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Is there a RIGHT way to take that, sir?
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LOL amazing

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[Like, 10 minutes later.]

I don't know. There was a homeless Scottish man sitting behind it.
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I basically had to, I mean

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And did you mistake the homeless Scottish man's voice for mine when you spoke to the trash can?

[Not winning yourself any points here, Captain.]
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right, would've been criminal not to

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[He hasn't been this drunk since the 40's, does that count for anything?]

No! No I mean not. I mean I might've. I. Asked for directions and he was real nice about directing me to where to go. I mean I'm not there but he sounded so sure

[That's what finally clued him in, of all things. Jarvis would've never given him bad directions.]
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[No. What? Why is he drunk? How did he get drunk? What is Jarvis' life right now?]

I am sure he had good intentions, but I take it you are still lost. Where did he send you, sir?