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the generic spy au meme

the generic spy au

  • post with your character. congratulations, they're now a spy.
  • need inspiration? think kingsman, james bond, mission impossible, the bourne movies or any of these
  • pick a mission (assassination? gathering intel? going undercover?) or another situation (spies have to eat and drink and sleep, too, right? spies might have a family, spies might have downtime...)
  • tag around! others might be your partner, your target, a spy from another agency, a concerned family member, your boss or whatever else
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Ella | Cinderella [2015]

[personal profile] havecouragebekind 2015-03-24 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[[Probably some sort of infiltrator. How can someone so kind get all sorts of information? ... Because she's so kind :P]]
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( Hi there! What do you think about Ella and Phoebus here being partners? Or maybe he could even be her target? Preferences? c: )
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[[ooc: Oh, being partners could be really cool! (The animated versions are totally probably related somehow :P) But yes, them being sneaky spy partnets!]]