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The Absolute

1. Post with your character.

2. That character is compelled to follow the orders of anyone who replies.

3. Any orders.

4. Any orders.

Meme Strategy:

There's nothing in the rules about whether or not your character knows s/he must obey - as well, the other character might not know that s/he must be obeyed. Play it however you like.

Don't like the orders you got? Not willing to have your character follow them, even if you've had a good time up to this point? Talk to the other player, use OOC notes or PMs, try and work it out.

Got some stuff you'd never want to play out? Consider making a preferences post and linking to it when you reply here.

Wanna give orders that people would love to follow? Give 'em context. Make it a story. Is this about revenge? Working out some personal issues? Too dumb to realize that the other guy has to do whatever your guy says?
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Jill Valentine | Resident Evil | OTA

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[because she obvs didn't get enough of this canonly]
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Hello "Mother"... (FYI I went and made this DW account JUST FOR YOU. ♥)

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Now...where should we start?

[making an obvious show of considering this just so he can see you bare your teeth in helpless defiance first, oh yes.]
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lkdjfsdfslkdjfks OH DEAR GOD X'DDDD (ILU <333)

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[Calm, calm, totally calm. She's screwed, anyway, might as well go down with some dignity?]

Don't do anything rash.

[She hasn't read the meme rules worked out exactly how the obedience thing works, so... she's hoping maybe she's the one with the Power this time? 8|;]
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Oh, don't worry--I don't intend to do anything rash. If I did that, this would be over far too quickly.
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[It's... funny, in an entirely humorless way: she knows that, speaking fairly, her life's in danger around him in general, so something like this is... well, instinct is telling her that the best hope she has for this is to draw one of her guns and take a shot, even if it's just a warning one -- but a shot would be a shot and there's always a chance that it could hit, and with him, she can't take that risk.

Won't take that risk.

Whichever it is, she makes no move for any weapon, even if her shoulders reflexively tense in that subtle way of hers.]

Stand down, Sync. There's nothing you can get out of this. [Mainly because they're alone, which gets rid of Fear #1 on Jill's list, at least.]
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[if only KC were here~ Much as he's enjoying this already, just for the sake of the power trip it gives him, Jill's attempt to remain in control of things--of him--when she's already caught in such a hopeless situation makes Sync want to lash out at her just a little. And while he's quite skilled at faking things and putting on a show for others' emotional detriment, he's not always so good about hiding all of his own deepest, truest emotions (thus, the mask); which means the flicker of scorn that crosses his face is fully visible, albeit fleeting.]

Looks like we'll have to start with the most obvious command: shut up.

[Followed by the second-most obvious:] Your guns. Get rid of them. Without using them first.

[oh yes, we are DEFINITELY smart enough to be very, very specific about that.]
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[Her jaw tightens slightly -- a small reaction in response to feeling it do just that when she tries to reply.

Just as quickly and without a hint of resistance, she draws each SMG simultaneously and tosses them aside, in opposite directions; they slide to a stop a good several yards off. That just leaves the battle knife in her right boot, but she keeps her now-narrowed eyes on him, her expression otherwise unruffled.]
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[He lets her see him eying the location of that knife, a considering look on his face, then he simply smirks and moves on. Because this is more fun if there's still some shred of danger and possible pain involved.] No sudden movements.

[And here we go, this is one of the commands he knew right from the off he'd have to give her:]

Get down on your knees.
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[Resisting might be entirely fruitless, but that doesn't mean she won't try; but the most she succeeds is in a fleeting, frustrated look as she kneels, again in such a smooth motion that it looks entirely voluntary.]
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[And while she's still in the middle of kneeling, he lashes out with a kick, aimed to connect with the side of her jaw.

As an action, it's one part desire to hurt and two parts experimentation--he hadn't said she could block or dodge, but he hadn't said she couldn't either. All he'd done was told her to kneel, which she was in the process of doing. So, would having to fulfill that command leave her open, or...]
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[As soon as she sees movement, she tenses -- but that no sudden movements order still applies, so her reflexes are painfully slow to act.

Which means her arms have barely moved at all to defend when the kick connects, hard enough to snap her head to the side -- and while she'd normally keep her balance easily enough, those slowed reflexes are applying all around, which means there's no instant recovery... which in turn means she hits the ground on her side. Only after a clear pause does she move to raise herself on her hands, the motions still considerably slow compared to normal.

All the while, from the kick to the landing, Jill herself doesn't make a sound -- and whether that's because of the shut up order or her own stubbornness will have to be Sync's guess.]
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Any time you're ready to beg for mercy, go ahead.

[He'd moved back a step or two after that initial attack, but now he closes again, just as quickly as before--this time making an attempt to bring the heel of his boot down hard in the middle of one of her hands and grind it into the ground a little.]

Of course, even if you do, there's no guarantee I'll actually stop.
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[As she rises, she tries to put some space between them, but nowhere near quickly enough -- just like her reaction to try and move her hand is too slow, so it's caught beneath his boot easily enough.

Her only response is a reflexive hiss in his direction that's part snarl -- partly in response to the pain, but also the closest the circumstances will let her come to telling him where to shove his mercy.

And it's still slower than usual -- which means to say it isn't fight-worthy, but it's not exactly in slow-motion, either -- but she turns towards him as well as she can, making a grab with her free hand for Sync's pant leg, planning to do her best to jerk him off-balance if she can even make it that far.]
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AUGH I am so sorry...! ;__;

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[But no, he reacts too quickly for that; if she hadn't still been restricted by "No sudden movements," she could sometimes be fast enough that she might've had a chance with that grab, but as things are now...

As things are now, Sync simply leans in and catches her wrist, twisting her arm just enough to make it a threat, should she struggle to get free or fight back. If she were at full speed, he'd never risk staying in such close proximity like this, but at the moment the rewards, such as they are, are worth the (notably less-than-usual) risks.]

Pathetic. You know, I'm really starting to think that you were at your best when you were nothing more than a puppet on his string.
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[With her movements slowed, her arm held at that awkward angle, and that shut-up command also still in place, there's not much Jill can do in response.

But at comment of his, she inevitably stiffens slightly -- not because the topic's still that sensitive, not even because she takes any kind of insult from it, but because she knows how he works and she has absolutely no desire for that to be a conversation topic between the two of them. One of them, rather, given how one-sided the "conversation" now is.

After a split-second, she turns her head away a little sharply, doing her best to look apathetic -- but that tension, as brief as it was, and the hard look in her eyes say his words weren't without effect.]
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[While he is rather pleased with the overall effect his words have on her, slight as it is, the way she looks away irks Sync just a bit. Using his grip on her arm, he jerks her towards him roughly, bringing one knee slightly forward at the same time. Supposing she doesn't resist, Jill's sternum will make solid contact with his leg--hard, definitely hard enough to hurt and likely bruise both knee and chest, but also definitely not hard enough to be considered a real fighting move. Especially considering how hard Sync can hit when he really wants to make it hurt.]

Look at me.
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[Her resistance is still delayed by that crucial split-second, so she takes the short blow at its full force. It's enough to make her cringe and incite another hiss -- a breathless one this time, not the animalistic reflex like before -- but she doesn't attempt another counter. Not yet.

At that last order, she looks up at him -- but by now she has control over her expression again, and it's coolly and utterly blank.]
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NOPE I am the boss in this thread (at least for now) XD

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[That cold, blank look is almost worse than having her not looking at him at all, but at least it means he's getting some sort of reaction. And he knows exactly how to get an even better one.

Still holding her arm and keeping her breastbone flush against his leg, Sync leans down to meet Jill's flat gaze more directly, that distinctly unpleasant smirk of his stretching across his face.]

I want to hear you say it. Say that you were at your strongest when you were under Wesker's control. That you can never hope to match that strength on your own.

Say it.
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pffff. XD 50-Deer reply comin' atcha, btw

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[There are a couple tense seconds after that order, during which Jill's eyes never move from his. A look of irritation flashes across them, but it's distracted; in truth, she's doing her best to feel out her options here.

She has to obey, but she's already seen that this system isn't airtight. Unless it's something simple and straightforward -- like the order to get down on her knees, or to look at him -- there's some wiggle room in how she reacts. She's felt it before and she feels it again now; and since he didn't order her to say those exact words, she's allowed to put her own spin on it, however slight.

She can also choose the tone she says it with. It's all too obvious that Sync delights in reactions, particularly the wounded kind -- and so the calm, flat, and all but indifferent sound to her words is very, very intentional.]

I was at my best under Wesker's control. I can never hope to achieve the kind of power that he gave me on my own.

[A pause, just a second's, and then she adds, positively dripping with sarcasm and with a look to match:] Obviously.

[Jill Valentine is a lot of things -- sometimes proud, on occasion even cocky, but she knows her limits and she has plenty of common sense to go around. She can't and won't deny that P30 enhanced her to well beyond what she could ever attain by normal means; if she trained for the rest of her life, she'd never get that kind of speed and strength back. She wouldn't even come close.

Being human has its prices, but they're small. She doesn't regret abandoning that virus one bit -- she doesn't miss it, and she wouldn't take those abilities back even if they didn't come with a leash attached.

So if Sync's expecting that admission to sting at all, he'll be disappointed. As far as Jill is concerned, all he's made her do is state the obvious. She'd go so far as to add something along the lines of Should I point out what color my hair is now, too? but that's apparently beyond the limits of what she was ordered to talk about.

Obviously, she's spent too much time around smartmouths.]
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[If he was slightly irked before, Jill's continued resistance openly irritates him now...and there's a dangerous gleam in his eye as he scowls down at her.]

I wonder how long this power stays in effect...

[His hand clenches around her arm just a little more, enough to make it just slightly uncomfortable, and he forces a smirk; but smiling or not, that unsettling gleam isn't going anywhere.]

Probably not that long, but let's test it. When I say we're done here, you're to go find Wesker--immediately, and as fast as you can--and tell him that you want to go back to the way things were. You want to be his plaything again. And make it sound like you mean it.

[Roughly, Sync releases her arm and steps back, though he's still in fairly-easy reaching distance.]

But for now, let's see what you can do with that knife. Take it out.
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......she has 100 icons and I still don't have one appropriate for her feels right now 8|

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[And just like that, most of Jill's confidence immediately dissipates.

To Sync's credit, he probably just set a record; her entirely blank expression falters, and for an instant, no amount of willpower, experience, or self-forgiveness can even begin to hide what flickers across it: shock, dread, undeniable fear... and then anger. Pure, intense anger, the kind she rarely wears and the kind that would strike Sync dead if it could kill.

It's all for barely a second -- but it's there, obvious, and the most Jill can manage when she recovers is a hard look -- a dangerous look, under any other circumstances, but now...

That look doesn't budge as she reaches down and draws her knife, the motion stiff but without resistance. She keeps her grip on it loose, and shifts in her crouch so that her free hand rests on the ground between her boots. It's a defensive position in Sync's direction, but she's also keeping her body between him and the blade.]
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THAT expression he likes. That brief instant of unadulterated, murderous anger...Sync can't--nor does he want to--hide his grin in response. He wants her to know that he saw it, and that he's more than a little pleased with himself for causing it.]

Heh. That's more like it. Now...why don't you put that anger to good use and have a little fun with that knife? Anything goes so long as you don't kill me or hit any vital points.

[In an instant, he's moved back and dropped into a ready crouch of his own, the toothy, even-wider grin on his face making it plain that he wants this fight, and he wants it badly. Largely because he knows that it's exactly the opposite of what Jill wants, but it's also a chance to cause some pain, and he's always all for that.]

So come on--try to stab me. Oh--and no turning the blade on yourself to get out of this, either.
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[Really, the no killing or vital areas command is unnecessary. Jill might be angry, but she's not one to allow her emotions to get the best of her.

Ninety-nine percent of the time.

As much as she's been searching for loopholes since this began, she immediately focuses on the phrase anything goes -- and while she doesn't want to hurt him where it can be helped, she's ready to test whether those two words override his previous commands.

So the instant Sync's done talking, she moves -- fast. No longer restrained by that "no sudden movements" rule, she tears out of her crouch and towards him in a low dash; Jill's already figured that she can't escape having to stab him somehow -- something she quickly forces herself to get over, because this might be her one chance to catch him off guard. That's more important than sparing him some minor injuries. -- but there's still a shred of technical control there. The knife changes hands to her left at the last second, switched up in her fingers to point the blade towards the outside of her fist, the poise of someone who knows how to really use it.

She aims for the very top and outside of Sync's right shoulder -- in a deliberately a horizontal, front-to-back blow -- but takes as much weight and momentum out of her knife hand as possible, focusing them instead into a side-sweeping kick of her left leg at his middle. It'll have some reach if he tries to move away, and she's hoping he'll choose to block the knife, if he can only avoid one.]
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[For most, blocking the knife would be reflex, an instinctive act of self-preservation; Sync, being what he is, lacks some of those instincts, and his training, intensive as it was, had (rather intentionally) failed to install any true sense of self-preservation in him. He fought as he was ordered to fight, without regards for the consequences. And he might not have received any "orders" in this case, but he knows what they most likely would have been if he had.

By all means, make her hurt, punish her for her pride, but don't kill her--broken toys aren't quite as much fun now, are they? Don't let her kill you either. Flawed as you are, creating you still cost too much for this to be all you're used for. I have other plans for your death.

So unfortunately for Jill, Sync blocks the kick, and takes the shoulder-wound, which might've been a bit deeper than she'd planned since he's moving forward and to the side as the blade connects with his flesh.

But an instant later, he's spun away, and is slamming his hand down to cast an Absolute.]
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[Sync's only real order was to stab him -- with that done, Jill finds herself free to release the knife, which she does by deliberately hurling it behind her, well away from both of them.

And this is what Jill hates about magic. She's had plenty of exposure to it, being healed and helped by it as well as being hit by it -- and actually being able to cast it, once -- but the variety found in magic alone is enough to be daunting, at least to someone who's currently limited to physical attacks. Some people take a while to cast, others instantly; some spells are predictable, others too fast to figure out.

Still, she can recognize casting when she sees it, and that's enough to redirect her reflexes -- and while most might logically put distance between themselves and their attacker, that's a luxury Jill can't currently afford. Sync's as dangerous at a distance as he is within reach, and wasted time on her side means ample time on his to throw out another order.

So as soon as she recognizes the nature of what's about to happen, she dashes again -- forward, but when she hears a crackling sound that can only be the attack materializing, she's not taking chances. She throws herself forward and onto her hands as fast as possible, twisting partway through the motion into to clear her legs of the attack -- and rather than coming up into a landing, she redirects her momentum into a cartwheel, intending to bring a fast but heavy kick down on Sync's position, with most of her weight driving it.]


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