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Let's be bad guys

Some days just scream for mayhem, mischief and general badness. Today is that day. Everyone gets to enjoy the perks of being the ‘bad guy’ and indulge in some bad behavior with your partner in crime. Here’s the drill:

1. Comment and indicate your character’s name, fandom and who you're open to (i.e.: OTA, Canon mates only, etc).
2. Pick another character to comment to and pick a prompt for you two to indulge, mix and match, or RNG out some bad behavior.
3. Have fun!

WARNING: This meme has the potential to be dark should writers take that way. Remember, it’s about being bad so that means there could be murder, assault, general violence, smut, swearing and possibly even puppy kicking. Okay, not the last one (seriously, animals are adorable please don’t kick them) but definitely the former and more so consider yourself warned.

1: Armed robbery – Your pocket is feeling a little light so it’s time to get a withdrawal from your local 7-11 or liquor store or bank or whatever. Of course, all great heists are done in pairs so it’s time for some teamwork!

2: Shoplifting – Time to indulge in a five finger discount and naturally you’re going to need to someone to be your lookout, right? Whether they want to be or not because someone’s got to keep the shop clerk busy.

3: Street brawl – You want to fight and you don’t care with whom. Pick a fight with a random passerby, the person who looks at you funny or even your partner if you’re so inclined. Just don’t be surprised when the cops drop by to break it up.

4: Con job – The perfect con isn’t just a criminal act, it’s an art form. Be smooth, be slick and together you two might just manage to pull this off. Or maybe you won’t but either way it’ll be fun finding out.

5: Homicide – Maybe there’s someone you want out of your life but you need help bumping them off. Maybe it was an accident that left you two dealing with a dead body. Maybe you’re hit men/women for hire. The point is someone’s going to die thanks to you and your partner.

6: Car theft – Nothing like a joy ride to spruce up a boring night so take your partner out for a high speed chase. Will you get arrested? Or get away from the cops? Or pull a Thelma and Louise?

7: Break and enter – Are you a creepy thief breaking into some poor person’s house? Or a international art thief breaking into a highly guarded mansion? Or maybe you’re just some punk kids breaking into an abandoned house for shits and giggles? The choice is yours!

8: World domination – Screw this petty criminal shit, you like to go big or go home and what’s bigger than world domination? Channel your inner Dr. Evil and set about crushing the world governments under your thumb. Of course, world domination is easy said than done.

9: Choose your own adventure! – Make up a criminal act of your own or pick something from the list. GO NUTS!
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