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The Sexy Romantic Date Meme!

Post with your character's name, fandom and pairing preferences in the subject line. Feel free to leave the comment blank, include a list of options you don't want, or maybe place some kinks you're interested in trying and see if anyone bites!

Go to RNG and roll to see what you and your lucky-duck date are up to. Or pick whichever sounds the best to you!

Comment around and spread the looooove.

For all of you that prefer to use this for fluff, cutesy CR, or the old 'how'd I end up on a blind date with the likes of you' scenario, feel free to use the tamer options and mold them to your liking.

Have fun and be excellent to each other.

Also, don't forget to sneak in some cuddles afterwards, boys and girls!

Orignal meme borrowed from here.

1.) Drinks at the Bar – An old classic. You’ve gotten dressed in your favorite heels or your most suave ensemble, and are determined to make some memories over a few glasses of your favorite poison. But be careful you’re not staring into your date’s eyes too much to ignore how much you’re really drinking. If you get too drunk, you might not make it back to your Hotel room.

2.) Picnic – Some sandwiches, a decadent dessert, and a bottle of your favorite wine, all placed in a wicker basket and sitting beside you and your date on a gingham blanket. And in the middle of spring, no doubt. The flowers are begging to be picked and woven into someone’s hair, and the crisp, clean lake might provide a chance to skinny-dip. Or, maybe you did something naughty and snuck some extra aphrodisiacs into the potato salad. Make this picnic the best you can.

3.) Cooking for Your Love – The Love Hotel offers some of the finest eateries for you to enjoy. However, you know your cooking skills make the chefs in those restaurants look like they can’t even cook a peanut butter sandwich. Hellbent on making the dinner perfect, you pull out all the stops, and maybe wish to serve it in a cute little maid outfit… or perhaps off your own body. And need I say more when I mention ‘naked aprons’?

4.) Dinner Out – Fondue, buffets, and more. Nothing beats an expensive dinner out, especially with how swanky you’re looking. But… is your date really this content with spending so much money on a third dessert for you, or are they purposely trying to get you fat? Hope force-feeding is your game!

5.) Out to the Movies – Maybe you caught a lucky break and your date agreed to see that romantic comedy you’ve been craving to see. Or maybe you needed a good excuse to binge on soda and popcorn. Your hand is closing in to grasp your date’s, but because you were an idiot who was too busy caught up in Michael Bay explosions, you get a handful of something else. Then again, not always the worst thing, if you don’t make it awkward and just go with it.

6.) Game Night – Twister, strip-poker, or even a sexy version of Clue. It’s time to break out the cards and board games for some friendly competition. Just try not to make bets that you’re not entirely sure you’ll win!

7.) Concert – A guitar solo is blasting in your ears, and the mosh pit got you a bit more pumped up than you had bargained on. Nothing grittier than doing it in an alleyway outside the venue, or in the bathroom.

8.) Under the Stars – Possibly the most romantic thing you’ve done in your life. You and your beloved, lying under the stars, lying on a blanket or the cool grass. If you’re looking to confess your feelings, buddy, now might be the perfect moment.

9.) Lingerie Shopping – Granny panties are out and bustiers and thongs are in! However, you’re going to need a shopping trip to restock your wardrobe. Why not bring a date?

10.) Live-Action Roleplay? – Admit it. You wouldn’t mind it if your special someone dressed up in black spandex like Catwoman, or if your man hid behind a mask. Hey, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up. Just clean up after yourselves in the dressing room once you’re done. Cosplay fans, this is for you.

11.) Body Painting – You don’t need a canvas to have a little fun with some paint. Or maybe you do have canvases lining the floors and walls, and your bodies are the brush. Plenty of naked fun here, even if it is a little slippery.

12.) Take-Home Spa – You have to be one of the sweetest dates ever. Instead of taking your date to the spa, you decide to set one up in your own room! Trade places giving massages, take them next door to the pool room where the sauna and jacuzzi await, or maybe pay some due worship to your partner’s hands and feet. All you need to do is make sure your partner is fully relaxed, and all of the knots are worked out.

13.) Snowstorm – You expected a few inches, and maybe some gentle trickling of snow while you build forts and snowmen, but now you have a full-on blizzard. To make matters worse, now even the heating system is down. Looks like some hot chocolate, a few blankets, and a fireplace will have to do.

14.) Toy Store! – Need to add some spice to the bedroom? Well, the Hotel does offer its guests the ability to try out a few new devices before taking them home. Now the real question is whether to go with the bondage swing, or the ball gag. Maybe both!

15.) In Bed With a Book – Nothing like cuddling in bed for storytime. This is a bit different though. Whatever book you’re reading, it’s nothing for the faint of heart, and definitely not safe for work. Perhaps it’s even embarrassing your significant other. Maybe you want to play out a scene in the book, and have everything you need to make it come to life. Or maybe, you want to see how long your partner can read before you tease them into sweet oblivion.

16.) Blanket Fort! – One of the cutesier options! Every chair, blanket, couch, and surface in your room has been transformed into a fluffy fortress. Just be careful that holding down the fort doesn’t result in tearing it down.

17.) Bubble Bath – First you got down and dirty, and now it’s time to get squeaky clean. Too bad your partner’s too busy playing with that rubber ducky to see you go for the showerhead.

18.) Prom/Dance Date – Semiformals, masquerades, and proms! You’re going to need a dance partner, and the music is getting slower and softer. Or maybe you’re not a fan of ballads and choose to turn the night of dancing into a game of ‘how much can we get away with with my skirt hiked up.’

19.) Wild Card - We’ve covered quite a few date ideas, but perhaps you want to go for something completely out there, or even extra romantic. Go ahead and weave your own web!
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