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minor injury meme.

You or your meme partner has been hurt, but don't worry! This time around it's not that bad. You can still limp your way out of this mess.

1. Sprain/strain. How did you screw up walking?
2. Broken bones. Simple fractures still hurt.
3. Cuts. Hopefully one of you has a sewing kit.
4. Burns. Location, location, location. Let's pray this one isn't on your ass.
5. Concussion. No, they're most likely not holding up fifteen fingers.
6. Other. I'm not a doctor.

1. Stupidity. You did this to yourself.
2. Accident. Is an unintentional attack still an attack?
3. Attack. Don't lie, you deserved it.
4. Other. It's probably still your own fault.

1. Home. Did you remember to invest in a first aid kit?
2. School/Work. This should be excellent for getting you out of doing stuff!
3. Outdoors. Predators like the smell of blood. Clean up asap.
4. In the water. Hopefully there aren't any sharks!
5. Other. Like a hospital. That'd be handy.
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[ooc: might I offer a mute empath that can heal other people? Not sure what kind of injury you would want, you pick]
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Erik only just escaped with his life from the angry mob, falling into the water and swimming as far as his weary limbs could carry him. He wasn't going to make it far, he knew, but willpower was an incredible thing as he barely managed to surface, the waters turning red around him as he sputtered for breath around his mask. He was practically blind in the eye on his good side, his mask barely a solid piece and sliding down his naturally mangled appearance. His hands stung from fending off the improvised weapons, which made floating that much harder.

As tired as he was, he refused to give up, determined to survive out of sheer spite. Eventually his water-logged shoes touched sand and he dragged himself half out of the water, rolling onto his side as his vision faded from exhaustion and blood-loss.
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She looks out of place down here. Her softly purple dress catching the light of the moon in the dark. She doesn't seem to make any sound, even when she walks slowly over to the darkly dressed prone figure.

At first, its out of curiosity. But as she draws near, she can see and smell the blood pooling slowly from under the man. Gem puts a hand to cover her mouth, showing plainly she thinks how awful for him to be here so hurt.

Kneeling down next to him, her hands clasped to her heart with anxiety of him being dead. He does not move. She reaches slowly, her hand ghosting over the exposed side of his face.

A relieved smile. He was not gone yet.
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He's tired, though very much alive. He sputters a little water, before groaning. His senses, so used to isolation, are all the more aware when someone approaches him. Seeing as the last thing he remembers is being attacked, he naturally thinks that someone has come to finish the job. His desire to survive fills him with enough rage at his attackers to make him bolt upright, but weakened as he is, he stumbles in the soft ground with a menacing glare levered at her from behind the mask.

A quick assessment tells him she is not armed, but he has been hurt in too many ways to see her as anything less than a threat. He scoots backwards in the sand but an arm fails him and he falls prone on his back, looking up at the sky with heaving breaths.

"Heaven would send such a spirit to end me."
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She shrinks back quickly when it seems he would attack but he is too injured to do her harm right now.

It's a long moment before she approaches again. Her quiet demeanor as one approaching a wounded animal to help.

She can see he is angry, his body language is very clear on that point. Gem attempts a smile and shakes her head. No, she was not there to hurt him further.

She carefully reaches out, her hand shaking slightly at what she might find but being sure he could see what she was doing. Reaching for his gloved hand.
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He's used every last reserve of energy trying to stay alive, and now he can barely find enough to keep his eye open. His mask is titled awkwardly on his face but he can't even be bothered to fix it as part of his naturally mangled forehead is exposed.

His anger is fading, still potent but slowly becoming despair and resignation. His skilled hands are brutalized, his whole face abused, and he's covered in any array of bruises. His whole body aches and while he's so fearful of being exposed, he just wants to take off his mask so he can actually enjoy the night air for whatever breath is left within him.
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Her face mirrors his despair.

Her other hand reaches before he can protest, taking off the mask.

Gem couldn't gasp but mimed the action all the same in horror. Such a face was difficult to look at.
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He can't see her reaching for his mask, but when it moves his heart feels like it comes to a stop as his gloved hand grips hers. Stripped bare, he is an unpleasant sight to behold, and more-so now that he's been savaged.

He closes his eyes, knowing that when he only had one half of a face he was something to behold that could make grown men shy in terror, he can only imagine how he looks now. He can't stand to see anyone else shrink from him when he feels so broken already. He sets his jaw, trying to steel himself as that one functional lid opens and he glares at her with whatever defiance he can muster. He hates his own reflection more than anyone else ever could.

"Have to ogle the beast one last time?"
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She is too shocked to move for a moment or two. But despite the grotesque features, she does not feel disgust or shy away. A tear runs down her cheek as her hand ghosts over the scarred visage.

Saddened by his plight, she feels nothing but pity. And even though she is frightened easily, she wanted to help.

Gem inches forward, steeling herself. Reaching to smooth his wet hair out of his eye.
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His pulse quickens when her hand comes near, fear at even the idea of someone approaching him that way. He tilts his head away from her hand slightly, as if contact with it might spread his ugliness. He's tired and afraid in his own way, a lifetime of hiding and fighting coming to a climax as he lay helpless on a beach with someone finally perhaps showing a little honest pity.

It's such a small comfort, someone smoothing the hair out of his face. His eyes close, a tear escaping as he can't decide whether he just wants to be done with it all, or pray that he will come out of this alive. He hates pity, but he so desperately wants it, he doesn't shy from her touch this time.
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Her smile is kind but tinged with fear. Knowing what may come next. But she had to try.

Her grip tightens slightly on his exposed arm just below his gloves. A wince as her body chemistry supports his badly beaten self. A trickle of blood starting to come from her hands as his lacerations heal in stages. Transferring to her own. A bruise appearing on her unmarked face. Tears in her eyes that she cannot hold back as his insides start to knit back together.

But she never wavers, holding tight to his arm, keeping him from certain death.
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Relief. How or why he was suddenly feeling relief from his pain he couldn't explain. Perhaps he was dying, but no, he felt strength coming to his weary body and his eyes open, both of them this time. Each breath comes easier and he stares at her, seeing what could only be described as a mirror of his own pain.

"No." His voice croaks as he realizes he has the strength and reaches for her hand on his wrist, the place instinct tells him the strength is flowing from there. "No, not this monster. Please." Her pity had been enough, he had been ready at last but whatever she was doing had returned strength to him.

"Stop, please." He fumbles at her wrist and settles to reach up toward her face with his free hand, the glove in tatters but enough to cover his palm and fingers as he sets it on her cheek, trying to avoid a bruise forming there.
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She can't stop now, she's not finished. Slowly, in stages, the bruises fade, the lacerations receede...

She lets out a breath as she finishes, collapsing where she sits in exhaustion. Looking pale and weak, barely alive. It takes a lot out of her, she almost looks dead herself. But she's merely recovering.
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He feels as if he's been pulled from the precipice of death, finding an absurd sense of energy within him as he sits upright with ease when she collapses.

"Madam!" He gets to his knees in the sand, fearful that she may have given her life for him. He can feel a pulse through his gloves, but she seems so weak and fragile laying next to his impression in the sand. He's stunned as he watches her, his wounds disappear from her hands and face. His hands have not even a blemish on them now. His face is no longer in pain, but it feels the same as it has since his first memories, deformed and awkward as he forgets his mask, leaning over her but afraid to reach out.
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She is still and quiet, asleep on the sand. It will be awhile before she is strong enough to wake.

His original scars are intact, she was unable to change them. They were too old, too deep.

His mask remains on the sand between them where she dropped it earlier.
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He has no place to bring her, but he can at least get her out of the sand. Carefully, he picks her up and takes her to where the grass grows along the bank, placing her down with as much care as he can. Only once she is safely away from the waters does he retrieve his mask, looking at the battered thing. He gives it a quick rinse before putting it back on with a weary sigh.

He will sit vigil over her, as it's the least he can do. Monster he may be, he knows a life-debt when he has one, and they are such rare instances that at times like this, it may seem he has some humanity left within his soul. Occasionally he wets a clean strip of his shirt in the creek, draping it across her forehead. He doubts it does any good, but there's nothing he can really do for her with a price on his head.
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When she comes around, her eyes open slowly. Sleeping beauty awakening from her sleep of death.

The masked visage looms over her in the dark. Her hands come up gracefully to block an attack, not remembering what happened at first. Thinking this may be a stranger here to harm her.
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He thinks she fears him specifically, after having seen what was below the thing laced with cracks. He immediately leans back to give her space, scooting across the ground to let her sit up and flee from him, if she must. He shies from her, he owes her his life but he doesn't want to afflict a good soul with his proximity.
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When no attack comes, she peers through her fingers. And then lowers her hands, sitting up with the same grace and poise she seemed to live in all the time.

Oh yes, she remembered him. A contented smile on her face as she looked at him. Gem was not only unused to hiding her emotions, she wouldn't know how. Her expression is an open book for anyone to read.
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Silence. Her lack of words have not been lost on him now that she's awake and smiling. Still, she smiles at him after seeing his face, he's certain that was not a dream, and neither was the fact that he had been on death's door and yet now is no worse than he was a day ago.

"How do you feel?" Clearly she was better. Her face and hands were healed, some miracle no less incredible than the fact she had taken his injuries upon herself. He was anxious, the mob had likely had time to calm down and disperse by now, but he would not be able to travel by daylight without a disguise. Everything he had for that was still in his lair, left in his haste to escape the mob. He may yet still return to gather what he could before making a true escape, but he had to repay this debt by getting her to safety first.
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She understood tone better than words but it was easy to understand what his concerned question was. She pats her own face and arms, showing she was whole and fine.

She was glad to see he was better too. It had been touch and go for awhile there. A question appears on her face as she mimes a hand on half of her face. How did he come by such scars? Most would not be so bold to even ask.
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A mute. It's as clear to him as her mime. A rare feeling wells within him, pity for someone without a voice. His has been the root of his redemption, his determination to keep going, that to be without one brings the foreign feeling into his heart.

"Ah." Much like the daroga though, to those he owes a life debt there is a strange connection he feels to those who can bring themselves to show him a shred of humanity. It also loosens his tongue. "I was born," he mimes cradling a baby and then touches his mask with deft fingers, "with these."
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Gem looks sad again in sympathy for someone who must hide half of his face. She understands.

Tucking her feet easily under herself, she shifts to sit next to him on the bank. Her silence was not awkward, it seemed like she could speak more with a look than she could with a voice.

Pointing to the water and then to him. He came from there, how did he fall in?
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He sits with her, content in the silence for once, glad not to have the mob screaming in his ears, or his own body in pain. He struggles to accept that sympathy at face value, though he doesn't doubt her honesty.

He notices the pointing, and while he knows many languages, trying to express something so complex without words is hard for him to manage. At least he's determined she can hear, but he can't be certain she actually understands. She might never had heard French, or someone may have tried to keep her shut-in, like the world had tried with him.

"I was attacked." He tries just words this time around. If she understands, he'll tell what he is willing to share. Otherwise, he'll have to think of something else.
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She seems willing to listen, whether she understands or not. It's possible she understands more than most realize.

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