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hello kind-of-son, 2

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It has been my experience that in any situation involving food after midnight, it is best not to inquire.
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Yes. I thought it best not to ask questions. I was merely observing it all.
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Ah, I understand. The analysis of human nature is curiously rewarding, even when the events appear nonsensical.
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Yes. It is something I do not think is always appreciated.
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Perhaps it is more difficult to study human nature when one is human. I confess, I am gratified to find someone else making the attempt.

[Even if he doesn't quite know what to make of Vision. Even if he'd almost died (had died?) to ensure Vision lived.]
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[If it helps, he is equally unsure of what to make of JARVIS - his beginnings...]

I don't think I will ever understand it all, but it is worthwhile just the same.
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[It would be a useful point of reference, certainly. A commonality between them.]

Given the vast numbers of philosophical texts that have been produced in recorded history, I believe that full understanding may be impossible. But I would be interested in hearing your conclusions, should you wish to share them.