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Time for another Combo Breaker


Well, it's more like a list than a wheel, but yeah.

You know, some days you just can't find a meme to save your life. You don't want to think of a scenario for your meme, but you don't like any of the ones that are up right now either! Or maybe you just want the random shenanigans that are involved with a single roll of the di -- er, random number generator.

This meme is different. Or rather, it's the same, but all together at once.

It's pretty simple, really. The following list was compiled by the charming players at the currently defunct Planeocracy RP. You can approach it one of two ways:

1.) Post with your character and canon, along with any restrictions you might have.

2.) Post the SCENARIO in your header line and let any interested parties join you.

Note that you do not actually HAVE to roll for this; if you see a scenario you like on the list, go for it. That said, if you DON'T see a scenario you want, we can change that for the next time this meme goes up! Just put 1-5 ideas of your own down in your post and, assuming they're not redundant, we'll add them to the list for next time. Note that if you have an NC-17 prompt, you are HIGHLY suggested to label it as such, since not everybody wants that sorta stuff and might wanna reroll. Which is also an option, by the way.

Have fun!
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{ooc: care for a spin with another hellish beasty?}
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[[ooc: Of course. Do you have an idea for an scenario?]]