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2 - omg, couldn't help it. not even sorry.

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Change 'might be' to 'am' and you'll get a gold star.

So very drunk.
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what are you, a brethali



what are you, my mom!?
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I can practically smell the alcohol through the phone.

[ Jessica in any state of inebriation is entertaining. She's going to save this conversation and read her excerpts all through the inevitable hangover.

It's a slow weekend, she's gotta get her thrills where she can.

Also, I'm too young to be a mother.
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shut up oh my god

you are way too sober to talk to me rn
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The lot of a designated driver. Also, need I remind you that you're the one that texted me and said we should rub our lady parts against each other?
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well like realistictically

not saying we should but

if u HAD to pick lady parts to rub with....
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I rate higher than Sam in this scenario. I'm flattered.

How many shots have you downed?
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betchu cant guess

i'll give u a hint, its def a number
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The answer is "too many". Way, way too many.
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of 2

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excuse u i drank just enough
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for everyone put together oh god
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[video attachment 2MB: silent judgement]
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You're going to hate yourself in the morning.

You got a ride or are you propositioning me because you need a ride and your brain thinks this is a porno.
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this isn't a porno??
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There's a distinct lack of cheesy 70s music and horrible dialog so...