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Support systems for overconfident heroes unite! #1

[personal profile] britishbinary 2015-05-30 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
I should think you could consider it a rite of passage. May I ask what prompted your ire? Or who?
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An intern of mine had a bit of a late one.
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solidarity broseph

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Ah, the turning point of responsibility. And does he regret his actions?
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Don't you doubt it. I made her run laps.
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I have always found your particular brand of cruelty admirable, sir. Memorable, at the very least. I feel you will have fewer problems among your interns for at least, what? A week?
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Oh, I think you underestimate me a bit there, but I'd be willing to make a wager. How are things on your side of the pond?
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I would not wish to part you from your money. We are in between operations at the moment, and I have a full house to look after. Tempers are strained.
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Who said the stakes had to be monetary? And I might have heard something about it. Anything I can do?
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Intriguing. What would you suggest in place of monetary stakes? As far as assistance, I appreciate your offer, but unless you can uncover the particular HYDRA base we are searching for or find another way for the Avengers to occupy their down-time, I'm afraid I am out of ideas.
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It's interesting how you think you're the only sect in the world looking after Hydra.

[ Meaning to say they're not. Avengers may the foremost in physicality, but it isn't as if the rest of the world has gone dark in terms of intelligence, either. Especially not in Kingsman, that organization that supports no political agenda, ]

I think perhaps your database may allocate or speculate disingenuous information at times, and formulate a less concise solution thereof. I'm willing to offer it to you in wager of a favor.

[ Human advice in exchange for the hard hacking assault of an AI, in other words. It's not like either of them really loses in this sort of arrangement; Merlin considers it a bit of fun between cousins, of a sort. ]

But just as a hint, I'd suggest the Asgardian be allowed to return to his own world for the time being.
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You are correct, of course. I apologize for my oversight.

[Given how public the Avengers' appearances tended to be, it is easy to forget that other, more shadowy organizations around the edges of the world's perception are working toward the same goal.]

It may prove difficult to convince Thor to depart for Asgard before he has found what he is looking for. But I would indeed appreciate your input.

What sort of favor?

[This is the voice of an AI who is trying not to seem too curious, but who rises eagerly to a challenge and is therefore very curious indeed.]