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the only way to spend fall break

the DRUNK meme
this show is gr8

1. Drinking Games:
You're at that special level of drunkenness where previously unimagined things start to sound like a good idea. You know, like another drink. It's cool, I know this great game that will inevitably end with everyone involved being totally wasted. You play until... shit, what were the rules again?

2. Unsolicited Advice: Oh man, you suddenly know the solutions to all of life's mysteries. All it took to figure it all out was half a pint of whiskey! It's time to tell all your friends how to fix the problems with their personal lives, whether they want you to or not.

3. Drunk Texting: Frankly, you can't IMAGINE why anyone wouldn't want to hear about how drunk you are right now. If only you could remember where the vowels are on this tiny keyboard. Drawing inspiration from TFLN is encouraged.

4. Tell Them How You Really Feel: You lost some of your less important inhibitions three or four drinks ago, and it's time to tell it how it is! Hunt down the person you love, or possibly the person you hate, or even just the person you don't literally just met, and bare your heart to them in a way that you'll almost definitely regret tomorrow morning.

5. Karaoke: Shot through the heart, and you're to blame! You give love... a bad... something...

6. Terrible Ideas: This is going to be so awesome, guys. I've got the skateboard, and I'm handcuffed to Steve... is the camera rolling? And who's lighting the fireworks?

7. Flirting: While all that booze may not have enhanced your charm, it certainly did wonders for your ego! Time to find all the hottest dudes and/or chicks in this place and make them swoon before your gin-powered charisma.

8. On the Streets: What better way to follow up a good bar run than by drunkenly wandering the streets in the middle of the night? There may be loud, embarrassing singing. There may be puking in the gutter. You may be completely lost, and not sure why that police officer is speaking Italian.

9. The Next Day: All that you took with you from last night's adventures was a blur of jumbled, confusing memories, a lampshade with googly eyes drawn on it taped to your head, and a brutal hangover. What exactly happened here? And who's that sleeping next to you?

Leave your top level blank or add in some brief starters/preferences for extra fun!
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Dean Winchester | Supernatural | OTA - M/M shipping

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[ in need of a divine babysitter, deano? ]
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woo! let's start with 1, though knowing dean i imagine we'll end up with a lot of these prompts lma

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Dean, I don't think this is a good idea.

[ after all, trying to drink an angel under the table is really just asking for punishment. but dean will be dean, and trying to talk him out of anything is an exercise in futility. castiel would have an easier time digging his teeth out with a spoon.

so he sighs, and drops his eyes to the tray of vodka shots neatly lined up on the grimy table between them, the look on his face clearly reading 'you poor bastard'. but when it comes down to brass tacks he's an enormous pushover, so he's relenting, and lifting away one of the shotglasses. ]

You're going to regret this.
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yeah lbr here Dean is a saga in drunkenness

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[Dean knew that there was a way of drinking Castiel under the table and apparently vodka was his chosen method for the night. There was no logical light being shone in the hunter's thoughts tonight, instead there would be drunken annihilation that the angel would have to put up with.]

Yeah Cas well y'don't exactly think of anythin' as a good idea. 'Specially if its somethin' fun.

[He grins though, eyes sparkling with mirth as he lifts the first of many shots.] To regret! [And down the hatch it goes, burning all the way.]
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[ castiel is all too aware of what he's going to have to endure once dean here has copiously imbibed himself into oblivion, but that's a cross he's willing to bear, he supposes. truth be told he hardly has much of a choice, anyway - trying to talk dean down from something like this is absolutely pointless.

so instead he watches, in pity, as dean knocks back his first shot. regret indeed. castiel follows up after, taking the shot with ease, and then the second, without so much as flinching.

it's going to be a long night. ]
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[He grins after the shot, staring intently at Castiel. There's the hint of challenge there alongside a playfulness that hasn't been on Dean's features in a long time.]

Get that look off your face Cas', the whole point of this is havin' a little fun not gettin' your panties up your ass.

[And he reaches for another shot.]
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But I don't wear --

[ wait.

this is castiel narrowing his eyes, because he's on to you, dean winchester, and you know very well that he doesn't wear panties. isn't that your schtick? he clears his throat, lifts another shotglass, and says, deadpan:]

I am having fun.
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[His eyes sparkle with amusement when Cas recognizes that it was a turn of phrase, rather than an actual insinuation against the other man's under garments.]

Well then how 'bout you try an' look like it, huh? [And there's another vodka down his throat.]
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Do I not look like it?

[ sorry dean, he's rather bad at this. an angel's idea of a good time is vastly different from a human's. definitely different from dean's. he spins the shotglass idly for a moment, then downs it with ease. ]

My apologies, I'm just not.. I've never done something like this. Not before you.
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Have you ever seen someone tryin'a have a good time?

[Because even now Cas looked faintly like he swallowed a cactus. And he can't help but burst out laughing at those particular words.]

Ain't the first time I've heard that one, Cas.
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[ swallowed a cactus is his default state. no judging!! ]

So you're saying that you would me to.. act like you?

[ just think about that, dean. really think about it. like, picture it in your mind, and decide if that's what you really want. ]
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[His eyes light up ever so slightly. Because after all, Dean Winchester loved himself.]

That's the best idea you've had all month, Cas. Be a little more like your role model Dean. [Oh god he's such a garbage can of a man.]
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[ this is going to be a disaster. dean why are you doing this. castiel knocks back another shot for courage. ]

All right. I'll try.

[ so he sits back and squares his shoulders and manspreads across the booth, doing his very best dean winchester facial expression. you know the one, with the squared jaw and the squinty eyes and the eyebrow thing. and in his very best dean winchester impression voice: ]

Like this?
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[He begins in earnest with his expression as if he was looking forward to Castiel relaxing a little. Until, of course, the angel's face is suddenly twisted up into an expression that matches one he seems to wear all the damn time.

He reaches out with one lightning quick hand and swats Cas around the back of the head.
] Come on smart ass. Try an' act normal rather than actin' like me.
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[ i told you this was a bad idea, dean.

and okay now he's even more confused, you're really bad at this, dean. don't ever go into teaching. but castiel sits normally again (re: like he usually sits), and that was very rude you didn't have to go in with the swatting thing excuse you. ]

This is normal. For me.
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[Dean rolls his eyes, his jaw tightening in faint annoyance.]

Yeah well normal for you ain't exactly what I had in mind. Y'could at least try an' lighten up a little.
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[ this is very confusing for him, dean. because he is having fun (you know, in his cas way), he's just very.. bad at emoting. or expressing fun in any normal, humanish way. he looks around the room to see if he might learn by example, but that's just as like to be disastrous as attempting to mime dean. ]

All right. I'll try harder.
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Good. [And he reaches for another shot and downs it.]

Now, aside from gettin' drunk, anythin' else y'wanna do on our guys night out?
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[ right, he'll follow suit with another of his own. ]

Um. [ a little puzzled, here. ] I have no idea. What do people typically do for a.. Guys Night Out?

[ yes, you can hear those capital letters. ]
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[He tilts his head to the side in confusion, so maybe he didn't even know himself what the hell one did on one of these guys nights out.] Uh... get drunk, talk shit, shoot some pool? [Don't ask him he's just gonna put himself into a coma.]
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[ so they're both.. pretty bad at this, yeah. ]

I don't know how to shoot the pool. But I can attempt to get drunk. We'll need much more than this, though.

[ so he'll knock back three more shots with ease, to get it started. ]
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[Agreeably so. Then again when were a Winchester and an Angel going to be described as being good at anything pertaining to sociability. He laughs slightly though, when Cas comes out with that particular mistake.]

Y'just kinda aim the gun an' go for it, Cas. [He grins, playing it off as normal.]

If you're gonan need more then we're really gonna need to dupe some people into playin' pool.
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[ you have fun with that, castiel doesn't know the first thing about pool, he wouldn't be able to hustle a ten year old girl. ]

If you say so, Dean.

[ go ahead, dean, go get them money, castiel will babysit/drink all of this alcohol. ]
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[He glances at that go do it expression and shakes his head slowly before reaching up and messing his hair, adopting an expression of a true drunkard and taking another shot of vodka.

He stands, intentionally bumping the table before heading over to the pool tables. This shouldn't take him long, after all, and Castiel could have fun watching him do so.

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LOL apparently

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