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the picture prompt meme.

the picture prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
  • reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
  • link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
  • be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. that's kind of the point.

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    ( one. two. three. four. )
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    [ Chris is, surprisingly, her first choice for companionship when she begins to believe she needs an escape — from pretending to be normal, unaffected and unharmed by the horrors they had faced. Sam is too supportive for her to stomach; Mike relies on the quips he claims to be comedic relief to comfort her, even if she's started to suspect it's his own manner of coping, when she dares to breach the topic of her night terrors. Emily is simply out of the question, a bridge Jess doesn't bother attempting to repair. Chris isn't her closest friend and never has been — that much she doesn't doubt or dispute — but he doesn't poke and prod at wounds that have barely healed, doesn't study her like she's prepared to crumble, or even come to her with questions regarding her own sanity when she tosses and turns in her bed.

    Maybe that's the miracle of it; he isn't aware of what she suffers, even if she's certain he isn't so cruel as to not care. But his presence is a refreshing pace, a breath of fresh air, that leaves her cheeks hurting in laughter rather than her head aching with the memories of what she would rather forget.

    A cabin far from any city in California isn't the brightest idea she's ever invented, but it's quiet, not so secluded she expects a serial murderer to leap from beneath the beds and surprise either of them. The sun still shines through the trees when she tugs him along with her; she isn't so foolish as to find herself lost in the forest once the moon takes its place in the sky, but exploring is her own approach to moving forward from a trip none of them have any desire to remember. ]

    C'mon, Magic Mike. [ The nickname has stuck, natural on her tongue now, as she speaks it with little shame. His embarrassment has been the beginning of their own bonding experience and Jess' continued streak of teasing, but it's more akin to a demand now as she tugs him by the arm and toward the small path luring them toward a lake she doesn't doubt is freezing. ] There'll be no asses harmed in the making of this trip, I promise.
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    [ The last thing Chris expects is Jess asking him - or, maybe more accurately, enlisting him - to accompany her on a mini trip into a lonely forest to find a lake he's never even heard of. It's not like he's especially athletic or well-versed in the boy scout handbook like he guesses Mike is, and it's not like he's Jess's boyfriend, which he knows Mike is. So, yes, he's surprised and a little confused when the topic is first raised, but once he has time to think about it, packing up a bag and layering himself in his usual sweaters and jackets, it starts to make some sort of sense. It's no secret that they've all felt distinctly off - which is putting it very, very lightly - since Blackwood, even if no one wants to talk about it, and being stuck in the misshapen mold of their old lives is almost suffocating. Like putting on old clothes that just don't fit anymore, tight in some places while loose in others, reminding Chris just how much has changed.

    He's not sure how to handle this unfamiliar place he and Ashley's relationship has moved into, and he still can't stop thinking about Josh, getting queasy and shaky whenever he remembers the fact that they don't know where his best friend even is or what might have happened to him, and so he realizes pretty quickly that this whole idea of getting away is definitely not a bad one. It'll be something different with someone kind of different and that's weirdly comforting.

    So far, it's been good. Bad jokes are his safe haven and Jess has been encouragingly responsive to all of them. They've been trudging along for some time now without any sight of a lake or a cabin, but Jess seems confident in her directional skills and Chris doesn't figure it's worth questioning. He's found that her cockiness is usually justified.

    That's reassuring, thanks. [ He has begrudgingly accepted the nickname, if only because he feels like no one should have had to look at those horrible pictures. Though, maybe it's also in part because he feels like it's this admittedly dumb thing that connects them, an inside joke that makes things feel more comfortable despite the embarrassing circumstances it was born from. ] I'm all healed up now, by the way. But hey, my dignity could definitely use a little more bruising so just keep bringing it up, alright?

    [ Sarcasm is a safe haven, too. ]

    So, be straight with me. Are we ever going to get there? Or was this just a ploy to make me exercise?
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    [ His bruises may have healed, but her own continue to fester. Sometimes, she thinks she can still spy them on her skin, counting the many scrapes and scratches she'd acquired — but none can quite compare to the mark it's made on her own spirit, dampening an otherwise bubbly attitude. There's no hope of returning from their adventure without bearing the weight of what they had witnessed and endured; psychology isn't her forte, but Jess can see the shifts in personality, the changes that open her eyes to the truth — they've all changed by force, butterflies wrapped within a cocoon and expected to emerge bright and beautiful. She doesn't feel it, truthfully; she doesn't feel much like herself most days, looking at the world and the people around her with a new perspective.

    Even her relationships are a reflection of another Jess, a girl she isn't so acquainted with anymore, but one she hasn't forgotten. Chris is distinctly not her boyfriend, a realisation that shouldn't bring relief, but their moment of respite is just that — a break from pretending she's fixed, healed, still the same woman she had been. Too much has changed; even Mike must notice as much, but she doesn't dare comment on her own relationship and the strain on it — doesn't question Chris' own and especially Emily's. With Chris, it's easier, a sanctuary away from piecing herself back together in all aspects where she can laugh freely without forcing it from her mouth. ]

    Whatever you say, Chris. Your wish is my command. [ The sarcasm is blatant in his voice, but she purposefully interprets him how she pleases, taking him at face value with a smile that can only be described as smug. She pauses, but it's a mere moment to glance at his backside, before she returns to him with a pointed look. ] If you're going to be sending any more pictures, we need to get your ass in shape. Maybe it's a little bit of both.

    [ Clearly Jess is her number one fan with the way in which she grins, pleased with herself, and pulls him along when the little trail forks in two without waiting for a reply. ]
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    Maybe I don't wanna... be.. in shape. [ It's a sad little statement mostly mumbled as she tugs him along. She has a knack for making sure she gets the last word, cutting him off before he can formulate a witty response. He's used to Ashley letting him be as goofy as he possibly can with only mild complaining about what a total dweeb he is. His philosophy with Jess is mostly just be difficult whenever she teases him, which is often. That, at least, is easy. Seeing her grin like that is a relief.

    Everything else is hard. Every experience and place and person that Chris encounters after the ordeal feels like something new, something he has to relearn with a brain that has been rewired, and so anything reminiscent of what has suddenly become his "old life" fills him up with a mess of mixed emotions. He's not sure if the text Sam sent him the day before they all went to the lodge (to say she'd see him there) makes him angry or sad. And there's one of Ash's hats in Chris' room that he doesn't want to give back because it's come to mean so much more to him than it did before. It's ridiculous, but even this stupid ordeal with his wounded ass is complicated, because it was Josh's idea that Chris spin around that pole in the first place and in the time it's taken for the bruises to heal, Josh has gone and disappeared. There one week and gone the next. But Chris doesn't want to ruin Jess' fun. He wants them to laugh and tease each other and forget for a while. Somehow, it's easier to be genuine with her; the pressure of putting on a brave face doesn't exist here.

    I don't have any belfie plans for the near-future, anyway. You have to keep people guessing about what's underneath. [ He catches up to her and smiles in a mock-suggestive way; honestly, he doesn't really know how to look truly suggestive. No practice.

    He doesn't question her choice as she leads them further down the path, delving deeper and deeper into the never-ending sea of tall, skinny trees. She seems sure of herself and that means one less thing for him to worry about. He does, however, see a chance to tease her and takes it. He figures that's his job on this trip.

    Since when did you become a park ranger?
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    Since when did you become a stripper, Chris?

    [ The quip she counters with is automatic, like it had been waiting to roll off of her tongue before he had even spoken a sentence. If she were less aware of herself and their surroundings, of who she's stolen away to distract her, she knows it would be accompanied by a defensive edge. Teasing is easier, allows her to evade answering truthfully — to confess she's more attuned to her environment than she's ever been, especially when she stumbles through tall trees looming intimidatingly over her. With the crunch of the snow beneath her boots and the shadows casting themselves over her from the trunks, it feels too similar to the lodge, but she knows this land like the back of her hand — or at least as well as any map in her mind, having looked it over again and again to ensure she wouldn't run into any creatures going bump in the night.

    Averting her eyes from the path ahead of them is a difficult feat, but she succeeds. If they were to return, she knows she would be searching for something that isn't there, tense and strained by the reminder. Whisking Chris along on her adventures is an attempt to be normal. Jess doesn't intend to ruin it by proving how paranoid she is, how she jumps at nearly every silhouette she sees, how she refuses to sometimes even near the window if the moon is in the sky. For the moment, she sees only the sunset, moving toward where it sets on the horizon and the glimmer of a lake she can spy through the trees. ]

    Look. [ She nudges him with her shoulder, likely a bit too powerfully, before her fingers raise to point toward it. ] I even found you a practice arena for your belfies. Really sets the stage.
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    [ He looks at her side-long, brow low and frown forced in an attempt to keep the smirk that threatens at bay. He's supposed to be staring her down, but it's not exactly easy. All her retorts are on point, surprisingly - not because they aren't usually, but because Chris thought that things might be... different now, that Jess might have been changed.

    Actually, there's no doubt that she has. They all have. But some things stay the same. It's comforting.


    [ He won't press the issue. He's only likely to get burned, and besides, he's reassured when she points out the lake. It's not far off, catching the setting sun's light. Patches of it are frozen, which one can only expect in this weather, but some water, untouched by the temperature, shivers with the breeze. So, they're almost there. Though, Chris isn't really sure what happens once they get here. Definitely not belfies. He just hopes the cabin is warm.

    He rubs at his shoulder as if he's been deeply hurt, then nudges back, unwilling to let her get the better of him too often.

    I'd rather not disturb all the nature. Could be baby animals in the audience. [ Maybe he could do something that requires a little more testosterone than snapping provocative pics of his behind, like fishing or splitting logs, but they didn't pack for either activity. He's got his own duffle, which is supplied only with clothes, food, and sleeping necessities, and her bag, slung over his shoulder, which probably contains similar items. They're prepared for laid-back adventure, not the kind that requires work to survive. They've had enough of that for a lifetime or two. ]
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    I'm a park ranger now. Plenty of experience coddling baby animals traumatized by skinny dippers and bruised asses.

    [ Not that she truly intends to push him into the freezing lake, but it's a tempting thought that strikes her. The instinct is there — an urge that belongs to the Jess she had been, freer with her actions than she is now, as though she has an invisible set of shackles restraining her from the ordinary activities she had once enjoyed. Mike might forgive her for it if she were to return to that girl, soaking his entire attire until he's shivering, but Chris isn't Mike. The only similarities she's able to see when she glances toward him are the easy grin, as though little leaves him uneasy, when she knows neither man is truly as composed as their quips make them appear.

    Given the challenges and dares she's offered to their friends haven't been quite a success, maybe she should refrain. Maybe, but Jess is stomping toward the lake with her fingers wrapped gently around Chris' wrist before she allows herself another opportunity to swallow and refuse to move from where her feet leave marks in the light sprinkling of snow around them. ]

    You're no fun. [ She sighs it out, almost theatrically, as they near the lake's edge. She moves around the outskirts of it, narrowing her eyes against the shine of the sun against the ice, but Chris won't so easily escape her attention when she tilts her head toward him with a look of innocence that doesn't quite suit Jess. ] Not a fan of the polar bear plunge?
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    [ The image of Jess rocking a teary-eyed squirrel in the cradle of her arms pops into his head and it's-- well, it's pretty amazing. Worthy of a Disney short or, at the very least, a newspaper comic strip. He's too distracted by it to deny her from dragging him closer to the lake, but even if he wasn't, he probably wouldn't. Her grip is careful, not meant to be demanding or challenging. It feels more like a reassurance, maybe for both her and him. ]

    Skinny dipping? I didn't know that was part of the equation. [ He follows after her, picturing just how badly that could go down. When she lets him go, he tucks his hands in the pockets of his parka, and watches her survey the lake's surface, the green-blue water that must be absolutely freezing, that would probably be absolutely freezing without all the added ice.

    Her innocent look is highly suspect, and he rebuffs it with an easy smile and a matching shrug. He's not going to be coerced into stripping down and diving in, fluttering eye-lashes or no.

    Hey, I'm lots of fun. Freezing to death just isn't on my list of fun activities. Maybe we have different definitions. [ Maybe she's looking to put her coddling abilities to the test. He'd probably be as useless as a baby animal if he decided to go swimming in that thing. ]

    You're welcome to give it a try if you want. [ Though, that's probably also a very bad idea. Does he know anything about hypothermia? Basically, no. And he doesn't want to. He wears five layers of clothing for good reasons. ]