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fluffernutters meme

what to do:
☆ post a comment
★ others use the magic RNG 1-10 to pick their fluffiness
☆ then fluff it out!

fluffy choices:
Tiny kisses For some reason or another, the person in front of you? Needs all of the kisses. All of them.
Love confession You feel the butterflies in your stomach, but there's no way you're going to back out telling that special someone how you feel right now.
Pillow talk You've just had the most fantastic sex (playing out is optional!) and now that you're both.
Sweets You are at the biggest tea party ever, and the table in front of you is just begging you both to clear it. Hope you guys like cake!
Picnic You and your main squeeze decide to spend the day in the park having a nice quiet picnic. Necking optional.
Star gazing It's a clear night out and you two are sharing a blanket to watch the stars.
Movie night Grab yo' sweetie and hunker down on the couch with a bowl of poppin corns to watch your favorite movie.
Cooking Your date night has to start with dinner! The two of you decide to cook a meal together and see how it goes.
Back together For whatever reason, you've broken up. But now, you've realized the error of your ways and want to get back together.
Rollers choice Pick one!
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[Guilt. There will probably always be guilt, try though Remus may to quell it. It's festered within him since that night in the Shack, only replacing the nagging doubt he'd had since Sirius was taken away.

That night had haunted him for years. The Ministry breaking into their home, sacking everything they'd so lovingly built together, and dragging Sirius off to his swift trial. He wasn't a Death Eater; Remus knew that in his heart for years. He'd even suspected that Lily and James' secret keeper had been switched to Peter, but he never could have imagined the entire scenario as it had actually gone down.

Though even through the thirteen years of doubt, he should have had more faith in Sirius. And it's that very guilt that's brought him to Sirius' bedroom door, satchel over his shoulder, to knock gingerly at the splintered wood. Number Twelve Grimmauld Place was in a sad state of disrepair, but damned if any of the Order had time to put into it.

Pad-- Er. Sirius? It's Remus. Are you in?
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[Sirius had retreated to his bedroom. Even here, in the room that had been his refuge for so many years, the memories are consuming. When he offered this house to Dumbledore he hadn't really expected him to send him here. If he had he may never have...

But Sirius offered it. He's here now and he would stay here for the foreseeable future. In this Ancient and Most Decrepit House.

It's not Azkaban. You don't have to think about these memories.

And yet he does. He can't not remember them. He should be cleaning the damn place and instead here he is sulking like the petulant child he was. Like...

When he hears Remus's voice Sirius does nothing at first. He wonders briefly if he's too lost in his memories, or maybe he's going mad, or...

But the next moment Sirius stands and quickly crosses the room so he can open the door. Standing there, mouth parted in shock, Sirius looks every bit like an escaped prisoner. Although he had improved since Azkaban, the last year had taken its toll, worrying over Harry, practically starving himself so he could keep a closer eye on him, but at least he had his freedom. Here he has nothing. At least, he had nothing.


[That's the only warning Remus gets before Sirius flings his bony arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug.]
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[Remus doesn't get a chance to respond before he's wrapped in Sirius' arms, held tightly, almost desperately. And not a moment later, Remus drops his own bag to do the same, holding the other man like a lifeline, fingers grasping at the back of his shirt. He's here now, Remus has to remind himself. Sirius is here, and Remus will not allow him to be taken again. But this--

Even after all this time, Sirius still smells the same. And Merlin, he's missed that scent; enough that he buries his nose into Sirius' hair and draws a deep breath, eyes falling shut. Once again, for the first time in a very long time, Remus has the feeling of being home again. Not so much in location as the simple fact that he's in Sirius' arms.

Sirius is home, wherever that may be. And the space where he hadn't been is already like the dull ache of a healing wound.

Remus can't manage to speak at first, any more than a barely-concealed whimper and a shuddering sigh. At length, he manages to work his mouth open, to find words that seem only barely adequate and break as they leave his lips:

I missed you.
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[Sirius laughs. It's short and cut off by an odd sound as his voice chokes, but it's the same one as always, that bark of a laugh. He buries his head in the crook of Remus's neck. He's fighting back tears but these aren't from misery. They're not from the soul crushing pain of loss or the agony of Azkaban. They're not because he's trapped in this damn house. They're because suddenly the world isn't half as dark now that Remus is here.

And so much is the same. After all these years, after Azkaban, so much is the same. Remus feels the same- Sirius had forgotten what it was like to hold him. He had run over the memories of their brief meeting in the Shrieking Shack, remembering their embrace, trying to stir up memories of before but every time he did they crumbled. It was like water in his hands, the harder he held it the faster it slipped away. But when he holds Remus like this he can remember.

He remembers comforting Remus after the full moon. He remembers pulling him close after making love. He
remembers and he never wants to let go.]

I missed you. [He speaks in little more than a whisper. His body shakes as if the admission has broken what little control he has over it.]
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When they said we were based here, I didn't know-- wasn't sure if you would.

[This house doesn't hold fond memories for Sirius. Remus would offer him a place in his own disused home, if he didn't think the man would stick stringently to Dumbledore's orders. Rather than that, if Sirius would have him, Remus resolved to stay here with him, to help ease away the bitter recollections of this place. Or perhaps Remus is giving himself too much credit. Perhaps Sirius wants nothing more than to be left alone.

Either way, if only to start, a very long game of catch-up is in order.

Padfoot, you brilliant man. [Remus reaches up to take Sirius' face in both his hands, brushing his thumbs over the scruff on his cheeks. He can't cry, he won't, he promises that to himself. Though it's an exceedingly difficult promise to keep when he looks into Sirius' eyes again.] All these years, and you're still bloody beautiful.
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[Sirius takes a deep breath. He has to steady himself. He's supposed to be the strong one. He used to be. He...

But inside Sirius knows that isn't true. He hasn't been any stronger than Remus. He might even have been the weaker one. He is now, unable to step back or let go.

And you're still a good liar.

[He smiles and takes in his former lover's features. He has the time to do it properly now. Remus is the same and different. Older, grayer, wearier but still Remus. Still the person he fell in love with.

Is it really that hard to believe Remus? After all, Sirius has always thought his lover was beautiful when most could never see what there was to find attractive. And nothing has changed. If anything, he finds Remus to be more beautiful, possibly the most beautiful thing he has ever seen since his escape. But what he wouldn't give to have been there for him. How many of those lines would be still be there if Sirius hadn't been so foolish? How many gray hairs? Who knew how much they had lost.

It finally hits Sirius what Remus's words might really mean. But he can't- he doesn't know if he can bring himself to hope. Not after everything that's happened. Not after everything he's done. He doesn't deserve this. He doesn't but he still wants it, wants Remus. He
needs him in a way he's never needed anyone before. But that doesn't mean he deserves him.]

Moony, I...
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[Remus tries to smile. Tries, and fails. It falters on his lips almost as soon as it graces them, because that look on Sirius' face is heartbreaking. A dull ache that only grows when the man speaks again. Sirius has always had that effect on him, with just a look making Remus want to tear his own heart out and give it over. If only he would smile again. A grin, a joke, anything to show Remus that he was at least some shred of the man he'd once been.

But that's too much to hope. It's a foolish thing, to imagine Sirius would want to simply pick back up where they left off. As if it would really be that easy. And Remus has not, by any means, come here expecting that from him. There's that guilt again, gnawing away at his chest. He's betrayed Sirius; allowed the man to be taken from him without a fight. He can't expect Sirius to forgive and forget that.

Though standing here feels closer to completeness than Remus has been in ages. There had been a hole somewhere, left by Sirius, hopelessly unable to be filled by anything less. But that empty part--

It doesn't ache so badly now.

I know. [That's all Remus can manage for a moment, quickly wiping his eyes on his sleeve. They're burning so badly but damned if he'll let tears fall.] It's...

[Remus' hands tremble where they'd come to rest on Sirius' shoulders. Finally, a tear, a gallant struggle though he'd made to keep it in.] Damn it, Sirius.
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[Sirius shakes his head. Without any conscious decision on his part, he wipes the tear from Remus's face. Once he would have kissed it away but that time has long since passed. He has to accept that.]

Don't. Please don't. You've cried enough because of me.

[Despite his words he's also on the verge of crying. For years he'd been beyond tears. Now when he does cry he can't stop them and that isn't how he wants this reunion to go. After all this time apart they should be happy they're together. But at such a cost... He almost wishes he couldn't remember what they had. He would never know what he had ruined.]

I'd give anything to change what happened. I never- [His voice breaks. It takes a moment for him to compose himself.] I never wanted to hurt you. I told you I wouldn't and I...

[So many broken promises. Because of him Lily and James died. Because of him Harry grew up without knowing his parents and without even a godfather's guidance. Because of him Remus was left alone to pick up whatever was left of the life Sirius had shattered.]
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[All at once, there are a million different things vying to burst from Remus' mouth. Some firm scolding that Sirius has no reason to apologize. An apology of his own for ever doubting the man from the start. A lamentation that he had not fought for Sirius when he knew -- knew beyond the shadow of a doubt -- that he would never have betrayed James' trust.

And instead, he'd abandoned Sirius just like the rest of them.

Don't apologize for that, you-- [Remus has to pause, to swallow hard against the choked sob that's threatening to escape his throat.] I'd have done the same, given the situation. I doubt I'd have even bothered with a wand, just-- ripped his throat out with my bare hands.

[Or teeth. Despite all his progress to the contrary, Remus is still a wolf at heart, and that temper of his can be explosive when he's driven to the absolute edge.

Remus presses his forehead to Sirius' closes his eyes in some vain hope that the proximity won't allow the man to see those tears that continue to fall.

I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have-- Should never have doubted you.

[I never stopped loving you. The words are hanging in the air, practically palpable. Certain things between them are simply instinct.]
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If I'm not allowed to apologize you're not either.

[It's all forgiven. A part of him still hurts at how quickly it all fell apart, with no one to stand by him or even give him the chance to explain. The rest of him knows that he didn't give them any choice. Pettigrew planned it too well and Sirius walked right into the trap as if he was the rat. And even if Remus had believed him what good could he have done? Crouch probably would have used it as an excuse to throw him in Azkaban as well, or worse. No, Sirius can't blame Remus for that. Especially not when Sirius suspected him of being the traitor.

Sirius closes his eyes and leans against Remus. For a moment he's 22 again, back in the flat they shared, and hopelessly in love. He forgets where he is. He forgets everything that's happened. He leans forward and nuzzles Remus's nose. It's not a gesture from Sirius Black but from Padfoot and the message is clear:
I love you.]
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[It hurts too much, gives Remus far too much hope given the already frail and fragile nature of this closeness. Because even if it's only in Remus' mind, this entire thing feels as if it will fall apart at any second, and that's the last thing he wants right now. For perhaps the first time in his life, Remus is very sure of himself, and by extension very sure that he doesn't care if someone happens to step out into the hallway just now. To remain in Sirius' arms, to feel complete again for just a little longer.

It aches, though. Deeply and with that same gnawing sensation that once picked apart his resolve as a teenager. He's back there alongside Sirius, hovering just a breath away, struggling to remember why he shouldn't be allowing this. Because for all the world, this feels like what's meant to happen, the way it's supposed to be.

But he's told himself that he won't let Sirius be taken from him again. That involves taking him back in the first place.

Damn it, Padfoot. Are you going to kiss me or not?
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[Sirius doesn't give himself enough time to second guess this. As soon as the word leaves his lips he tilts his head and kisses Remus. The moment he does his knees nearly buckle. The kiss opens doors to new memories, far too many to count. It's no wonder that Sirius couldn't remember them. This is- he can't possibly describe how he feels. Since his escape there was only one time when he felt truly happy, the night they caught Pettigrew, before it all fell apart. The emotion is as intense now as it was then.

Remus's lips feel both familiar and unfamiliar, new and old, soothing and unsettling. Sirius doesn't know how to process the feelings swelling inside him. It's incomprehensible. It's frightening. But oh God, he wants more.

His lips part slightly, almost hesitantly, and his hand moves to the back of Remus's neck while the other presses against his back and pushes him closer.
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[Finally. Finally. Closer, bodies flush, the scent of Sirius filling his world, the taste of him-- Oh, that taste. Remus can't even rationalize in his own mind all the reasons he's missed this, or how terribly he'd needed this, simply to keep himself sane. He knows he hasn't been complete, not in a very long time, but he hadn't quite realized just how much of his own mind had been utterly broken until now.

This is not a kiss. Not so simply. It's years untold of living in silent despair, it's the anguish and the guilt of living without Sirius, it's the hundreds of fresh scars both without and within, all washed away and absolved with the meeting of their lips. It feels like becoming a new person, one he wasn't able to find without the better part of himself, without Sirius. The person he used to be, the happy one.

Remus has to part himself from Sirius after a few moments. It's too much, and a shuddering sob -- all that pain, finally released -- falls across Sirius' mouth.

Don't-- [Remus grasps Sirius' hair, both hands pressed to the back of the man's head.] I won't let them take you again, you hear me?
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[Sirius runs his fingers through Remus's hair. Tears spill over onto his face. His throat is burning. He presses his lips against Remus's in a brief kiss. There's a moment's pause before he speaks, voice quiet but calm.]

I'm not leaving you. I won't doubt you. I won't- [His voice cracks but after a short pause he continues.] I won't ruin everything this time. I promise.

[He doesn't care what he has to do to keep this promise. He's broken so many in his life but this is a new start. He can never change the past but he will do anything and everything to keep it from repeating.]

I love you.
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I love you.

[Spoken with a smile, a laugh, and another quiet sob. Remus doesn't know what his emotions are doing, why they're spilling out of him without a whit of rhyme or reason to them. It's too much joy, too much relief to be contained in such an unsuited vessel as his body. One lingering kiss later, Remus finally manages a deep, shuddering breath, wiping his beneath Sirius' eyes with the sleeve of his shirt.]

Look at us. Fine pair we make, blubbering like fools in the middle of the corridor...
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["I love you." Words that for a long time, what felt like an eternity, Sirius never thought he would hear again. There were moments when he wasn't sure he had ever heard them at all.

He knows that there's a good chance this will all end badly. It's not just the war that's all ready started. It's not the fact that either one of them might die (or worse, if the Ministry ever finds Sirius). Over a decade ago their relationship and the life they built together had splintered from strain, suspicion, and doubt. The foundation is still there, buried beneath the rubble. They still love each other but when so much has changed who can say if they will still love each other one month from now? One week? One day?

But Sirius's heart is louder. This is Moony. He's known this man since they were both children. He's loved him for years. Despite everything that's happened and despite all the changes they've gone through, Sirius still knows Remus better than he knows himself. He'll make it work this time.

So in spite of his tears he smiles and strokes Remus's cheek. Has anything ever felt so right?

If you step inside my room I guarantee it will make you laugh. [A ghost of a grin passes over his face as he speaks. He thinks of the posters lining the walls of his bedroom.]
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[Remus is reluctant to stop away, to release his hold on Sirius now that he finally has the man again. It still seems so tenuous, like something could take the man again at any moment, without any warning. That's how it had gone the first time, after all. He has to remind himself -- or perhaps simply trick himself into thinking -- that it won't happen now. That Sirius is here and they have time, tonight at the very least, to enjoy each other.

They can put the rest of the world on hold for now. It seems irresponsible, but this is something they both need after such a painful separation.

At length, Remus manages to draw himself away and shoulder his bag again as he slips into the room. Sirius is right; the state of the place earns a quiet chuckle from Remus. Despite the fact that knows Sirius has been living here for a spell, the place doesn't look like it's been touched since the '70s. There's a hint of nostalgia in his smile.

Ah, glam rock. How I've missed you.
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[Ah the posters, the bikes, the bands, the pictures of nearly naked women. That's always enough to earn a laugh from Sirius. Well, at least for now. In time even that will grow stale.]

I put a permanent sticking charm on everything so my mum wouldn't tear them down. [Sirius's voice is deceptively light.] I can't believe she left everything else.

[Unlike the rest of his house, his room is full of crimson and gold, Gryffindor colors. The curtains on the four poster bed, the walls, just about everything. There's a reason Sirius has chosen this room to hide lock himself in, as he had every summer.

When he first came it was unchanged and it remains that way. He can't imagine why his parents would have preserved it. Maybe they couldn't stand the thought of him to the point that they ignored the room's existence. Maybe deep down they had cared after all. After enduring the screams of his mother's portrait, he finds the latter hard to believe.

I used to dream of you and James showing up here and taking me away. [Of course in his dreams Peter had been with them but the less said of him the better. Sirius's blood still burns thinking of him free while Sirius is locked away in this house. And if he thinks about what he did to Harry...

He can't think about that now. Not with Remus here.
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I wish we could have.

[Remus drops his bag on the floor and sinks down on the edge of the bed, eyes still wandering ceaselessly, taking it all in. This is where Sirius grew up. This is where he spent his youngest years, where he played as a child, where he first struggled with his family. These were the things he liked, the bands he listened to. Somehow, it's exactly as Remus imagined. Sirius isn't a predictable sort, but Remus has always known him well enough to have him pegged.

It makes his chest ache again. Sitting there, on Sirius' old bed, he imagines just that scenario. Himself and James, parking brooms outside that very window he's peering out of, stealing Sirius away from the abuse and keeping him safe, just as they'd done for Remus. Why couldn't they have done that for him? Remus turns his gaze on Sirius again, reaching out to him with one scarred hand.

I'm sorry we never did.
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[Sirius takes Remus's hand and sits down next to him.]

My parents never would have allowed it.

[Not that what they wanted mattered. If his friends had come here then Sirius is sure he would have had the courage to leave this damn house earlier. He has no regrets about turning his back on his family... No, he has one. He wishes he could have taken his brother with him but Regulus was as set in his ways as Sirius. He never would have listened. That's what he keeps telling himself.]

It was a long time ago.

[He keeps telling himself that too. Over and over again. His mother is dead. His father is dead. Regulus is dead. He doesn't understand why it still hurts.]

Besides, you're here now.
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I am.

[The assurance is for himself as much as for Sirius. Remus is here. Sirius is here. So many nights, Remus lay awake doubting that would ever happen again. Being in the same room, holding his hand, smiling at him; it all feels like such a novelty. Unreal, and Remus is still wondering when he's going to wake up from this beautiful dream.

Remus' eyes mark the strands of grey scruff on Sirius' face, count the lines next to his eyes and the silver streaking his hair. They're not young men anymore. That alone is surreal. They were young once, just like this. Remus envies those boys they used to be. They could never have imagined what came to pass back then, never would have thought Peter capable of such atrocity, never fathomed they would be parted for thirteen unbearable years.

You smell the same. [Remus remarks, drawing Sirius' hand close, pressing his nose to the man's wrist and closing his eyes. Scent is an important thing, between them; something lingering from their canine forms.]
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It's probably the only thing about me that hasn't changed.

[He regrets saying that immediately. They're all ready on shaky ground. If Sirius calls any more attention to how damaged he is, how much is wrong then Remus may very well change his mind and then... He doesn't know what he'll do then.

Sirius leans in to nuzzle Remus's neck. It's easier to fall back on instincts. It always has been. And if he relies too much on canine instincts then that's just one more scar from Azkaban. Padfoot could deal with the pain when Sirius Black couldn't.

He takes a deep breath and Remus's scent fills his lungs.

Just the same. [He whispers, pressing a kiss to Remus's throat.]
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[They've both changed. One look at either of them is enough to know that. It can't be the same, Remus knows; and while part of him aches for what used to be, some greater part of him -- the mature part -- knows that while it can't be exactly the same, that doesn't mean it can't be good anyway.

Remus slips an arm around Sirius' waist, tugging the man down with him as he collapses on the bed. It's comfortable here, perhaps only because the scent, the presence of Sirius, is surrounding him. He curls close, tucking Sirius' head beneath his chin and stroking the man's hair with one hand.

We can't change what happened. We can't be what we were. [He presses a kiss to the crown of Sirius' head.] But we can be something different. We can make new memories. If you're willing...
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[Lying there, curled up against Remus, Sirius feel something he hasn't felt in a long day, even before Azkaban. He feels safe.

He slips his hand under Remus's shirt and slowly slides it up over his chest. He can't remember exactly how it felt before but he knows that some of the scars there are new. There are so many things he's forgotten. So many memories he's not sure he will ever get back. The past is gone. The future is uncertain. All he has is the present- and hope.

Of course I am. For as long as you'll have me.
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That's an awfully long time, Padfoot. I think we'll both be gone by the time I'll stop having you.

[Remus doesn't even know where to start, how to go about filling Sirius in on the years he's missed. There's no rightful way to do so without seeming indelicate. If he's honest with himself, there's not much to tell. Nothing of much merit. Aside from his year teaching at Hogwarts, the past fourteen years have been a rather painful and empty existence without Sirius and Peter, James and Lily.

Their loss, all four of them, had been so earth-shattering, traumatic. Moreso because Remus didn't want to draw attention to himself in light of everything else. James, Lily, and Peter, all supposedly murdered, Sirius carted off to Azkaban for what Remus thought would be life. And Harry, alive. Amidst all that chaos, no one thought of the man who'd been left behind. Remus never expected them to.

Learning to live with that had not been easy. Wandering as the ghost of himself, yearning for companionship that would never prove to be quite enough. It wasn't until Dumbledore offered him a position at Hogwarts that Remus managed to find meaning in his life again, only to have that taken away from him too.

The Order, and Sirius. This is all he has left. And blissfully, that's more than enough.

Remus has to bite his lip, to suppress the shiver that Sirius' fingers draw from him. The new scars are more sensitive than the old, and Remus' face colors as those familiar hands slide past them.

Do you remember? [Remus asks gently, guiding Sirius' hand over his own chest, down his side. His shirt rides up against the man's arm.] What I look like, under these shabby clothes?

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