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richard campbell gansey iii | the raven cycle

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On the other hand, this could be a new level of shame for me.
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thought you mastered that skill already
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The skill of shame? I don't consider that a worthwhile skill to master.
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so what happened?
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What happened?
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I think I'd prefer not to answer that. You can rest assured that it was decidedly shameful.
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It's probably not as big of a deal as you're making it out to be.
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that's saying something considering your lifelong love affair with glendower
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I don't find anything shameful about a man shrouded by mysticism and survived by his legend.

Cuddling a pet raven, perhaps, but not Glendower.
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that's kind of the point

[ but they love him anyway. not that ronan would say/text that. ]

you got a problem with chainsaw?
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[[ooc: character is Agatha, from The School of Good and Evil. There's similar shades to Blue. You don't have to reply, but I thought it might be interesting to try?]]

New level of shame suggests you haven't dropped pretty far already. Need I remind you of the accidentally making a poor girl into a prostitute by not thinking your words through?
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That was a misunderstanding!
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Misunderstanding or not, did you ever apologise for likely embarrassing her? Trust me on this one; generally not the type of thing a teenage girl wants to be 'mistaken' to be
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Always thought shame was sort of a foreign concept for you.