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The Caving Adventure Meme

The Caving Adventure Meme

There are a whole lot of things about caves that can be scary, even for an experienced explorer. Caving is not the most dangerous sport out there but there are still inherent risks, from falls to drowning to hypothermia to bad air, or even just getting trapped or lost. The potential adventures are limitless.

This is a meme and so you don't have to be accurate by any means, but for those unfamiliar with caving and who want to know more can visit this site, which gives an overview of some basic information that might answer questions or give you ideas! There are also several RNG options to get you started, or you can set up your own scenario from scratch.


1. Exploring - You went into this cave knowingly, for fun or sport or even as a quest. Presumably you planned for this, and have the equipment you need.

2. Unintentionally - You didn't mean to be here; you may have fallen through a sinkhole, or even found yourself in the cave suddenly with no memory of how you got there. You're stuck now, though, so hopefully you have some supplies on hand that you can use to get out.

3. Wildcard - Make up whatever you like!

Cave type

1. Dry cave - The name might be a little deceptive as most caves are wet and muddy and grimy to some degree, but the majority of these caves are unsubmerged rock. There might be a few ponds and a small river at the very lowest level of the cave, but water isn't a big issue to contend with.

2. Wet cave - These caves are almost entirely swimming or wading, and some are completely flooded and require diving gear. There are some dry rooms, but they're few and far between. Better be careful with your air tanks!

3. Dry/Wet cave - A combo of both extremes, part of these caves are dry but some rooms are flooded or only accessible by swimming. Neither type of terrain is dominant.

4. Ice cave - These caves are found at the ends of the earth, made by changes in the temperature within glaciers and icebergs. They're beautiful but incredibly unstable, and collapse is a huge threat.

5. Wildcard - There are some rarer types of caves like lava caves, and magic or other worlds could create many more options than listed. Let your imagination decide!


1. Monsters - Whether they're The Descent's crawlers, The Cave's demons, giant lampreys, or anything else, there are creatures in this cave that there shouldn't be. Sometimes there's even more than one kind of monster; caves are big places.

2. Cave-in - Your way in--or way out--has been blocked off by a cave-in. Better find another path out, if it exists.

3. Lights out - Your lights, be they flashlights, lamps, torches, or glowsticks, have failed. You're in the dark. Better find a new way to see, or hope your other senses are enough to get you safely home.

4. Injuries - Someone in your party is hurt, and that makes getting out of a cave more than a little difficult. Hopefully whoever is injured has friends they can rely on to help them.

5. Broken equipment - You need to scale a wall, but your rope snapped. You have to dive, but one of your air tanks is leaking. Time to learn to improvise!

6. Wildcard - Anything else that could go wrong can go wrong, and sometimes multiple things happen at once. Pick and choose whatever you like, combine options, or make up new ones!