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the high school au meme

high school au meme
1. Post with your character with their name and series in the subject line.
2. Roll 1-19.
3. ???
4. Play out high school AU times.

1. first day
Catch up with old friends, brave new teachers, fight your way through the sea of students, and hope you're inthe right classroom. Oh, you're the new kid. Well, that's okay as long as you've got more than enough summer vacation anecdotes to fill ten pages of Times New Roman size 12, single-spaced.

2. first period
You're gonna be late! Or are you already there? Class hasn't started just yet, so chat it up or copy your classmate's homework before the teacher gets here.

3. lesson proper
You're probably diligently taking notes, looking out the window daydreaming or reciting in class, much to yourteacher's delight - or dismay. Try not to be too obvious when counting down the minutes and pass that note asdiscreetly as possible.

4. faculty
Have a bone to pick with your terror math teacher. A crush on the cute chemistry teacher? There might be something you want to ask your homeroom teacher about. In any case, you plan on seeing a faculty member today. Or maybe they plan on seeing you!

5. lunch break
Man, you are starving. Hopefully, today's menu has something good. If the crowded cafeteria's not your thing, try the rooftop.

6. hooky
One of you is skipping class. You should try talking them out of it if that's your thing.

7. detention
What on earth did you do to get this? Oh well. Detention can't be that bad when you've got all these very nice, approachable model students around to talk to.

8. p.e.
Baseball, basketball, dodgeball - no matter the sport, just remember: you are the star. It's you. At least, youhope it is.

9. home ec
Sewing! Cooking! ... Try not to burn the school down!

10. lab work
Frog dissections! Explosions!

11. school fair/festival
Every school has one of these. What's your class doing this year?

12. theater
Oh boy, oh boy, being the star of this play is your dream. It isn't? Oh. You're still helping with the props and costumes, right?

13. library
If you need to look something up or just want some peace and quiet, this is the place. Whatever you do, shh, people are trying to read.

14. bully
Whether they take the form of Nelson Muntz or Regina George, if you choose to meet them at the gym at four o'clock or else, be ready to face the consequences... or maybe you don't have to. Not when someone's here to help you out. (This can go either way - one of the participants can be the bully or someone helping the victim.)

15. tutor
You're having trouble with a class or you're trying to make up for the days you were absent. It's a good thing someone was nice enough to offer their assistance.

16. clubs
Assuming that you actually have one. Are you writing for the school paper? Part of the student council? The marching band? Maybe you're a member of one of those weird occult clubs or something...

17. prom
Do you have a dress? A date? Who are you voting for prom king? Is being on prom committee is driving you crazy? Do you even care?

18. graduation
Well, it was fun while it lasted. It's time to say those last words, settle those scores and get ready to grow up.

19. roll again/make your own scenario

taken from [personal profile] connike
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The Black King | Homestuck

[personal profile] checkmatedead 2015-06-09 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
[100% Faculty. Probably the Principal. Screw it, he probably ATE the Principal to get where he is.]

[Who wants to deal with the worst administrator of all time?]
hitontheheadasachild: (well the answer is gassy)

[personal profile] hitontheheadasachild 2015-06-09 06:33 am (UTC)(link)

And no one else wants to do it so Anna's stuck with it. Which wouldn't be so bad if the principal wasn't some human-eating demon alien spawn...thing its not like anyone has actually looked at the principal without either screaming or dying immediately afterwards from shock, ok.

But she's got this! She can do this! Its just a discussion about what candy brands the club wants to sell. She's pumped herself up so much she's just going to knock that office door super hard with her hand.

And hope she didn't have to do some kind of insane demonic ritual to gain access because with her luck not doing it would get her suspended, or have to give a letter of shame to her sister about how she failed her school, or...eaten to sate the lust of an otherworldy being, who knows.]
checkmatedead: (One king)

[personal profile] checkmatedead 2015-06-09 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
[No ritual. Just a buzzer on the door. Well, the buzzer also happens to be after an obstacle course with thrown knives, moving blades, and a rope swing through a hoop of fire. Oh and sharks. One must never forget the sharks.

Yet as Anna survives the trial, she finds what has got to be the biggest door of all time. As big as a mountain, if not bigger. Fortunately the door seems to have a door within the door that is human sized.]

[It's all moot really, as The King has no doubt been watching the whole spectacle. Still, he must make sure to ensure the rules are followed! Because he won't suffer no disrespect.]
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[personal profile] hitontheheadasachild 2015-06-09 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
[Ok, the sharks were overkill.

Actually, no, everything was, the sharks were just the icing on the cake that is Anna's day. Also she has some extra steak knives if she ever needs them. Also now the dip in student attendance since the new principal came makes sense to the poor student princess, judging by the random corporeal mayhem she witnesses throughout the course. Really kind of shocking, and Anna is going to file that away so she can properly process the horror she's being put through...later.

In the meantime, thankfully, Anna has many years of experience swinging around in her castle like its an obstacle course, mainly out of boredom, but sure is she glad she was so bored growing up. Those were tricky sharks, they got one of her shoes. But they didn't get her!

So finally, she manages to drag her soaking wet and out of breath self to the human-sized door which makes her wonder, how did the principal get the giant door and all the weapons and the sharks past that grumpy secretary of his that complains about everything in the office and presses the buzzer with her palm.]

He. Hello...?
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[personal profile] checkmatedead 2015-06-09 08:58 am (UTC)(link)
[The reason for the excess was simple. For far too long the citizens of the school have been leading a coddled lifestyle. The real world, of course, was full of such monstrosities and worse! Anna could see those threats and react to them. In time she would become even more agile! Those students who were not capable were not significant. Thrown to the wolves, they would not be able to become anything short of meat.]

[Extreme, yes, but those that were able to survive HIS school was going to be nothing short of astonishing!!]

[Also, he's a lazy ass that doesn't really want to bother with such things as student satisfaction and wrongful death suits. Those sharks sure do love the taste of lawyers!]

[Ah, but one student made it. Drat. That means... eugh... interaction was in order. Well, perhaps through the door for now.]

[So, Anna, have you heard a voice that sounds like the rolling thunder and a blockbuster bomb?]

We know you are there. What is it.

[Well, there you go. I]
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[personal profile] hitontheheadasachild 2015-06-09 05:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[He better hope Phoenix Wright never comes into the school then!

Ok. Deep breaths, neutral face, don't go nuts. Stop shaking. You can do this.]

Good morning...sir.

[You are a sir, right]

I' on behalf of the candy drive committee to discuss...things. For the candy drive. You're our adviser, so we need your help with advising.

[...Much smooth Anna

oh god she blew it]
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[personal profile] checkmatedead 2015-06-10 03:56 am (UTC)(link)
[He... doesn't usually do this, but there is the sound of something very large moving behind the door. Slowly, woefully, the door begins to open. Be careful Anna: this has not happened in quite some time. There is dust and wood splinters flying everywhere. And the spiders. Forget a home of spiders there was a goddamn city up there.]

[The worst part, though, is yet to come, as a big, hulking two-headed carapacean thing looks down at her. Both faces has eight eye and spider fangs. One is cyclopean while the other has a rather dashing mustache. Below multiple limbs emerge of various types. And within all that are a thousand thosuand tentacles, writhing in mass that is extending beyond his body.]

[He looks cranky. Probably at being bothered.]

Discuss. Quickly, before We become bored.
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[personal profile] hitontheheadasachild 2015-06-10 02:12 pm (UTC)(link)


Right, yes, well.

[INTERNAL SCREAMING as she holds up a piece of paper.]

We have a list of popular brands we'd be able to procure and sell for school funds. F-feel free to check off the five you think would be best to sell for the annual drive...

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[personal profile] shahmat 2015-06-09 02:49 pm (UTC)(link)
[ NOT this guy! Is there an administrative decision Jack hasn't disapproved of? The curriculum, the dress code, the recent string of complaints... As head of the administrative staff, Jake considers the second worst part of his job is having to actively act as liaison to the principal, at least along with all the other second worst parts (e.g. paperwork, talking to parents). (The worst part is always dealing with her Majesty, the V.P.)

Every day you work this joint, you drink fantasies of regicide along with your morning coffee. If only it were enough. If only it were enough. You pull on your professional face and knock on the door. ]

Yo boss, I need a minute. Got the PTA minutes here and those goons are packin' some real unpleasant numbers this time.
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[personal profile] checkmatedead 2015-06-09 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[AH yes, minion... what's-is-name. Drat, there are so many of these guys you lose track of them all. What a pain. Perhaps if there was a way to tell them apart?]

Yes. We have decided that from henceforth all who serve Us shall have numbers painted on their chest.

[Best decision ever, or best decision ever?]

[Oh right, you also distinctly remember something from him about... work? Vacation time? Food? You hope it is food, you are getting rather hungry...]

Carry on with what you were saying, minion.

[Yes, that's the best way to get him to feel as though he's been listened to when you have been purposefully ignoring him. Ugh, this guy. He always brings work and other unpleasantness with him. Doesn't he know that dealing with things is HIS job??]
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[personal profile] shahmat 2015-06-09 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Is this worse than the uniforms? This is worse than the uniforms. Jack dutifully notes the change, but like hell is he going to be happy about it. Although this is hardly the worst pronouncement he has ever had to pass along. Ugh. UGH. On to the real meat and potatoes. ]

The PTA, don. They're giving me lip sayin' the school ain't livin' up to its vision and the death traps ain't worth the boonbucks. Those parentally-themed hustlers are still intimating they're gonna push budget cuts if the bodies keep on pillin'. At this point, why, we need oh-ffi-shall documentation every time a dud gets dusted.

[ He isn't even listening, is he. Him and that primadonna, dammit. One day he's just going to snap. Heads are going to roll. Jack dumps a stack of forms on the... remains of the desk, ignoring any other remains that might be present.]

Tee-ell-deerin', D.D.'s collecting the hard data, so sign off on one of these every time one of the little tykes or their weepy lusi croaks on account o' yer direct involvement, and C.D.'ll pick em up at the end of the week.
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[personal profile] checkmatedead 2015-06-10 03:51 am (UTC)(link)
[You suddenly are aware that this minion has dog ears and wings. That seems relevant somehow. And yet another part of you doesn't sufficiently care about any of this. That part is pretty awesome. You think you're going with that feeling.]

[Ah, right, pretending to be listening. Yes. Yes. Nodding here is good. Yes. Ah, wait, he is pointing at something. That must mean it requires your attention.]

This seems important and irrelevant to Us. Why are you bringing this to Our attention? Can you not do it yourself??

[Delegation of responsibility: an awesome part of your job and a good way to keep you from bothering with stuff you don't care to do.]
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[personal profile] shahmat 2015-06-10 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
[ Every time with this! This is what happens when you choose (... get chosen by) the most prototyped principal on the short list instead of screening applicants for multiple criteria and conducting a series of interviews. Prototyping isn't everything! There's no way administrators in other systems don't have these kinds of problems.

You throw your singular arm into the air, nearly forgetting yourself with a snarl.]

Fine, fine, just toss a head into the hall! Spine works if the head ain't en-tact. I'll get some schmuck to tally it up. Miss a head or two, no chip off anyone's carapace. 'Scept metaphorically.

[ You fix him with your best archagent glare. ]

Pass it on to the dame, would you? Heads in the hallway. My last offer.
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[personal profile] checkmatedead 2015-06-10 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
[Hmm... yes... that does seem important. You also like the parts of heads and dismembering.]

Very well. We shall make it mandatory that we have a daily execution. Now a quick way of choosing who... Hmm...

Ah. Yes. Pick the first student with something white on them and bring them to the block. Damnable Whites. You can never trust their ilk.
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[personal profile] shahmat 2015-06-10 05:11 am (UTC)(link)
I'll send 'em in and pass it on.

[ You make a note of it. Collect a student. Adjust the dress code. Get some lusi flesh sent in here before D.D.'s pet project goes up in smoke and the PTA is on your tail again. Who does he think are you, some common croonie? Probably. If you were Principal, you wouldn't have with this kind of gamemaking. White this, Prospit that. You'd be an equalizer. You'd either slaughter the lot and be done with it, or establish a better a system. A more hardboiled system. A more visually striking system with smoke and gritty crime scenes trialing metaphors. Aaah, that's the stuff.

Hold on, did he agree to tell the hellbitch? Damn, you're going to have to do that yourself. As you're gearing up to scram, you remember.]

Oh yeah. And boss. Board meeting on Wednesday. Don't crush more than half; they're running out of boards.

[ But he's probably tuned you out. ]