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Covered in Blood meme;

"So much blood."

Need options?

1. Another day that ends in Y. When mass murder needs to happen you’re the weapon for the job. Employed? Owned by a secret organization? Untamed embodiment of extreme violence? Either way someone’s going to try to stop you eventually.

2. How did I get here? The last thing you remember everything was fine and hunky dory… Wait, is this b-blood?! Hopefully there's someone who can help you and not hurt you.

3. Justified. This is war and wars are won with weapons, not words! Cut through the masses knowing what you are doing is right. Does that mean the enemy of your enemy is a friend, or is everyone not part of the solution a problem?

4. Humor/Crack option. This really is your blood. Do you have intense nosebleeds every time someone even moderately attractive catches your eye? Are you Deadpool and constantly leaving heaps of blood everywhere? WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP?

5. Smut. Bloodplay, nuff said.

6. Gruesome to some, beautiful to you. Vampires, crazed artists, and evil scientists can eat their heart out. Or someone else’s…

7. Wilcard! Have something different in mind when you clicked? Go with it! Or re-roll/mix and match.

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