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Once Upon a Dream

(I Met You) Once Upon a Dream

Dreams are complicated and amazing, aren't they? They can be fascinating, fantastical, boring, scary, comforting. You can meet people that are gone from your life, there, or even - sometimes - dream of people who you don't know, yet.

So this is just it. Meeting in a dream.

Warning: some of the prompts should be better avoided by the younger crowd, for sexual, violent, or body horror reasons.

How to Play
- Comment with your character and preferences.
- Reply to others.
- Have fun.
- Make sure you leave people a way out. It may be a dream, but don't tag into a stranger's open prompt with something that might be explicitly disturbing or way too intimate without checking in with them, first.

There are two major categories.
I. In a dream.
II. After you wake up.

They have different prompts, but you're free to mix and match as desired - and the prompts are merely suggestions, after all. Go wild!

I. In a dream.

A. Kind of dream.
1. Mundane
2. Fluffy
3. Hot
4. Sad
5. Memory, or close enough
6. Nightmare
7. Fantastical
8. Free for your imagination.
9. Special! It's a winter wonderland!

B. Kind of meeting.
1. You know them in life. You meet them normally - friends, allies, acquaintances, coworkers...
2. They were once part of your life, but they're not, any longer. Left for good, you fought, they're no longer living...
3. Strangers.
4. Enemy! Defend yourself! Or maybe reach a truce.
5. Free for your imagination.

C. Kind of dream experience.
1. You are as you are in the waking dream - same gender, abilities, etc.
2. You're enhanced - you can do things you don't, when awake, like flight or supernatural strength or knowing a different language, or something else that you normally lack.
3. You're depowered - whether you have special abilities and they don't work in the dream, or you're lacking something else that you usually have - sight, mobility, speech...
4. You're physically changed - different gender, different race...
5. You're a different age - younger or older.
6. Free for your imagination.

II. After you wake up.
A. Kind of dream.
1. It was a lovely dream. You have a great feeling that stays with you after it.
2. It was a horrible dream. Nightmare, or it just went on and on...
3. It was a confusing dream. You're not sure how to feel about it.
4. You don't really remember much about it. But you think there was something...
5. Free for your imagination.

B. Kind of an encounter.
1. Expected - bedfellow, roommate, friend, colleague, and you get to tell them about the dream.
2. New - you met that person in the dream! Or they're just a stranger you feel like you should share the dream with.
3. Impossible - how is that person even there?
4. Enemy - why them? Why now?
5. Free for your imagination.

C. Anything else you want!
Did you wake up with a skill or ability you didn't have? A new fear? A secret you never knew before?

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