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The Bar at The End of the Universe

A long bar or pub, with empty chairs and Christmas lights hanging, a cluster of people sit in the far back, drinking

The Bar at the End of the Universe Meme

No one knows where the Bar really is, or how it manages to show up. All anyone knows for certain is that the Bar is a nexus of sorts. That its doors open up to bars in any number of universes, and that people from all of those many universe find their way to the Bar, whether they're looking for adventure, or solace, or just a stiff drink. The Bartender is equally mysterious, sometimes appearing as a gruff, taciturn man with a neat bar apron, sometimes a motherly sort of woman who slings generous servings of ale. Some of the more frequent patrons of the bar even talk about the time the bar owner appeared as an eight foot tall green skinned creature who made some of the best martinis they'd ever tasted.

But the point of the Bar is, no matter where one is from, one can always find their way to the Bar, and meet many other people in the Bar, from many other universes, to share drinks and food, to play darts, or start bar fights. The Bar is a nexus for meetings. Whatever you do with whoever you meet... well, that's up to you.

So how does this work?
The Bar at the End of the Universe is a lightly 4th wall breaking meme.  Post your character's name/canon and choose an experience level, then tag around.

Make friends, share drinks, play a round of darts or teach someone else some a game from your character's universe. Had too much to drink? Shag a stranger in a corner booth. Start a bar fight. The possibilities are endless when you're at the center of the multiverse.

Experience Levels:
1) Newbie - You've just turned a corner, walked into a door, and suddenly found yourself in the Bar! Who is everyone? What is this
place? Maybe you should find someone more experienced to explain it all...
2) Irregular - You know the Bar exists. You've been here once or twice before and know how it works. But for whatever reason, you're don't come often. Perhaps you find it difficult to find the right door to the bar, or your life back home is too busy. Either way, the Bar still manages to surprise you...
3) Regular - You know how the Bar works, and you've seen everything that shows up. You've tried most everything the Bartender can serve up too. But you still love to chat with the newbies or your old friends...
4) The Escapee - For whatever reason, you've decided to take up permanent resident in the Bar. Maybe you met someone at the Bar who knew your story and told you  you would die. Or maybe you just like it here. Whatever the reason, you're a permanent resident at this junction of the multiverse, and you sometimes find yourself playing temporary bartender to earn your keep...
5) Other - Maybe you used to be a regular and lost your way. Maybe this is the first time you've been back to the Bar even though you've searched for a way back for years. Whatever the reason, you're perhaps more glad to be back than a regular, but things have changed here...
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