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Tribute to the Gods

( an AU smut meme )

From the beginning of time, people have worshipped the gods of their choosing by offering sacrifices. The reasons - forgiveness, for good fortune, a prosperous crop season- varied, as did the mode of showing such reverence. In some cultures, a simple feast would suffice. In others, those nations more prone to violence and warfare, blood was called for.

Now, the gods once again call for bodies to be offered, but no entrails will be spilt. Instead, they ask for carnal pleasure. Why they need sex, no one knows. Whether it be for entertainment, to inspire fealty, or even in order to keep their powers, they require tribute all the same. Often, "younger" gods will need more sacrifices and more followers, while more established and older gods become known for individualized sex acts and habits. For the mortals, not only is being given by your people a great honor, but being a sex tribute to the gods has its perks. Pleasing a god will win extra special blessings, and, tales say, some gods will fall in love with their partners and keep them by their side, an action that means bestowing immortality.

So, where does your character fall in all this? Are they a mortal? A god? This is an AU, so all characters can be twisted into gods, somehow: ie, the Starks from GoT could be primal, barbarian winter gods while the Homestuck trolls could be elder gods from the outer rim of space. Is the sacrifice consensual, or is there a reluctant human or a god who wishes they didn't have to bother involved? Most importantly, is the sex good enough to earn benefit for all?

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and info. If you're AUing your character into being a god, feel free to include some details like what their element or domain would be, family matters/pantheons, if they're young/old, how they feel about the whole tribute process, what they especially like, what it's like to outlive lovers, if they have worshippers, their nature in general, and etc. Go nuts and have fun.
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