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Alternate Universe Meme

The Alternate Universe Meme

How To Play
1. Post with Your Character, name and canon in the subject line.
2. Feel free to mention which AUs you’re willing or not willing to play in the body of the comment.
3. Tag by rolling for an Alternate Universe setting using rng.
4. Or Tag by picking whatever AU you’d like to play in most.
5. Have fun!

Alternate Universes
i - All Human: In an All Human AU, characters who are canonically vampires, werewolves or superheroes, are now humans, with corresponding changes to their backstories.

ii - Apocalypse: A portmanteau of "apocalypse fic", apocafic is fiction set during or after some sort of apocalypse, or end of the world. Some canons carry a built-in apocalypse against which the protagonists are fighting: in apocafic, they lose. For example, apocafic in Stargate and X-Files is usually set after the alien occupation; Supernatural apocafic is set on a demon-controlled Earth.

iii - Band: An alternate universe in which the characters are members in, or form a band. Often, the instruments they plan and their roles in the band are analogous to their canon identities. For example, Tony Stark might be cast as the fame-hungry lead singer who is also a musical genius, or River Tam might be a classically trained pianist who, after a terrible experience at Julliard, writes songs for Mal Reynold's grunge rock band, Serenity.

iv - Circus: Circus AUs are a popular trope in fanfic and sometimes fanart. Using a circus as a setting means introducing the characters to each other in a close-knit community. That can help break down barriers between them and make them bond together against the outside world which may not understand them as well as the other characters do. It also brings a sense of adventure and the idea that this world may have different rules and everything is possible. A circus can also be a good place for characters to go undercover and meet the love of their lives.

v - Coffee Shop: The Barista AU (or coffeeshop AU, or the closely related bakery AU) is a popular fanfiction trope in LiveJournal fandoms. In most cases, one half of the main pairing is the barista and the other is or becomes their favorite customer; in some stories the whole cast works at a coffee shop. This trope is especially popular in fandoms where one character is very attached to coffee, either in canon or in fanon, or is frequently stressed.

vi - College/High School: College Fic is a popular genre of fanfic (less often a genre of fanart) that places characters together in college or another secondary institution such as the Starfleet Academy in Star Trek fic (then called "Academy Fic"). This can be canon stories, for example backstory if characters have or could have met during college, or College AUs, similar to High School AUs. In science fiction, historical or fantasy fandoms the present day College AU is a popular subgenre of the Modern AU that puts fantastic or historical characters in more mundane everyday settings.

vii - Cop/Detective: An alternate universe in which the characters are cast as cops or investigators of some kind. Often, the canon villain is also cast as the villain in the story. This might be set in modern times, or in a noir-like environment, complete with gangsters and femme fatales.

viii - Daemons: His Dark Materials is a fantasy trilogy by Philip Pullman. The trilogy consists of The Golden Compass (1995; published in the UK as Northern Lights), The Subtle Knife (1997), and The Amber Spyglass (2000). There are currently two companion novellas: Lyra's Oxford (2003) and Once Upon A Time In The North (2008). A movie adaptation of the first book was released in theatres in late 2007. Humans have their souls living outside their body in the form of an animal companion. Males have female souls and females have male souls. The animals often correspond to the character’s personality.

ix - Fantasy: An alternate universe populated with fantastical characters like elves, dwarves, unicorns, sorcerers, and dragons. Canon characters might be cast as analogous races (e.g. Clint Barton or Katniss Everdeen as elf archers) or they might be humans in a fantastical setting. Characters also might be able to secretly shape-shift into another form, like a dragon, and therefore is related closely to were/vampire/supernatural AUs.

x - Historical: A historical AU is a fanwork which moves characters into a different historical period than their canon setting. Typically this involves taking "contemporary" characters (from the late 20th Century or 21st Century) and putting them in an earlier historical period (such as the 19th Century or before). Popular settings for historical AUs include: Pirates, America's Old West, Britain's Regency period, Ancient Rome, a vague facsimile of medieval England such as Robin Hood, and many others.

xi - Hooker/Porn/Stripper: Hookerfic is a type of fanfic where one or more of the characters is a sex worker. There are many different types of hookerfic, ranging from more realistic depictions to the more common Pretty Woman-type fantasy of a hooker with a heart of gold, rescued from life on the streets by a client. Sex work of all kinds is portrayed—brothels, escorts, street prostitution, "call-girls" as well as strippers and go-go boys.

xii - Magic: Magic AUs are alternate universe fanworks that incorporate magic in fandoms where there is no magic present in canon. (Or in some cases, fanworks that make a canon with magic more magical.) They differ from Elf AUs in that there may be magic without any elves showing up, and are opposites of All Human and Mundane AUs.

xiii - Neighbors/Roomates: An alternate universe where the canon characters live next-door to one another, or in the same apartment building or complex, or in the same apartment. Often, this is also an all-human AU, if the canon characters are powered in some way. The forced proximity is usually used to create romantic tension between characters.

xiv - Space/Sci-Fi: A space AU is an alternate universe where a source set on Earth is transported into space; works are often referred to as "[Fandom] in SPAAAAAAAAACE!" The trope can be a form of crackfic, but often includes surprisingly serious reinterpretations of the most earthbound of sources, particularly historical fiction written or set before space exploration. Cyberpunk trappings such as robots, cyborgs and AIs are often included.

xv - Steampunk: Steampunk was originally a term for a sub-genre of speculative fiction that imitated 19th Century "scientific romances" like the work of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Later, the term was applied to a general aesthetic involving styles that would be "futuristic" from the perspective of the 19th Century. Steampunk appears in fanworks as both a genre and an aesthetic. There are some fandoms for which the canon is steampunk(-ish), e.g. The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, but more often it is found as steampunk alternate universe.

xvi - Western: The Western is a genre of fiction set in the later half of the 19th century in the Western part of North America, especially the United States, but also Canada and Mexico. Sometimes also included in the genre are stories about Western-type characters and plots in other settings, e.g. "Space Westerns" (in science fiction settings) and Contemporary Westerns (set in the western part of contemporary North America).

xvii - Were/Vamp/Supernatural: A reversal of the All-Human, in these fics characters who are normally human are now supernatural creatures of some kind the most common being werewolves or vampires.

Taken From Here.

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Warren Peace | Sky High | OTA

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[San Fransokyo is one helleva place to be these days. It was never calm, no matter what the white cops and the Bible thumpers at their Western style churches smack dab in the middle of Japanese neighborhoods would tell you. The 20's, the 40's, everything is always in a state of upheaval. Chinese illegal immigrants finding they're not welcome in this place the Japanese-American population has carved out for themselves pre and post-WW2 have formed another gang to add to the long and undistinguished list the place already had. Uptown, Nisei Japanese are protesting against housing discrimination through the night while downtown the hustle and bustle of bars, little diners and people playing instruments on sidewalks (inevitably requests for Hayamerarenai or Shugakusei) go on uninterrupted. New York City never sleeps, but San Fransokyo doesn't go to bed until it's three in the morning.

At it stands it's only ten at night, a hot spring night with the promise of a scorcher of a summer coming. Tadashi would ditch his dark turquoise trenchcoat if it weren't so handy at concealing weapons and making him cut a more intimidating figure than he actually is at heart. The call came in at around nine forty, and he'd booked it for the scene of the latest crime, stopping only to pick up Warren. As far as partners go, a guy could do worse than Warren Peace. He's not the greatest at people skills sometimes, but he's never thought twice about working with a Nisei hafa man, and the lack of prejudice is half the reason Tadashi Hamada has passed on offers to work more prestigious cases and with other partners. The other half of that reason might be something to do with how he and Warren balance each other out, trading snark and throwing optimism and pessimism (Warren calls it realism) at each other in turn. There's an easy friendship there after these past six months of working with him that Tadashi leaves unremarked on, because they're not the kind of guys to talk about that stuff.

And now certainly isn't the time. The latest case is like all the rest, another gangster tied up, gagged and burned to death. This one was a particularly well thought out one; what remains of the scar on his burnt black neck indicates the vocal chords had been punctured before the burning. Keep the noise down, and in a back alley like this it'd just be another fire in the night the homeless have been known to huddle around.

If the diner owner hadn't come out to take out the trash, she'd never have found the guy until morning. Tadashi almost wants a cigarette at the sight in front of him but smoking in front of a guy who burned to death seems too cruel somehow, so he turns to Warren instead.]

Well, what'd you think? Copycat, or the real guy? It's getting harder to tell at the rate this case keeps stacking up.
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[Sometimes Warren wonders why the hell he got into this gig. There were better paying jobs out there, if he chose to look for them. Hell, even some of the shadier areas of work would pay great for a guy of his skill set and face. San Fransokyo made out to be a place of great moral value during the day but at night? At night its real face came out and it was dark, dirty, and looking for the depravity it tried to hide in the light. He was good at what he did though]

[They were good at what they did. Him and Tadashi; only guy he'd work with on the type of cases they'd get thrown their way. Scum stuck to the bottom of your shoe and you couldn't get rid? They were the guys who found out who put it there in the first place and then got it sorted. He knew Tadashi coulda got better partners, better jobs, but he stuck with the screw ball who kept shoving himself down the food chain. Speakin' with the Chinese like you were one of them didn't work well in the community, an' Warren was never one for playing with the community]

[He bent down to look at the burnt man, the reek of the flesh catching the inside of his nose. If this had been the first time, if he'd had a weaker stomach, he'd probably be getting rid of that cheap junk that he'd called a dinner. Instead he just looked at the corpse - that's all it was - with dark eyes, and stood back up, putting on his hat against the start of the drizzle. He'd always been good with burnt things - anything to do with fire, an' he seemed to get called out. Maybe he oughta get cards made.]

Same guy. Too many details for a copy cat to get just right, an' I don't think the pigs have been squealin' about that little scar all the corpses got. No gang markings though. Don't think this guy had been in the game too long; think he's been the wrong place at the right time for our guy.
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[The Hamada family was never one to hold anything against the Chinese or the people that ran with them. One quarter Ainu on his paternal grandmother's side, one quarter Japanese, half white, Tadashi had grown up seeing all the ways people divided and how little good it did them. On nights where the sky's clear and he's got some old jazz record on, he reflects things are getting a little better, try and find some hope in that, try to believe all the protests uptown and at the university are gonna change all this for the better.

Nights like this, though, where it drizzles and clouds cast San Fransokyo into grays broken up by the cold orange light of streelamps, he's not so optimistic. You'd think, after having been at this job for this long, he would've learned to look at the body as a corpse, but he still feels a twisting in his gut. Every guy they find is someone's son, brother, friend, father, something. They coulda changed, he'll argue with Warren later on the drive to get back to their apartments when tonight's over. A lotta guys do time in the slammer and get straightened out. It isn't right that their futures get taken away from them like this.

This case is hitting pretty close to home, of course. Warren knows Tadashi's parents died in a house fire that was definitely arson, probably by some racist scumbags who didn't think a Japanese man and a white woman should be raising a family together. It's why this case fills him with such fascination and unease, and obsessive interest that probably isn't healthy. Although Warren's never opened up about his past - Tadashi hasn't asked him to, he trusts him well enough as is - he's gotta be thinking about Tadashi's as the Japanese man pours over every detail with eyes.

'Look for a new angle' had always been his motto, the way of thinking that enabled him to crack cases. It had also been scrawled in nearly perfect, flared kanji on a piece of paper left in Tadashi's apartment with no sign of a break-in to facilitate getting the damned thing in. There's something about it that makes him anxious but also begs for a memory to be recalled. (Didn't he used to write letters to his imaginary friend as a kid...?)

He shakes his head, looking at the poor man on the ground.]
This is getting out of hand. Think there's any clues we can get off him on what happened? I got a... possible lead I want to go over. Privately.

[It's San Fransokyo; the alleys have ears. Unfortunately for these victims, the thing about fire is it eats away at all the identifying markers and traditional pieces of evidence that clue them in to who's their guy. That's why this case is the bane of the city; the usual rules of crime solving don't apply here.]
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[Warren looks back down at the corpse, and something comes to his mind. He's stopped counting how many he's seen. This corpse is just the latest in the long string he's been seein' all his life, whether it just be because he always lived on the 'bad side' of town, or at the hands of his old man. There's a part of him that wonders if he'll ever get around to telling Tadashi that little golden nugget. That his old man was one of the biggest murderers this side of the Atlantic, and that once upon a time, Warren was meant to be following in his meticulous cleaned up footsteps. He could still do it, he reckoned. Gut a mun and leave no trace on the outside. Get someone to poison themselves happily, and go home and give the same crap to their loving family and leave a note to say it was all their own choice. Was he the type of guy who could do that?]

[Who knew what a man could be under the right - or wrong - circumstances. He pulled the leather coat closer around him, the drizzle still falling. He always hated the rain. It got any heavier, the cops would lose any chance they had at clues off of this corpse. He kneels again, pulling out the leather gloves and picking up the charred flesh to inspect it. His eye look along the burns with no reaction. Looks like something some of the better joints would sell for a killin'. Well... that's an angle, though it ain't the one they want right now]

Burned close enough to kill the flesh, not too close to get to the bone. Could probably pull an ID from the teeth if ya tried, but that ain't what we're here for.

[There's still scraps of fabric on the ground, and Warren pushes his fingers through them, picking a larger piece up to look at. His eyebrow raises, almost impressed, and he shows it up to Tadashi, flicking it through the gloved fingers]

Woulda be fine wool if it was intact. Guy came into good money lately. This is the sort of stuff the uptown yobs wear when they wanna impress whatever dame they're trying to slide the silk stockings off. And we're not messing with that imitation stuff here.

[Talkin' of dames... Nah, that ain't worth wasting his head on. He'd get back too deep into the bottle if he thought about it again. Warren continued to shift through the scraps, finding nothing of real value but a few charred bits of paper. Out of habit, he lifts them. They don't have anything close to a real lab, but he knows a few people downtown. Couple of the lab rats who owe him, or who keep him onside.]

[Some reps don't die when you bury them]

It's not gonna talk. Not to us.
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Any of the paper scraps say anything? Address, some business card, just a scribble? The two uptown gangs who're doing open recruitment at the moment are the Moloniyas and and Mafia. That's not a 50/50 chance of being wrong I'm willing to take. [The Moloniya gang had been such a minor blip on the radar when Tadashi was a kid growing up with his Aunt Cass. They made the radio news every so often back then as they did the dishes together, but nowadays they're a full on white-supremacist nightmare. Russian-run at the top, white all the way down, they're not helping the racial tensions in this city.

Call it sick but Tadashi actually has more respect for the plain old Italian mob. At least they have a code of sorts they follow. Moloniya are all madmen with a love of backstabbing. A mobster might actually tell the cops one or two helpful things if he thought it'd get the guy who killed their buddy locked up. Mia familia, and all that. But they're as likely to get answers from a Russian, being the cops they are with their reputations as they are, as they are to see a Japanese president in their lifetime.

He frowns slightly, though, thinking it over. The mention of dames gets his gears turning.]
The Fujitas keep their men dressed nice for as long as they keep 'em. [Most Japanese cops won't point the finger at Japanese gangs, but Tadashi's not loyal to anything but his own sense of justice and doing the right thing. And even though they're all women, Fujita women have killed men plenty of times in the past. Is it possible they're not aiming for the right demographic of suspects? The first few killings were in arguably Fujita territory, after all.] Isn't it kinda odd we haven't found any female gang members dead? Goes along with the Fujita view of women as sacred pretty well.
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Streets don't just have ears, they got eyes too. Anything of value was taken before it was 'found'. I'll check through 'em, but don't expect a miracle. Our perp's good at making sure they leave a clean scene behind them, that's for damn sure. Mafia might be lookin', but they ain't takin' from this area - not enough class, you get what I'm sayin'?

[The Molonyia gang aren't exactly people Warren has on his Christmas card list either. Problem with havin' an old man like his, means that a lot of the people you'd rather not know have a way of sneakin' up and turnin' out to be some relative who just wants to know how the chip off the old block is doing these days. Molonyia aren't his, far as Warren knows. His old man never could deal with the Mafyia. The Russians wanted too much and wouldn't pay enough in return. Suppose the bastard had some standards then. Even if it was just 'pay my people good or you'll be next']

[Not that the Italians were much better, code or no code. Not one of them worth pissing on if they were on fire, but it had been a long night and he hadn't exactly slept in about three days so maybe when he was in a better mood he might have a better opinion of 'em. He straighten up, and looked to the sky, the dim street lights managed to block out anything that might have actually made for a nice night]

Fujitas? Ain't gonna be them. Old head died a few months back, an' his granddaughter took over. She's ruthless, but this ain't her style. [He'd know. her for a bit. And him. They weren't bad, far as the gangs went. He knew her all helluva lot better than he'd known the old head, and those were some memories alright. Not the type to take home to Mother, but memories all the same] Fabric's the right type for some of their associates though. Might be worth putting words around in the territory. We'll get word back quick
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I don't need a miracle. I just need a piece or two to this puzzle to work off of. This may be someone who thinks they know all the tricks to keep a scene clean, but they're only human, Warren. There's a slip up somewhere in this; we just have to make sure we see it in time.

[If Tadashi were a prying type he'd wonder about Warren's intricate and seemingly endless knowledge of gangs. More than one detective had their theories on him. But Tadashi Hamada is nothing if not an open and often bleeding heart. He's all wrong for detective work, really, not nearly hard boiled or angry enough. That's what makes him good at interviewing people, coaxing out information that seals these kind of cases shut. And it's why Warren may have his own personal collection of long shadows and memories better off forgotten behind him and Tadashi doesn't care. Who Warren is now and what he does with his knowledge is the most important thing.

It's a balancing act. Warren can be the darker gray of gray Tadashi will never allow himself to be, handle some of the interrogations when it comes to that, is definitely better at self-defense than Tadashi will ever be. But he can do the earnest and genuine concern and compassion for even dead gangsters he never knew that opens a lot of doors in a hardened place like San Fransokyo. People mistake his compassion for blind stupidity and it gets him where he needs to go. Trouble is, this case never points in the same direction twice. You gotta find a door to walk through it.

He sighs, running a hand through his hair.]
Can't be an independent criminal. The style's too professional, they've been too good at not making mistakes for too long. We need to start widening the search pool. Get the word out, and we'll see what turns up. Meanwhile, let's get out of the rain. There's not much else we can do here, and there's something I want you to see.
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You need something to show the picture? Then give me some damn time to work out where these pieces fit in the puzzle to give us a hint.

[It's not snapping, hell there isn't even any anger in his tone. It's just how he is. He knows that everyone slips up; makes one stupid mistake. Seen it happen, and seen the messy result. He keeps his hand in with who he has to, and mouths the words where it'll keep him livin', but he's gonna make his own mistake one day. Movin' to a whole new city ain't gonna hide it forever, he knows that. But hidin' for now is enough. San Fransokyo is big enough to be a whole new person in more than once over if you gotta, and he's got the connections if he's gotta]

[Warren takes one last glance at the burnt corpse on the ground and turns to leave, pulling the collar of his coat up to keep the drizzle from going down his neck - if the weather would make its damn mind up and just actually rain he'd probably deal better. He almost gives a snort at the comment about the independent criminal, but that would... let too much away. It ain't the right time to be spilling his sob story to the world]

Ain't exactly thinking independent; but I keep my ear to the ground, and I I know who to speak with and I know what talks. Money talks, and the people in hiding speak faster. People who talk fast start thinkin' fast. They start thinkin' there's safety in numbers, and why can't they have what the others got.

[He keeps walking, waiting to see what way it is that Tadashi actually wants to go. Warren ain't exactly got a place to take 'em to, if they need to talk deep about all these goings on]
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We've had time. Trouble is, we're not getting the usual breaks inbetween strikes. It's like a vendetta killing, but something there doesn't add up. Too many gangsters from too many different gangs.

[He doesn't take offense to it. This case is driving them to their wits' end. They're barely above taking shots in the dark at this point. San Fransokyo will do that to detectives, take them at their prime and hand them something so heavy their backs break under the strain of the load. That's what this case is trying to be, maybe even deliberately on the part of the perp. They're good at what they do. Taking them out of the picture would give a lot of people breathing room they need. But Tadashi dismisses that idea as a crazy theory just due to how little sense any of this makes.

It's raining harder now, driving the people out of the darkness and back into the welcoming lights of apartments and indoors, where they're warm and safe and blissfully unaware that somewhere among them lays one of the worst serial killers this city's ever faced, coiled like a viper, content to rest until it's time to strike.

Tadashi's car will have to do for their shelter from the rain. Not ancient but a far cry from new, it manages to get them around the city and endure the lack of maintenance admirably. As he walks towards it, he speaks.]
I'm thinking it's a rogue in the ranks. Not an independent, but someone who's still in with a crowd and has just snapped. It's the only way these kind of techniques and skill make much sense, but I don't know how we look for a rogue when we don't even know what gang to look into.

[He opens the car door and leans way over to shove Warren's side door open, if only to keep them both from getting drenched as the city mourns another pointless death in a long string of them.]
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Someone don't like gangs, an' how many are hangin' around town. Ain't that hard to work out, Hamada. Or a new one's tryin' to take out the old ones to be the top dog. That's the case, all we gotta do is sit back and hide out from whatever battle's comin'.

[He gets into the car, taking off the hat and running a hand quickly through his hair. He doesn't believe any of the theories he's throwing around, but he's throwing them at the wall to see what sticks. It's an old tactic, but it might work. He listens as Tadashi talks. Listens, but says nothing. He knows what signs to look for alright]

So say we got a rogue. We gonna be the ones to take him out? It's not happening like that, and you know it. I told you; she's ruthless. If there's a rogue in her ranks, she'll have it dealt with before we get an idea of who it is.

[He's silent for a moment]

Could be an out of towner. Profesional. Brought in to make hits that seem random to hit something else.
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[personal profile] immolating_inner_demons 2015-04-02 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
It's not that simple. The straightforward answers are nicest, easiest to comprehend, but the pattern is all wrong. If you want to send a message to gangs you don't like them, you kill 'em, sure, but this level of precision and skill and the perfectly repeated methods? That's what gangs themselves employ as signatures. But there's not enough attacks to be more than a single perp. You wanna take out the old guard, you rush the gates of some mobster's palace with your crew, you don't pick off one or two guys from every gang in town.

[There's no way this is as simple as that. They don't have that kind of good luck, honestly. Tadashi is used to his partner's brainstorming methods; they go over these things just to rule them out, make sure an idea is truly out from their differing angles. They're not opposites, not exactly; the musical term one woman who came to them with a case a few months ago pulled out was counterpoint. Notes on differing ends of a spectrum that enhance each other without subtracting anything. There's little that gets past them once they get to work.

For just a small second of a moment, he looks over at Warren, the way the streetlight catches in his hair, the profile of his face in the shadows this city is so good at casting. Not for the first time, he finds himself wishing his partner would open up just a little more, just let himself breathe a little. Even when they're discussing cases, a part of Warren is on guard. Tadashi wants him to understand that's not how it has to be. One of these days, he'll say something about it. Tonight, though, isn't the night.

He takes the note out of his pocket, presenting it to Warren without comment on the rogue theory.]
Whoever we're looking at is Japanese. Maybe Nisei, maybe first-gen immigrant. Probably not Sansei. And they know me pretty well. Warren, this was tacked to my apartment wall when I woke up today. Everything was still locked from the inside. No signs of a break in.

[It's fairly innocuous until the implications are examined. The ink is rich dark blue, the kind San Fransokyoan Japanese use to practice calligraphy with on plain paper, but the kanji is perfect, the handwriting of someone well versed in calligraphy. The note is also perfectly mocking: 'Look for a new angle.' Tadashi's catchphrase thrown at him as a snicker of a criminal dancing just out of reach.

The chilling part was that his Aunt Cass was downstairs when it happened. She'd worked most of the day at the cafe they lived above, but what if she'd been in today? Worst, because she locked every door that would even let a person into the building let alone into the upstairs, how did they get in and out without anyone noticing? Even Warren probably couldn't pull that off.]

If they're an out-of-towner, they're not a pro. Pros know better than to play games like this and risk getting heavy police involvement. So I'm guessing rogue, maybe not Fujita but definitely Japanese, because a guy'd have to be six kinds of crazy to pull a stunt like this. Only someone who's totally lost it goes into a detective's house, Warren.
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Not if you know rushin' every gate is gonna end up with you ten feet under the dirt trying to get out before the air goes. One by one? It's slower yeah, but for our perp? It's safer, keeps them livin' a day longer, keeps 'em hidden a day longer. Which seems to be their main aim, if you're askin' me.

[It's not that simple; Warren knows; but he's gotta point it out 'cause he's seen that work. Not here, not in San Fransokyo, but back from where he grew. 'Course, it needs someone who has got the guts to even try it, or ain't quite right in the head. He's seen both cases, but that's a memory lane he avoids. There's more than a few he avoids. Should probably see some shrink or something, but he don't want confirmed what he's already suspected]

[He looks at the note from all angles. Yeah, he knows Japanese well enough to know which way up everything goes, but you gotta consider it all. Checking from the wrong way up might give a clue about how they write, or somethin' like that. He flicks the paper up and down his fingers and when he speaks, its one of the rare time anyone could tell he's keepin' stuff in check]

No break in sign? Means they were let in. Someone close. Someone that would be let in without second thought.

[He's seen notes like this before. His old man started leaving them nearer the end. Little memos to himself. Warren knew the guy hadn't been workin' with a full deck of cards, but the notes were odd, even for his old man. Mess in his clean area. Warren puts the note down, and leans back in his seat. They're not far from his usual joint...]

Take the next right. I need a freakin' drink and somethin' in me that ain't been hangin' around for a few days.
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[personal profile] immolating_inner_demons 2015-04-03 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Warren. [Tadashi can tell when his partner is holding back, just because it's so damn rare. Usually Warren offers up all the details and theories he can when they're going over something like this. The shorter an answer he has, the more there is lurking behind those eyes, unspoken volumes of words that for better or worse, Tadashi needs to hear right now.] Aunt Cass and I hardly let anyone into our house. She wouldn't let somebody in while I was sleeping, either. You know we're not real social people. We don't have anybody in our circles that'd do this.

You gotta help me out, here. Whatever ideas you got to narrow this down, don't keep them in your head. Heck, I'll buy you a drink if it'll get us further in this case, and I don't even drink alcohol.

[He leans forward, straightens up and tries to look like he's not bothered by all this as he takes a right. It goes against who Tadashi is as an idealist to think that someone he knows could be behind this. One of his Aunt's friends? One her former flames she's on good terms with? Maybe one of the girls she's tried to set him up with? They're all possibilities but none of them fit the type, they're not strong or brutal or to be blunt smart enough for this. And he just can't wrap his head around any of them doing this. They're good people. Good people don't turn into monsters overnight.]

This shouldn't be happening, [he mutters, more to himself than anyone, and the tiredness he tries to keep at bay with high ideals creeps into his voice.] This whole thing, it just should not be happening.
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[personal profile] maturedflame 2015-04-03 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Know that better than most. We been workin' together how long an' your Aunt still makes me wait outside when we got a case to get to.

[But he says nothing more than that, tapping his fingers off the door of the car as ideas run through his head, each one being examined carefully before being dismissed or set to the side. Yeah, he speaks less the more thoughts he has, but he ain't someone who just opens his mouth and lets anything spill out anyway. He looks up, and out of the window.]

Second right, then stop at the end of the alley. You wanna buy me a drink? Here's your chance.
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[personal profile] immolating_inner_demons 2015-04-05 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Aunt Cass is a private person. She wasn't back when my parents were alive, but she is nowadays. Which is why this is crazy. I can't see her letting in someone I used to know and my friends aren't the types for this. Heck, most of 'em are holed up at the University all this week working out their exams. They've never been in there, either, so Cass would've mentioned it if they popped by and wanted in.

[He drives as he's told, trying to make sense of the senseless nature of this. Warren isn't wrong, Tadashi knows that. But the more he thinks about it the more he realizes there flat out isn't someone who'd be let in and out without a second thought. That's its' own kind of unsettling, implying someone who could get in and out without leaving a sign. Even the best of criminals would have a hard time pulling that off, and it raises so many questions that the idea of someone he knows doing it looks simple by comparison. He just doesn't know what to think.

Parking the car, Tadashi flashes him a tired smile.]
I'm not sure how much you've actually helped me with this, but watching me gag on even the most watered down beer they got should be a bright spot tonight. You know how bad I am at drinking.

[Tadashi is a terrible detective in that he doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't go chasing after dames. He's had his eye on a few women, but all too often his gaze alights on men, and he knows he's already pushing it to try and be in law enforcement and be mixed. Any other impropriety would be the end of his career. So he's the careful one, the proper one, the one who never so much as puts a toe out of line. He hardly even swears. He really, really wants to be in this career field and the sacrifices that come with it have been high, costly. With time the pressure has built to suffocating levels and he wonders how someone as free and loose as Warren manages to put up with someone who reigns himself in and apologizes after using such salty language as 'darn' or 'oh God'. They're counterpoints, not water and oil but maybe at least olive and car oil, things that can mix but don't, can't ever really blend into either other.

Tonight, though, he feels older than he is, he's so tired of corpses and gang talk and proper respectable piano bars playing out the same renditions of Hayamamerarenai and trying to smile when it's all just going downhill without any indicator of letting up that he's going to drink. For the first time in his entire life he is not give a damn, drink, maybe even get blackout drunk. The note was the straw that broke the camel's back.]

If someone in here even thinks about singing Shugakusei I will start a barfight. I'm not in the mood.

[He knows he wouldn't actually do it. So does Warren. But Tadashi means it, one hint of sappy happy yay-life-is-good anything and he's out the door. This is just an unending night.]
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[personal profile] maturedflame 2015-04-05 07:28 am (UTC)(link)
Losin' people does crazy stuff to a person. If we're not looking at someone she'd be comfortable with lettin' in the house, it goes back to it being someone who made them let her in the house, an' left with no signs of struggle. Bit unlikely.

[Not impossible though. Certain chemicals could knock a person out for hours. All the perp would need to do would be sit Tadashi's Aunt on a chair or a couch and make her think she'd passed out from tiredness. She was lookin' after her two nephews, one still a growin' kid. Makin' the tiredness plausible enough. He didn't like it though; it was too... personal for this perp to try to go after one of them like this]

[Warren got out of the car, still mulling the note over in his mind. The only benefit in going after Tadashi was that he had family in the damn city he wanted to protect. Warren had cut off as many ties as he could when he got here, and there weren't many he'd be lookin' to try to fix back with a knot.]

[He smirks at what's said though]

Ain't gonna find that typa song in this place.

[He jerks his finger at the sign, still smirking. It's Chinese]
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[personal profile] immolating_inner_demons 2015-05-02 07:30 am (UTC)(link)
Y'trying to kill me, Warren? You don't bring a guy like me into a joint like that without a fight breaking out at best. I need a drink but I don't know if I need it that badly.

[But damn if he doesn't want to just lose himself for a little bit, throw away all the fears and ignore that his own home doesn't feel safe anymore. He can't trust anybody other than his Aunt right now - his Aunt and Warren, who most people explicitly and implicitly doesn't trust. The thing of it is, though, Tadashi Hamada lives by his gut instincts and his instincts always go towards the lighter traits in him; sympathy, compassion, picking out the good in someone. And Warren doesn't have to be doing this, not just hanging out with him but taking on the crime of the city.

Tadashi's always stayed away from the vices that grip San Fransokyo at night because he knows it's a slippery slope. Even this is treading right up to the line, and he doesn't care for once. Fear is exhausting. Holding all his stress in all the time is exhausting. With a sort of pre-emptive shame for what he's about to do, he opens the car door and pockets his keys despite his own protests.

Tonight, he's just going to fall back into the dark solace at the bottom of a bottle and trust Warren to bring him back up to the light. If that's a mistake, it honestly cannot make things worse.]
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[personal profile] maturedflame 2015-05-06 04:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[He gives a small laugh, and the smirk that's on his face when he turns back is one that suggests that, yeah, he knows damn well what he's doing]

Relax, y'ain't gonna get touched. This is my regular place, anyone who comes in with me is solid.
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This is above my pay grade, Warren. C'mon, before I come to my senses. [He smiles a little, just for a second, and gestures for Warren to lead the way. Tadashi isn't going to knock on that door, that's for sure. He knows better than to get that crazy.]
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Going into a place that could end up with you getting a black eye is above your pay grade. [Warren gives a look] We gotta have a word 'bout the field of work your in.

[But he knocks on the door. The slit on the door is opened and eyes peer out, taking in both Warren and Tadashi. The voice sounds annoyed and Warren raises a lazy eyebrow at whatever's being said, throwing his own comments in casually. After a few minutes of this back and forth, the door is opened for them]
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Worse than that could happen to a guy like me in there on the wrong night, an' you know it.

[Tadashi has the decency to straighten up and try to look respectable, even if Warren's tone alone tells him that's not gonna help the situation any. Still, when the door is opened Tadashi uses the tiny fragments of Mandarin he knows to say thank you and bows his head just enough not to be taken mockingly, wondering how deep he's getting himself in over his head.

The hostile looks of a few patrons suggests that he's already in too deep to back out.]
Just remember, if anything happens to me, you'll have the worst threat in the city on you - my Aunt Cass.
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This ain't the wrong night. Get a seat, I'll get the drinks. Try not to make yourself stand out.

[Easy for Warren to say - though he is a white guy in this bar, so maybe not. He stands at the bar counter for a while, talking quietly and quickly to the server behind]
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Too late for that - I arrived with you, remember?

[That said, he scans the bar, finds an empty booth in the back and makes a beeline for it. He keeps his head down, doesn't say a word to anyone in the joint, and sits down gratefully, sinking into the poorly lit part of the dingy hole in the wall they've decided to go to with a soft sigh of relief. His eyes linger over the crowd; it's not a surprise that this is the kind of company Warren keeps, but he wishes that his partner was more open so they could talk about this kind of thing, so he could ask how Warren ended up running with this particular pack of wolves.

But he won't pry. He never has and refuses to start. He'll maybe ask a question or two, but if he gets no answers he'll drop it. He trusts Warren more than he probably should, and that includes following him in here without any answers. The real answers lie in how Warren keeps working alongside him through the worst of things. There's a good man in there, and Tadashi sees him as worth staying with.

Not that he won't be very, very cautious with his drink. Hopefully Warren remembers his partner doesn't drink, usually.]
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[The comment did get a snort of amusement from Warren, so good was done there]

[He's careful on what he orders - always is - but when he knows he's with someone half the people in here might like to see lying in a ditch somewhere? Yeah, he's avoiding his usual. Even with his high alcohol tolerance, he ain't risking even a small buzz. Though this case...]

[He does get some interesting information though, after the right sounding clink of coins has been passed between him an' some of the flies that cling to the counter. The street always listens, so always keep your ear to it, ain't that right Dad? Probably one of the few bits of information his old man gave him that he don't mind using.]

[He brings the drinks to the seats, and slides in]

Talk about gettin' people's attention - don't you know the best place to hide is in plain sight?

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