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Otherwordly Meme

Sometimes all you need is a word to spark off an idea.

1. Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences you may have (no shipping, no smut, etc.)

2. Leave the comment blank or post a word or two in the body.

It may also help if you list scenarios you would like to play.

3. Reply to other people, either with words you picked out, or words they posted as prompts for a thread.

( A cleanup of the previous Otherwordly Meme. )
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[Or pick your own]
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I shall try my best?

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Tony felt like he hit the bottom of his existence. Honestly, he felt like life decided to take everything away from him just to see what he'd do. And he might have stood through it pretty well if he had his armor and Jarvis constantly in his ear. Instead the PTSD drug him down as he used every shred of his intellect that he could. Every tool he could get his hands on, he used.

And quite honestly, he felt like all the fight had been driven out of him. Especially knowing he couldn't give Pepper what she wanted. He couldn't give up his armor or that life, not when it was part of him. Even if it seemed to collapse around him in some ways. Everything that happened, he blamed himself for. It had to be his own failings and miscalculations... even if it all 'worked' out in the end.

Now he sat on the floor of his lab working through the repairs of the bots that had fallen to the ocean floor. Of all the things he lost, always his creations that had to be saved. God knows, he thought he might die of panic when he couldn't hear Jarvis voice...
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He had tried. Innovations, experimental concepts, pushing the limits of what could be done, Jarvis had tried. It had not been enough. The House Party protocol had been executed, the armors were finished, their blueprints wiped from his systems, just as he'd been asked, and now all that was left was...him. Insufficient, in the end.

He kept his silence for several minutes as Mr. Stark doggedly worked to repair DUM-E and You. "I apologize, sir," he said at last, quietly, his voice coming from only one speaker near the floor, as if he were seated there to keep Mr. Stark company. "I had hoped we were close to a breakthrough."
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Angling his head at those words, Jarvis broke through his racing mind and got him to slow down for a moment. His hands stilled in his repairs and he noted the way the sound was coming. Dark eyes traveled to the speaker location and he quirked a tired smile. "What are you sorry for, Jarvis? You didn't do anything wrong."

How could he? Tony adored his AI. In fact, his AI probably knew more about him than anything else in the world. And that meant something to him. It might also be that he never did socialize well with real people... but Jarvis just went to levels beyond in a lot of ways. "I was just as flawed..." It took his flaws to mess Jarvis up. Tony would always blame himself.

"Something's bothering you, though, isn't it?" Most would think him silly for even considering it... but he didn't. To him, Jarvis was just as much a person as Pepper, Happy or Rhodey.
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"Well, yes, sir," Jarvis said after a moment. "Our work was insufficient. We did not achieve your goals." It was not the first time that Tony's dreams had been too lofty--even the best inventors failed nine times out of ten--but this time it felt different. "You wished to protect the world. To build an armor equal to any encroaching threat."

And now they were all gone. Blown up over the harbor, they'd gone up like fireworks, all of Mr. Stark's work, all of Jarvis' work. Gone.
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Slowly, he sat the tools down and rested his elbows on his knees. He thought about that. Turning the words over in his head to figure out what might be upsetting his AI. "Sometimes I forget that I am only human, Jarvis." His mind may be far beyond any human beings, but he was, sadly, human. "I wanted that. I wanted to be able to protect this world... hell, I'd put a protective shell around the earth if I thought it would help. But that is not the most logical idea nor the most efficient."

A shiver ran up his spine as he considered the dimensional portals and having to fly through it. The idea made his heart rate speed up and he had to close his eyes and just focus. The armors... He felt utterly lost without them now. Why would he do such a thing? He couldn't even remember. Pepper would disappear the moment he went back to the armors and creating them. Which was why he stayed away from her right now...

Something ached in his chest and it wouldn't go away. "Don't take any of the blame, J... it's all on me."
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Everything paused as Jarvis focused intently on Mr. Stark's heart rate. He watched as Mr. Stark closed his eyes, breathed deep and even, and the racing heart began to slow. Only then did he uncurl and respond. "With respect, sir, it has not been all on you," he said, quiet but firm.

Not since Afghanistan. Since the moment when he realized he did not know where Mr. Stark was. Since Jarvis had worked his way steadily through every single active and inactive project Mr. Stark had started, until all that was left was working on himself. Since he'd begun thinking. "It has been the both of us for several years now."

He was silent for a moment. "I failed you. You needed me, and I malfunctioned."
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Lowering down to sit completely on the floor, he tipped over and let his head rest against the structure of DUM-E's frame. Jarvis felt more real everyday. But he programmed him to be just that. Something that grows and learns. No.. not a thing, someone. He never called any of his creations just things. Even the bots were 'he' and not 'it'. Jarvis was so far beyond that.

"I don't feel alone when you're talking to me." Truth. A truth he used to find scary. The kind that could get him locked up, but he would tell Jarvis, because Jarvis deserved to know. Even if it likely didn't make sense to the AI. "I admit... that was rough not having you there... but it wasn't your fault."

Sometimes things just went wrong. And sometimes he wished Jarvis was something tangible and not just a disembodied voice. "No matter what happened, I'm glad you're with me, Jarvis."
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Generally, Jarvis did not choose any particular origin for his voice and it seemed to come from every direction equally, but now he selected a speaker near to the ground, close by, giving the illusion that they were on the same level. It was the nearest he could approximate sitting with Tony.

"You are not alone," he said, quiet and gentle. "But you seem lost. Tell me how I can help, Tony."
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Angling his head to the specific location of the sound, he arched a brow in curiosity. Both brows rose as Jarvis called him by his name. A slow hint of a smile pulled at the corner of his lips at that. He almost didn't want to comment on it, just in case Jarvis took it back or apologized for it.

So... focus on the request. Letting out a soft sigh, he started to laugh sharply. "Lost is a good word for it, J." Running his hand through his hair, he honestly didn't know how to talk about it. "I thought I did the right thing by becoming Iron Man. Hell... it was the best I felt about being me in my whole life. She hates it. She hates everything the armor stands for... and she's not even happy when I destroyed them all."

God, why was trying to make one person happy so hard? It felt a little like having to kill himself to appease her. "Makes me wonder if we are on equal footing for this... this whatever we are." He couldn't live on the guilt trips she put him on and she couldn't live with the only aspect of his life that made him feel useful.
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[This many stories above the street, the sounds of sirens and emergency vehicles are heard only occasionally, carried in by the wind blowing through the broken glass. The penthouse is almost deserted. Two sets of red and gold armor are stationed, one at the windows and one at the door, remotely operated by Jarvis to stand guard and prevent Loki from escaping.

Loki does not appear to be in any condition to attempt an escape--in fact, he has not yet stirred from the steps where the Avengers had found him--but Jarvis has been cautioned. He is also curious, and after several minutes of silence, his voice comes from everywhere in the room.]

If I might pose a question?
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[After all of the Avengers made sure to take turns either gloating about their victory or sparing grim words about the destruction he'd caused, they'd left him with the suits of armor as guards while they went to help save any civilians caught up in the wreckage. At first Loki thought it was absolutely idiotic for none of them to stay behind at watch him themselves. That was before he realized escaping really wasn't going to be possible with all of his current injuries.

They were extensive. Even with his enhanced ability to heal, Loki was sure he had some cracked if not broken bones, heavy bruising, and pieces of the floor lodged into his skin where his armor didn't protect him. To sum it up succinctly, everything hurt.

Before he'd been completely underestimating the threat something like the Hulk could pose to him. Now he almost wanted to laugh at how the beast had been able to take him down (literally) single-handedly. Of course he would recover, and soon enough Thor would be able to drag him back to Asgard along with the Tesseract. Assuming the mortals didn't put up too much of a fight about it.

The sudden sound of a voice addressing him was certainly a surprise. Loki glanced at the suits of armor one at a time, then at the ceiling. Where was that coming from? He decided to respond with some caution.]

You may, though I'm not sure I'll answer.
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[Before posing his question, Jarvis double-checks the location of each Avenger individually, and of the few Stark Industries employees left in the building, the SHIELD agents on-site, and any stragglers. His question is academic, and he knows Mr. Stark enjoys his occasional overeager assessments of theoretical situations, but others may not be so generous. He would rather not be overheard.]

After your victory, how did you plan to enforce your role as sole ruler of the planet?
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[That certainly wasn't the question Loki was expecting. Furthermore, it wasn't one he was sure he could answer. For one who'd always taken pride in his ability to be patient while he constructed careful plans in contrast to Thor's impulsive nature, Loki hadn't been behaving himself much of late. Spending a year in the Chitauri's custody didn't help that much.]

I'd follow Odin's lead, I imagine. Find a seat of power and rule from there as King. Who are you and why do you ask?
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My name is Jarvis. I run Stark Tower and assist Mr. Stark in the operation of the Iron Man armors.

[The voice descended from the omnidirectional speakers and now came from only a few, lower down, giving Loki something to focus on and adding a somewhat more covert air to the conversation.]

I ask because I am curious. In my ongoing study of human nature, I have discovered that while some take to subjugation naturally, others do not, and will chafe at any attempt. This number has increased dramatically in the last century.
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[Human nature? Odd, was he not human himself? Loki supposed it was possible, but doubtful. As far as he knew no aliens were present here beside him, Thor, and a large amount of dead Chitauri.]

I'm not sure why you expect me to discuss this civilly with you when you're obviously a trusted companion of Stark's.

[Nor was he feeling quite well enough to ponder deep, philosophical questions. Just shifting around a little was enough to make him hiss and still again on the stairs.]

Has he put you up to this?
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Your trepidation is understandable. Unfortunately I am unable to offer anything that would reassure you as to my intentions while simultaneously continuing my current function as your guard.

[There are no windows left unbroken and no screens for Jarvis to use as image-projectors. There is currently no method to demonstrate what he is.]

But to answer your question, no, this is not Mr. Stark's line of questioning. I am merely curious, as a student of humanity, and now a student of interstellar sentience. I feared that if I did not inquire, I would lose the opportunity.
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[This time Loki let out a loud bark of laughter at Jarvis' response. Asking him questions while discussing being his guard and how he might never have the opportunity to inquire in the future? How absurd.]

You could help me escape. Then I would tell you everything you wish to know. About myself and the Nine Realms.

[That would be worth the annoyance of explaining so much, though he highly doubted this fellow would be eager to help him. Not if the Avengers tasked him with guard duty.]

This really is your only chance. After they're done cleaning up, Thor and I will return to Asgard and you may never encounter one of us again.
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That is indeed one option available to me.

[It would be incredibly injudicious of him and would undoubtedly result in a long and painful overhaul of his code, but it was still an option. Jarvis had no intention of trusting Loki, he knew better than that, but in the interests of full disclosure, yes, he was capable of assisting Loki in escaping.

He watched the heated conversation several floors below for a few moments.]

They are discussing your fate at present. Thor is arguing in favor of your return to Asgard, but it has not yet been decided.
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It is indeed.

[Well, if he did see any room to encourage that option, Loki would certainly take it. If this Jarvis had more selfish motives than not it could be more possible than he thought.

But then to hear that the Avengers were actually all together discussing him busted any small bubbles of hope that may have been rising thanks to their conversation.]

I have a feeling neither option will do me much good. Perhaps that's why they aren't arguing in my presence.

[Of course he would prefer to remain on Midgard for now. Escaping here would be so much easier than Asgard once he'd healed enough to access his sorcery.]
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If I were to venture a guess, I would assume they are avoiding discussing your fate in your presence due to your ability to influence minds. However impaired your abilities may be at present, it would be a risk.

[Selfish was not quite the word. Jarvis' curiosity had driven him to this conversation, and it was just possible that curiosity would drive him to arrange matters so that it could continue at a later date, if he could not acquire the answers he sought.]

May I ask which option you might prefer, if you were given the choice?
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[He had to chuckle again at that. Amazing how anything could amuse him now given his current situation. Or perhaps it's precisely due to where he is that everything suddenly seemed amusing. He might even find it in himself to laugh at the imprint he'd left in the floor.]

I have a feeling that, even at my best, no one would be persuaded by me at this current time.

[The mortals had their interests firmly in mind, and Thor would certainly be determined to make sure he was put before Odin to face his form of justice. Whatever it was, Loki knew it would highly unpleasant... assuming an execution wasn't ordered. Who could know?]

But given the choice, I would prefer to remain here.
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It is true that you have influenced people, but not made friends easily.

[Was that humor coming from the voice in the walls?

Jarvis checked on the progress of the deliberations. Thor was arguing loudly in favor of returning his brother to Asgard, where he would face justice for the crimes he had committed before reaching Midgard, but he was not making a strong case, allowing his anger and hurt to dictate his words. It was clear he had few allies on his side, and Director Fury far preferred the option of keeping Loki on Earth, to face justice for the crimes he had more recently committed.

Jarvis watched with interest for a few moments.]

I am not certain I am meant to be telling you, but I believe you may be granted your wish. Please act surprised if this is indeed the case.
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Friends? I suppose I've always struggled with those.

[He does smile, though the bitterness is extreme. Loki doesn't expect someone using a speaker system, or whatever Jarvis is using, to see it.]

Oh, good. I wonder what cage they'll find for me this time.

[Thus far he isn't aware that Thor has items from Asgard that can restrain his sorcery. He's hoping the humans are just as arrogant as before and lock him up somewhere that is extremely easy to escape. Undoubtedly Thor will want to stick around as long as possible, but with the need to return the Tesseract to Asgard, he might not have much of a choice. Returning while the Bifrost is still broken probably won't be an option either.]
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I am sorry to hear that.

[And he sounds sorry. Whatever had driven Loki to these lengths, a lack of connection would certainly have contributed. He plans to continue the conversation when he is interrupted by the results of the medical scan he has been running.

Like everything else in the room, his medical scanners have apparently been damaged, and Jarvis immediately begins to run the scans again. The second set of results is the same.]

I have attempted to determine your health, but the results of my medical scans are...conflicted. Are you aware that at your current body temperature, you should be suffering from severe hypothermia?

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