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Coffee shop AU meme

The weather is getting cold and what's better for batting off that chill than a nice hot beverage in a place with comfy chairs and a barista who knows your favourite combo?


1) Customer. You spent ages choosing your drink, lining up for it and now there are no more tables. Great. As a result, you have to look for somewhere to sit while balancing that tray laden with your drink of choice and tasty pastry in your hands. Looks like you've got no other choice than to ask that person with the spare seat at their table.

3) Barista. An employee of this fine establishment, if nothing else, knows how to brew coffee. We hope. Maybe you're the best barista in the world. Or maybe you barely know how the machine works and instead make up for it by coming up with hilarious names on people's paper cups. Either way, you work here and go through the daily grind.

4) Student. It's no secret that students congregate in droves towards coffee shops for a combination of free wifi and caffeine. Whether in a group or on your own, the laptops and papers are out in full force. Whether any work is actually getting done is another question.

5) Early Morning Rush. It's first thing and you're crabby. All you want is your coffee and you will kick, punch and claw your way for that cup of black gold. And it looks like you're not the only one feeling this way. Are you going to let that person stealthily cut in front of you?!

6) Not A Coffee Person. Maybe you just want to try coffee for the first time. Or you're a tea drinker who is rethinking their views on coffee. You're canvassing for opinions, and that can range from outright asking other customers to hovering over tables to monopolizing the barista for a good 5 minutes, holding up the line.

7) Coffee Date. Asking people out to a coffee is the easiest thing in the world. Or is it? Whether it's with a friend or something more romantic, a coffee date is a good opportunity to connect with people and talk about whatever comes to mind.

8) Late Nights. The evening sky is dark and there's hardly anybody left in the coffee shop. Closing time is not for a while yet, but a stillness has settled over everyone. It's that time of night where anything can happen.

9) Free For All. Or if all else fails, just make your own scenario!