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The Things That Bump in the Night Meme

Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Meme

They're the things that go bump in the night. As long as man has been telling stories, they have been passing along tales of the dark, the supernatural, the otherworldly. And it seems they're recruiting.

Maybe it was a science experiment gone wrong. Perhaps something bit you. Maybe an ancient ritual tainted your soul and transformed you into a servant of darkness. Or maybe you've always been this way. Whatever you thought you knew before, you're one of Them now. What happens next?

Rules (Do you guys even need these anymore?):

1. Post with your character name, fandom and preferences.
2. People reply to you using RNG (or not) to pick an option; up to you which character is affected by monstrosity - maybe both are!
3. Roleplay
4. Have fun!

1. Zombie. The quintessential undead. Zombies are reanimated corpses created sometimes by ancient shamanism, and other times by biological experimentation. Their mobility has eroded, higher brain functions decomposed into the basest instinct. Their continued survival revolves around sating their irrepressible need for human flesh. May or may not come accompanied by an apocalypse.

2. Vampire. The human leech. Vampires are an affront to religions, burned by the purity of sunlight and holy water alike. They prey on weaker humans, draining them of their blood. Many vampiric stories suggest that they are striking figures, with eyes capable of dominating the will of others. Feel free to supplement this with your canon's vampire conventions of choice (even the sparkly kind of the mood strikes you!).

3. Demon. Hell is a very real place, with a host of native creatures that specialize in the misery of and torture of mankind. There are the demons who seek to make contracts and collect human souls, and the mischievous oni. Terrible temptations come from demons like the sex-infused incubus and succubus. An then there are the less-humanoid creatures, like the two-headed Cerberus and multi-limbed tentacle creatures...

4. Mummy. In some cultures, a person of importance is revered even in death. Their bodies are rigorously maintained during the mummification process, ensuring that the deed will be forever preserved in in all their splendor. Do mind the Mummy's Curse though. They're said to be terribly fatal.

5. Werewolf. The passionate canine hybrid. After suffering the bite of one, hapless victims are swayed by the pull of the full moon, transformed into grotesque wolfmen lacking human sentience. How will you handle your curse?

6. Creation. Think about that abomination Frankenstein created. A brilliant scientist tries to play God and strings together the corpses of a dozen dead bodies to create life from death. Or perhaps the scientist had different motives in mind. Was your brain placed into a new body? Have your genes been spliced into some other inhuman beast? Or is this our first moment alive as a tabula rasa waiting to be educated anew? Beware the pitchfork-waving mob.

7. Plant Creature. They say plants grow better when people talk to them. Sometimes they just grow hungry. Sometimes they grow curious. And sometimes prolonged contact leaves a person feeling different about the world. Whether your concern is sex pollen or just in an ordinary Happening, be kind to the clorophyll-filled creatures in our midst.

8. Faeries. Beware the fey folk. They are the trickster creatures of folk legend, tiny winged things that find their joy in mischief. Faeries are nature's tricksters, merrily tangling the hair of sleepers and stealing small-but-important belongings just to watch the chaos that erupts from their disappearance. In particular, a faery ring holds tremendous charm: humans are known to stumble into them and be lured into dancing with the pixies until they either die or fall to madness.

9. Ghosts. People like to tell themselves that frightening noises can be attributed to mundane things, like house settling. Those people are deluding themselves. Ghosts are the spirits of the restless dead, who have much to accomplish but very little sway over the earthly coil they used to inhabit. Be it a poltergeist or other remnant of the spirit world, tread carefully. Some have been known to stop at nothing to achieve their goals, including possessing living bodies.

10. Sea Creature. It came from the black lagoon. Some of them are the mutant result of toxic waste dumping. Other sea creatures, like mermaids, are carefree nymphs who just don't understand that not everyone can breathe underwater. And then others, like the Sirens, simply enjoy the delicious taste of human flesh. And if you happen by a lake, take care around old Nessie. She can be just a bit irritable sometimes.

11. That frightening noise in the distance is something else entirely. But the calls are still coming from inside the house.

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Sirius Black | Harry Potter

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5 lololol

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[Last month, for once, Remus was awake before Sirius at sunrise.

More likely than not, that was due to the massive blood loss. Remus still can't recall precisely what happened, when it happened, much less how. All he knew was the lingering coppery taste in his mouth, the scent of concealing blood in the air, and Sirius splayed prone on the ground beside him. Something had gone horribly awry that night, leaving Remus unable to so much as look at Sirius for days.

A month of soul-crushing guilt. A month of apologizing, over and over again. A month of curling up beside Sirius in bed and struggling not to cry himself to sleep. More than once in his life, Remus thought it would have been better, safer for his friends, if they'd never even met. The past month had confirmed it.

Sirius shares his illness now, his disease. The still-healing scar on his shoulder is a stark reminder. And tonight will be his first transformation.

...still alright, Pads? [Remus asks quietly. They lay on the floor of the Shack, heads cradled against one another, hands intertwined. Waiting. It's a foolish question, Remus knows. Sirius is in pain; more pain than he's probably known in all his life. Remus is used to it, after well over a hundred transformations, this is old hat. But for Sirius...

He barely remembers his first time. Only that he was frightened, alone, unsafe. And if that's how Sirius is feeling now, Remus could wither away and die of misery for being the cause of it.
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'm fine.

[It's a lie, of course. Sirius has seen Remus go through this more times than he can count. He's watched his best friend (and more) turn into a monster werewolf. He's heard him scream. He's seen the gouges Remus leaves in his own skin- and felt the bite he left on Sirius's shoulder. The wound that no medicine could heal.

Sirius has told himself again and again that he would take Remus's place if he could. He wished that he was the one transforming. He couldn't bear to see Remus suffer. That's not how it turned out. They were
both changing now. Sirius has often wondered exactly what Remus went through every full moon. He's about to find out and as much as he tries to be brave it terrifies him. He doesn't know exactly what's coming but he knows enough to dread it.

He squeezes Remus's hand. It's as much to comfort Remus as it is himself. The next moment the pain rips through him like a knife. It catches him completely unaware despite his preparation. He screams.
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[Remus feels it. It always starts at the very core, tears him apart from within and slowly works itself outward. Breaking him at every juncture to re-form him into something different, something monstrous, and now Sirius is starting to understand exactly what that means, what it feels like.

Remus would do anything to take it back, give all of himself if only he could turn time back just twenty-eight days. He'll feel this guilt for the rest of his life. He knows that beyond the shadow of a doubt from the very moment that scream tears itself from Sirius' throat.

Gritting his teeth against it, he turns his head to the side, burying his face in Sirius' hair, and his fingers grip tighter at the other boy's.

It'll be done soon. [That's all the comfort he can manage to provide just now. It doesn't feel like enough.] I promise, just a bit longer.
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[Sirius takes a deep breath. He tries to focus on Remus's voice. He can't let the transformation affect him. It must be killing Remus to see him like this. But it hurts. Oh God, it hurts. This is worse than he imagined. He can't believe that Remus has gone through this once a month every month since he was a child. He can't believe that it's a fate they'll share from now on.

Sirius feels his insides twisting. He feels his bones cracking and reshaping. He bites his tongue but even that can't stop his next cry.

Remus... [His voice shakes almost as much as his body.

You have to be strong. You have to. This is going to pass.

For one terrible moment Sirius regrets ever turning into an Animagus for Remus. He regrets ever entertaining the idea. If he hadn't instead of lying here, twisting in pain, he would be lying in his bed and only his heart would ache. He hates himself for the thought.

It'll be over soon. [His voice changes as he speaks. It's turning lower, unearthly and inhuman.]
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[That's the awful part of the transformation; it always takes far longer than it had any right. It wasn't like the Muggle movies, shifting there and back easy as you please. It was days of malaise and aches, hours of searing pain, all crescendoing to just twelve hours of that beast tearing through the night. And the decimation it left in its wake, the days of recovery.

It isn't fair that Sirius has to go through this now. It's Remus' fault.

Remus can't hold it back any longer. He's not entirely cognizant of the beginning, of curling into a tight fetal position around Sirius' head, of muffling his screams against the dusty floorboards. He's gripping Sirius so very tightly, right to the moment his hands begin to change, to lengthen and sharpen along with his feet and his maw. It's agony he knows well, but that never makes it easier.

I love you. I'm sorry. [It's the last thing he manages to get out before the change takes him completely. Whether it's audible through his wracking sobs, whether Sirius can even understand him past his own screaming, Remus will never know.]
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[Sirius's screams turn into a howl. His bones stop cracking and lock into place. Sirius is gone. Padfoot is gone. His mind has receded into the background. There's nothing but the werewolf.

He pushes himself onto his feet and looks around. It's confusing. This place is familiar but he's never been here before. The smell is stranger still- the lingering scent of himself before his transformation, and one other.

He's not alone. He turns.

I know you.

He nudges his mate.
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[Moony growls at the nudge, scrambling to his feet and spinning to face the other wolf. But through that erratic breath, he can smell it, sense it. A huff, before he pads closer, to sniff tentatively at the strange wolf.

Mate. Moony knows that scent. He whimpers an apology and licks at Padfoot's muzzle. No, not Padfoot. This is different, but still the same. There's an affectionate headbutt, a nuzzle, before Moony prances off toward the passage, and pauses for a moment to look back at his companion.

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[He obeys.

The night isn't as horrible as it could be. He has Moony by his side. But his mate can't take away the thirst for blood. They both feel it. They both need it. And in the absence of prey they take their frustration out on the furniture, themselves, and at times each other. But by the time the night is over they are curled up together.

The change is just as painful this time as it was before. The only consolation is that instead of losing his mind, Sirius is regaining it.

When the transformation is done Sirius can't even push himself up off the floor. His throat is raw from screaming and he is tired, so tired.

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[It takes another moment of gentle tapping against his conscious mind to wake Remus. Just the same as every post-moon morning, vision bleary as he slowly opens his eyes, trying to work out what he's looking at, what he's feeling, whose voice is in his ear. It's hard-won information, trickles into his mind like the slow leak of an old faucet. One of the upstairs bedrooms, sprawled on the floor, curled around Sirius, with the first gold rays of morning pouring over them through the dust motes and tattered curtains.]

Nn. [Remus' arms tighten minutely around Sirius, pushing his head against the other man's chest. Bugger moving any more than that. His joints ache too badly, and his voice is hoarse.] Are you alright? How do you feel?
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[Like I spent the night ripping apart everything in reach, including myself, Sirius doesn't say. It's not that he's restraining himself. He's too tired for that. He's also too tired to say anything more than a few words and even those come slowly.]

Not good.

[Considering how careful Sirius has been to put on a brave face in front of Remus, that simple statement speaks volumes about how terrible he feels now. Every muscle aches. The cuts in his skin burn.

Every month. He'll have to live with this every month from now until his death, which will probably come significantly sooner than it would otherwise. Or not, considering the shorter lifespan of the Black family.

Sirius tries to pull Remus closer but the movement sends pain shooting up his arm. His muscles contract and spasm. He takes a deep breath.


[It suddenly occurs to him that question is pointless. Whatever Remus is feeling now it can't be good. A fine mess Sirius has made. He only wanted to help Remus. Instead he'd damned them both.]

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Stop apologizing.

[Remus' tone is stern. A fine thing for him to be saying; Remus doesn't think he'll go a day the rest of his miserable life without apologizing to Sirius for this. For what he's done to the man.

He tries to comfort himself with the fact that he's a far better man that the wolf who bit him. With Fenrir, it hadn't been an accident; it was laughable to consider that he'd ever planned to stay at Remus' side, to teach him and help him cope with his disease. He'd done it purposefully, without remorse, to teach Remus' father a lesson. Remus has suffered his entire life for the quarrels of grown men.

It will never be like that for Sirius. Remus will be responsible with this, remain by Sirius even if the boy doesn't want him to. He'll make sure Sirius understands what is happening, protect him where he can, help him to the best of his ability.

They're mates, after all. And really, Remus would have done that, lycanthropy-inflicted Sirius or no.

As soon as we can move, get some food in you, you'll feel much better. [Not perfect, but better.] Today and tomorrow, just food and rest. Not glamorous, I know. But it makes recovery quicker.
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[Sirius is hungry but he doesn't want to even think of food right now. He's spent the whole night craving a very different kind of food and it's enough to make him sick.

Rest sounds good though. Lots of rest. When this is over he'll find James and talk to him about everything. He won't hold anything back like what he's done with Remus, knowing it will make him feel worse. But that's in the future. Right now he wants to lie here curled up with his mate and sleep.


[Cautiously, Sirius moves his arm. It doesn't hurt as much if he does it slowly. Finally, his hand reaches Remus's hair and he runs his fingers through it.]

's all right. I've got you.
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[You wouldn't need me if I hadn't bitten you. Not like this--

Those words die on Remus' lips before he can speak them, and he hides his face against Sirius' chest. The self-deprecation that's already near-crippling for Remus will only get worse after this. He's failed Sirius, he's destroyed one of the few people who'd bothered to reach out to him. And there's nothing he can do about it, no way to fix this.

They can stay like this for a while. Even if it's on the floor, even if it's dirty and dusty, even it they're caked in dried blood. There's no sense in trying to move now.

Sirius. [His voice is far too small. Almost as if he's dreading an answer, or fearing he would get none at all, when he says:] I love you.
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Love you.

[The response is immediate. Sirius cranes his neck so he can press a kiss to Remus's forehead, ignoring the stabbing sensation the movement causes.]

Not gonna stop.

[He's never blamed Remus for this, not even during the attack. He's seen what Remus does to himself and the few times they unknowingly came near people Moony was nearly impossible to contain. At first there had been one brief moment when he hoped that Moony wouldn't attack him, that somehow he would know, but it had died as soon as he made the first lunge. He knew then for a fact that Remus had no control over it.]

It's all right.
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[It's not right. It will never be right, but Remus can't bring himself to say that. Through all this past month, Sirius has tried so hard to help keep Remus' guilt to a bare minimum. It barely worked, but Remus can at least compose himself again; enough that he can be in Sirius' presence without falling apart completely and utterly.]

Go back to sleep. [Remus sighs against Sirius' collarbone. It can wait. Whatever they're going to do, whatever they need done, it can wait. They'll be no good for anything in this state anyway.] Prongs will be by, soon enough. He'll help us.

[Someone always comes. Even when Remus is too tattered to move, even when there's no rightful way anyone should be able to find him, someone always comes.]
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[Briefly, Sirius wonders how James spent his night, if he was able to get any sleep at all. Before they became Animagi, Sirius always found it hard to sleep during the full moon. It wasn't right that he was lying in his warm bed while Remus was tearing himself apart. Now he wishes he had the option.

At least neither of them are alone. His thoughts come full circle, back to the boy in his arms. There's one thing he wants to make clear before sleep overtakes him and before Remus has enough energy to enter into a shouting match.

It's not your fault.
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[Remus can only shudder against the emotion that drags up in him. He's not going to argue. He hasn't the strength. That doesn't make his own feelings on the matter any less valid, and it certainly doesn't mean that Sirius is right. Remus will go the rest of his days knowing that this is his fault, he's resigned himself to that.

His arms wind tighter around Sirius. As much as they can with his joints screaming in protest, at any rate.

I used to think it would have been better for the lot of you, safer, if you'd never met me. You'd all still have each other, would never have risked becoming animagi, and you-- Moony wouldn't have--

[Sirius would normally hit him for talking like this. Remus can't bring himself to care at the moment. They've been too good to him all these years, Sirius more than the rest of them. Remus has done nothing to deserve it, and this is what Sirius gets for his kindness. No good deed goes unpunished with Remus, it seems.]
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Stop it.

[Maybe bringing this up was a bad idea. He doesn't have the energy to deal with the depths of Remus's self loathing but he'll be damned if he's going to let that slide.]

I don't want a life without you in it. Don't want to think about it.

[James is Sirius's best friend, practically his brother but Remus is different. Remus is... he's more than their conscious. He does more than rein them in when they're out of control. They don't hang around him simply because he always comes up with the best excuses whenever they're caught near the scene of the crime.]

You're always there for me. You...

[If he had waited until later to have this conversation he might have a better chance at explaining but it's hard to process, analyze, and then explain his feelings when his body is either aching.

Despite the aching, despite the sharp stabbing pain, Sirius moves his hand so it cups Remus's face. He wishes he had the strength to tilt his head so he could look at him but he doesn't dare try.

I love you. Why can't you understand?
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I do understand. I love you, and that's--

[Loving Sirius, being his friend and his mate; that was the very problem. Biting someone, inflicting them with this curse, this disease-- awful as it sounds, even in his own mind, it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't someone he cared about so deeply. Even an innocent stranger, a victim of happenstance, would have been a more acceptable target in Remus' mind. At least then, he could better dissociate himself with it.]

I wouldn't wish this on anyone, Sirius, least of all you. The worst nightmares I ever had were-- this.

[How can Sirius not hold this against Remus? Even if there were no one else with whom he would rather be laying here, the fact remains that he's laying here at all. He shouldn't even be in this mess.]
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I know.

[Sirius can let sleep take him and forget about this whole argument for hours. He's far too close to that happening for comfort and he forces his eyes open. He won't fall asleep yet.]

You warned us about this. It's not your fault. I knew what I was getting into.

[He had been so sure that nothing would go wrong. Surely the hardest part had been becoming an Animagus. After that he would have nothing to worry about provided he wasn't stupid. Provided he didn't fuck up. This would be so much easier if he knew exactly what had gone wrong but he's resigned himself to the fact that he may never know. It won't change what happened.

There is one other thing they disagree on. If Sirius had to choose anyone for Remus to bite, if it had to be any of the Marauders, he would choose himself without hesitation.
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Would you change it if you could?

[Remus regrets the question almost as soon as it leaves his lips. Until quite recently, Remus never realized just how much he prefers to remain in ignorance where his friends are concerned. It would have been easier to keep telling himself that the others didn't mind changing with him during full moon, carrying him back to safety and making sure he was taken care of after, that Sirius rather enjoyed laying with him and quietly stroking his hair. Whether he believed it or not was another matter entirely, but at least Remus could placate his sanity that way.

He can't do that any longer. The evidence of Sirius' suffering is far too apparent now, and his screams are haunting Remus down to his very core. It's not all bad; they share this bond now, they change together and understand each other's pain. It feels so selfish to think of it that way, but it's almost comforting to have someone else who understands.

Sirius, on the other hand, must be looking back.

Be honest. I know when you're lying to me.
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[Sirius regretssaying anything at all this morning. The pause before he answers is painfully obvious. As hard as he's tried not to think about it, he's wished every day that this never happened. He'd always wanted to better understand his mate but never like this.]

It doesn't matter. I can't change it.

[The worst part of all this isn't turning into a werewolf every full moon, although Sirius recognizes that opinion is likely to change in time. It's not hearing Remus apologize over and over. It's not seeing how much pain this is causing his mate every time their eyes meet. It's how fucking selfish Sirius is. He knew he was an arrogant self absorbed bastard but he thought he was a good enough person to put his friends needs above his own. And yet his first thoughts when he woke up the morning after that full moon, his first thoughts when he wakes up every morning and remembers what happened, aren't about Remus and how terrible he must be feeling. It's about himself. It's knowing how this curse will change him and how much he hates it. How much he wishes he didn't have to turn into a monster every month.

Monster, the word is never spoken but it always enters his thoughts. He's a monster now. If he ever heard Remus saying it he would have grabbed whatever book his friend was probably reading at the time and smacked him with it because Remus isn't a monster. And yet here Sirius is now, thinking it. He thought he was beyond prejudice. The realization that after all this time he still hasn't rooted out all of his prejudice stings more than anything else.
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[I can't change it. But he would, if he could. That's the unspoken understanding in that statement, and it's like a knife to Remus' chest. It aches just the same, makes him shudder against it and bite the inside of his lip to stifle a whimper. At that moment, he wants to die, wants to roll away from Sirius, curl up in a tight ball, and wither away. He would, happily, if it meant taking back what he'd done, if it meant making it so that the others had never known him.

Remus has never rightly believed in God, or the devil. But right now, he's willing either of them to strike him down, take his life and give back Sirius' own. The normal life that he could never hope to have after knowing Remus.

This sting and ache, the physical ones, are pains with which Remus is intimately familiar. Moreso than Sirius, at least. With some considerable effort, Remus manages to push himself up, fighting a wave of nausea as he steadies himself against the ruined bedframe nearby and pulls himself to his feet. His arms and legs both shake under his weight, and he doesn't even want to imagine the pathetic sight he must be, ambling across the room to find his clothing.
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[Sirius's one comfort in all of this is that he had Remus by his side. They walked to the Shrieking Shack together, and, hands clasped, they had changed together. When Sirius woke in the morning he had been curled up around his mate. The touch of his skin and warmth of his body had been a welcome distraction from the pain. So when Remus pulls away it's an agony that outmatches last night's transformation.]

What are- Remus!

[The fear in Sirius's voice is palpable. He hadn't been this afraid when the full moon was rising and the change was almost upon him. This is an entirely different kind of fear. After everything they've been through Remus can't leave him. He can't.

Sirius shoves himself upright and it's feels like lightning has struck him. Every muscle is ablaze with fire. How he'll ever get himself out of bed he doesn't know but he has to try.

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