for it.

[And he's being sincere here. He kinda feels like he really should've been sober for it. Maybe he's considering a do-over. who's going to know? Who's going to even care? It doesn't have to leave this room.]
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[ sorry dean, he wasn't really trying to give you a compliment, he's just a little surprised at himself that he actually liked it -- not to, uh, doubt your prowess or anything, of course. but castiel never would have imagined himself coupling with a human. what purpose would it serve?

just goes to show that dean winchester is an exception to every one of his rules. ]

You have nothing to apologize for, Dean. I'm glad that it was you, too.

[ and judging by the warm, serene expression on his face, he means it. castiel's relationship with dean is.. complicated, at best, but it is also intense, tangled, deep, and meaningful. dean has changed him in so many ways, ways he thinks are for the better. dean has been his teacher and his mentor and his friend and his adversary and his duty. castiel has fought beside him, protected him, bled for him, sacrificed for him, trusted him.. perhaps adding 'lover' to the list is not too terribly far a stretch, he thinks, all things considered. dean is, and has always been, a very physical person, after all, and castiel would give him the moon on a string if he could but toss the rope far enough.

it's a little silly that dean seems to be embarrassed of his performance though, sheepish that he was too drunk to even properly remember it. it's endearing. ]

You seem uncomfortable. [ castiel's eyes drop to the pillow in dean's lap, then lift again. ] Do you need.. help?
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No. What? No, I don't need help.

[Maybe it's still that part of him in denial reacting this way, completely missing the idea that Castiel was coming on to him. Why would he need help? He doesn't need help masturbating. Barely a half second later he's realized it was an offer. That Castiel was taking initiative to be intimate with him. And that alone is so foreign that it's no surprise he missed it. Castiel was a quick study.

Well, and it's only as intimate as a hand-job could be. Not that it...couldn't go further. And why should he turn down the help? It always felt better when it was someone else's hands on him, it was more satisfying. He can masturbate any time he wants and does pretty often. The only difference now is it's a mans hands and not some woman in his dreams. Well... an Angel's hands and if he lets himself really run with it there is a lot of possibilities in that alone.

He can feel the heat rising a little and if he had a shirt with a collar it would be hot. He swallows raggedly, realizing his mouth has gone a little dry at the anticipation.

I mean... unless you, ya know, want to.

[Practice makes perfect right?]
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[ want to is a loaded phrase.. because with no real libido to speak of it's hard to say that he wants to, per se.

but dean is his best friend, his confidante, his brother in arms, and there is nothing that castiel would not sacrifice for him. and in simpler circumstances, castiel is generally speaking happy to make dean happy. and dean sure does love sex, and castiel sure isn't bothered by it, so the answer to this equation is quite obvious, he thinks. isn't it?

of course dean is likely to be petulant and resistant, because his masculinity is senselessly fragile, and humans have somehow come to this bizarre conclusion that same sex coupling is a bad thing. but castiel knows that look, that shine dean gets in his eyes when he's curious about something but too reluctant to grasp it, in need of a push. so castiel will push. and if dean decides, really decides, that it's too much, he'll stop, and that will be the end of that, and they will both go on with their days. ]

I wouldn't mind.

[ his hand is already snaking beneath the pillow and over the towel, bunching it in his fingers to guide it away. ]
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Go right ahead then.

[Dean swallows once more when he feels the hand gingerly slip in to grip the towel over him. He'll set the pillow aside as the fabric is bunched up and pulled away from his waist to expose him. He leans back slightly, putting his hands behind him to rest back on them. His chest is rising and falling with the tiniest of trembles, aroused and eager to see what happens. The anticipation curls warm and hot in his loins, causing his blood to run thick and breaths to rasp.]
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[ dean certainly isn't shy - but that's for the best, really, because castiel isn't particularly shy either, not with dean, and not about this.

but he still watches dean's face carefully for any signs of discomfort, any signal that he might back down once castiel's hand touches his hipbone, pausing only momentarily before reaching deeper, his palm ghosting over the underside of dean's cock before he closes his fingers around it, loose and easy, pulling in one long stroke from root to tip. it's not so difficult, really, and castiel is a fast learner.

his blue eyes are fixed still on dean's profile, hooded and watchful. ]
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[Deans eyes close and brow furrows the moment Castiel's palm finds his arousal. His breath catches and hitches, head tilting back ever-so-slightly as those deft fingers stroke from base to tip. He'll release his breath with a shuddered sigh. The hunter gently worries his bottom lip as Cas works him.]

You can...use your mouth. If you want to try... just watch the teeth. [His words are rough and breathless with his pleasure.]
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[ not really the most romantic way to go about asking for a blowjob, dean; thankfully this is castiel, who knows little enough about it anyway, and is generally eager to please as far as dean is concerned.

still, he hesitates for a moment, because that's not something he'd.. tried, and he's worried that he'll fumble, ruin any attempt to make this good for dean, but in the end he supposes it can't really be all that difficult. and dean is responsive, seems easy to please, so he'll simply have to hope for the best.

the sheets rustle as castiel moves, one hand braced against dean's thigh as he slides off the bed and onto the floor, where it'll be easier and less awkward and uncomfortable than leaning to the side. and his blue eyes flick up toward dean's face briefly before he summons his courage and dips his head to press his mouth tentatively, experimentally to dean's tip. ]

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none at all

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My turn to apologize

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[Gabriel didn't sleep with you, Castiel. He's just not above mentally scarring his little brother and this is the perfect opportunity. It just takes a little waiting, making sure to wait until the other was in a trance to set the scene up. Mainly it just involved sneaking into the bed and looking extremely smug, waiting for Castiel to snap the hell out of it and look in his direction. Things recently had been too quiet and considering the whole debacle where he'd been shanked by Lucifer....well, someone had to be tormented slash teased and Castiel had drawn the short straw. There is no explanation as to why Gabriel is even around and the archangel is pretty sure he's not even meant to know.

Why bother with the details when he can just go with the flow?]
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[ let no one ever say that big brothers are anything but the absolute worst. because they are. the worst. literally.

castiel rises from his meditation composed, and at peace. the metaphorical birds are chirping and metaphorical fauns are playing flutes while the warm morning sunshine filters through the nice metaphorical window in his mind.

.. and then there's gabriel, smug and flung out across the bed, looking incredibly proud of himself, as usual. not metaphoric. actually there, solid, and real, and castiel's blue eyes snap wide and his spine straightens taut. look, this is about as much surprise as you'll ever get out of the guy. ]

You're --
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Awesome, I know, you don't need to tell me twice.

[Big brothers were created with the sole purpose for tormenting their younger siblings. Gabriel will torment all of his just as his older brothers torment him. Though probably with less pain and more traumatizing hilarity. It just so happens that out of the entire world, Gabriel has decided that today is "winding Castiel up" day. Also known as any day of the week that ends in a Y.

For now the archangel continues to lounge, but now there's a hint of a frown on his face as if he's puzzling something over.]

Wait, you gonna tell me that you've already forgotten our night together? Are you really about to try and kill my pride just like that? Harsh.
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[ why gabriel, why always castiel. just because he's incredibly deadpan and far too serious for his own good doesn't mean there aren't better targets!

.. all right, there probably aren't. but that's beside the point!!

he's taking this incredibly seriously you know, i hope you're happy. ]

What are you talking about? I didn't forget anything. I've been here alone.