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The IC Fan Mail Questions

The IC Fan Mail Questions

We all know how fans can be about their questions when it comes to their favorite people, right?

That's the main idea here. Your character now has an e-mail that other characters can use to send your character their questions. The questions can be anything; personal ("What's your favorite food?"), even more personal ("Who are you dating again?") or just out of left field ("Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?").

Now it's your character's chance to know a little bit more about that other character that they know, want to know or are close to. Don't miss it!

The Rules:

1; Comment with your character's name and series on the subject line.

2; Other characters will reply to yours by sending them an e-mail with their question.

3; Reply to the question in a way you think your character would (even if it means not answering the question directly, if you don't think they would want to).

4; The e-mails can continue with more and more questions, as many as both characters are willing to answer.

5; Be good to each other! Use this opportunity to think about things and little details of your character that you had never thought about before! It can be great for character development, so help each other out.

6; Profit!
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Sakura Kinomoto | Cardcaptor Sakura

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[Likely to be a very slow typer, but she will reply as much as she can. Also: more than likely has a parental filter set up so... yeah.]
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lol of course

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How can you possibly look any cuter? You should make more fashion videos!
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Oh Tomoyo-chan... [She's embarrassed, and laughing] I only look cute because of your hard work!