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Warren Peace [Aged Up AU] | Sky High

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[[ooc: Okay, so... I hope this is a starter that helps, because frankly I'm a bit rubbish at this ><]]

[His place was crap, and that was being polite. Really, really polite and he wasn't really the type to give a damn about being polite. The bed? A mattress on the floor with blanket thrown over it and a couple of decent pillows. Being prone to fire starting had lead him to be a little more... economical about furniture. Part of his head said that he should probably be embarrassed about this, but then ... that would require giving more of a damn.]

[The guest he had though, warm and smelling of honeysuckle so strongly he was sure he could taste the honey? That he gave a damn about. Gripping, and holding her tighter to him, kissing her deeply? That's just a bonus]
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[It was nearly impossible to focus on any sort of detail, save for the way Warren's tongue danced around hers and how the heat of his fingers against her back made her want to cry out with joy. Any thought about Warren's choice in decor flew far away for the time being. All Layla wanted was more - more kisses, more skin, more Warren.

Eyes closed, her fingers wandered, without guide, up the sides of his face. She buried them in the short tufts of curls behind his neck, and then sighed into the kiss. Layla, who all too often worked to even out her emotions, was completely consumed by them in Warren's arms.]
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[Warren had wondered, once, if the taste of another person could be addictive. He'd swear blind everything about Layla was just meant to draw him in, and hold him there, and he pulled her closer, biting down slightly on her bottom lip, a growl coming from the back of his throat as he moved his mouth to press it to that spot where her neck met her shoulders. There was a pulse point there, and he sucked on it briefly, biting the area before leaving a wet kiss there.]

[They needed to be closer, but to do that he had to move back, pull off his shirt, and pull her back in. He'd do it as fast as he could; he needed more]
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[He wasn't alone in his need - not for a second. Layla whimpered as he left his mark on her with his teeth. The idea that she would be walking around with that mark for days to come sent a small rush through her. She wanted to return the favor, and so she made no argument when he went to remove his shirt, save for a bit back whine that his lips were no longer on her.

She helped pull the shirt off of him and threw it to the floor, ignoring her tidier nature if only for those precious moments where he held her. Her hands ran across the bare skin of his chest, exploring every curve and surface. She spotted a few scars that caused her heart to falter. Thinking of Warren in a fight, in made her ache for him. She said nothing about them, but instead lowered her lips to one, kissing it gently. She placed a brief butterfly kiss on every scar she could see.]
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[Hells, that whimper. He would be hearing it over, and over in his head for a while to come. The feeling of her hand on his skin was hotter than anything he had ever felt before and he breathed deeply, just watching her with dark eyes for a moment. Her lips covering each scar he had wasn't really something he had expected, and a grumble issued low in his throat, picking her up, and pinning her between him and the wall. He kissed into her neck, voice deep and breath heavy on her neck as he spoke]

You've got too much on.
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[He heart raced even faster at the sound of his voice and the heat of his breath mingled into one entity at the crook of her neck. The statement in those words didn't hurt to quicken her pulse either. She had to agree though. With Warren shirtless now, the compulsion to follow suit was strong.

Layla gasped as she was pinned, and caught Warren's heated gaze.]

I think you could probably help me with that...
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[He grins against her, nipping into her neck at the same time. The want is a lot and that doesn't even begin to cover it. His hands roam round, one grasping at her ass through the clothing, squeezing and trying to pull her closer]

Anything you want

[And there's a hand slipping under the waistband, undoing any buttons or catches, then rising up, pulling at hems. He continues to kiss that spot at her neck, rocking against her with a new heat in him]

The quicker, the better, right?
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[She lets out a small cry as his nips at her skin, but it's not a bad sound. In fact, the cry sort of dissolves into a weak moan, especially with the added sensation of him beginning to strip her. With the buttons of her blouse undone she let's her arms relax, causing the top to slip off of her completely.

She barely comprehends the question, as her hands are already exploring Warren's exposed skin again and leaving kisses along his jawbone. Her lips, already swollen from kissing move against his skin as she replies.]

In this case, yes. Absolutely.
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[He gives a half-grin, and moves his mouth down, hiking her up a little higher as he does so. His mouth closes over the fabric of one of her bra cups, and he bites lightly, moving to do the same at the other side before moving back to just look at the sight of her]

[Fuck, it made his pulse quicken. He could throw her on to the mattress, and they could both get what they wanted, but that isn't the way to do this. A hand skims over her stomach, slowly getting lower but a deliberate slowness, his eyebrow quirked at her in questioning]

[He wasn't doing anything she wasn't okay with, much as he just wanted to push in and keep going till he heard her scream his name]
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[She can't do much as the sensation of his mouth on her bra fills every corner of her body. The only thought she can manage to come up with is wondering how much better it would feel if he did that when her bra was off. She whimpers against him, even going as far as to bite at his shoulder, leaving a mark of her own.

And then he looks at her, and every part of her comes alive. Parts of herself she wasn't even aware of most days made themselves known, and Layla wanted Warren to know them too. She only dared to tear her eyes away from his when she felt his hand dipping lower. She could see the question, and knew the answer just as quickly. She smiled at him and nodded.]

Go on....please. [There was a sweet sort of desperation in her voice. She didn't know what she would do if he didn't keep going.]
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[The smirk on his face was turning into a delicious smile as he managed to maneuver them from the wall, turning to sit them down on the mattress. His hands moved over her legs, his skin warmer than usual. He wanted her, knowing her had permission, but something in him stopping him from rush, stopping to just... take in the sight. It might never happen again]

[No, actually screw that thought. It was going to happen again. He'd make damn well sure of it. ]

[Quickly he stood, pulling off his own jeans, the boots and socks being kicked into the corner before he was down again. He leaned over her body, his hand moving down the waistband and opening the catch. He stroked her stomach again, leaning down further so - hopefully - his breath could be felt on her]

Last chance to run.

[He had to make sure this - he - was what she wanted here]
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[It's so easy to follow his lead down on to the mattress, probably just because of how much she wanted this. It only made her heart race more, the way he was taking the care and time to watch her, make sure that she wasn't scared or hesitant. And she wasn't. Not in the least. Things may have happened in a moment, but she'd be lying if she hadn't wanted this for a long time now.

She met his gaze again, hoping to show just how much she wanted this. She wanted him to know that he wasn't alone in that. Because she could see his need in every glance and feel it in every touch. Layla met his hands on the waist of her pants and covered them. Smiling, she helped him ease the fabric down, raising her bottom slightly so that the would come off more easily.]

I'm not going anywhere. No chance.
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[The words - and the sliding down of her pants revealing gorgeous thighs that he just needed to touch in every way - let lose a tightness in his chest. He needed her to want this, more than he realised. He wanted, hot breath over her mouth, teasing in his tone]

You might find yourself regretting this

[He travels downwards again, kissing any patch of skin he passed, stopping as he came to the waistband of her underwear. He flicked his eyes up to meet hers, and smirked, leaning down and deliberately grabbing the waistband between his teeth, moving slower than he had before]
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[He was driving her crazy. How could he possibly move so slow when all she wanted to do was let loose and go. If she were on top of him she wouldn't have nearly as much control. But then again...he'd probably had plenty of practice when it came to control.

Layla bit her lip, laughing, though with a frustrated tone.]

The only reason I'd regret this is if you keep teasing me like that! [Her laugh is more genuine now as she playfully pushes on Warren's shoulder. She was glad really, that Warren could tease and smirk like that just as well as he could make her feel like she was on fire without lighting a thing. In fact, it made her ridiculously happy to see.]
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Good things come to those who wait.

[But he did comply with the unspoken request, and move a bit fast. The underwear was placed to the side, as he positioned himself between two legs, running his calloused fingers over the soft skin of the thighs. He leant down, covering the skin with wet, open mouth kissed, as his fingers ran their length, Down and then up, lingering slightly at the apex as he moved to cover that with his mouth at well]
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[At this point all she can down is reach down to him with a hand and run it into his hair. She tugs at it slightly, not enough to hurt, but just enough to encourage his movement lower.

His kisses on her thighs made her itch with anticipation, a heavy warmth pooling in the pit of her stomach. And oh, any words she might have had in response danced away when his mouth found it's mark. Instead she released a surprised cry. She gasped in a breath, her fingers tightening in his hair.

She didn't want to wait anymore.]

Warren... [Her voice is a whimper, a strained plea for more.]
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[He laughed, a deep rumble from his chest coming up as he flicked his tongue out, continuing back on with his slow tease. He looked up, trying to catch Layla's eyes as he continued to kiss, and lick, and bring his fingers up to move around, trying to find just the right spot]

[He would move around, kissing her thighs, her stomach, and back to the spot that got that gasp. That gasp that would probably roll around in his head for a bit. With any luck; he was doing the right things to make this good]
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[Her eyes, for the most part, were fluttered shut. Though they shot open whenever Warren his a particularly pleasant spot with his fingers and tongue. And when she saw him looking at her, a bashful awareness came over her. Here she was open and bare to him, making all kinds of noises. She had never let him see her like this before. The look he gave her though was enough to wash away any shyness. She was glad that he was seeing her like this.

Every time he moved away from her, by then, incredibly damp center, she would whimper and whine. Kisses elsewhere were nice, but he had gotten her too worked up to want anything else.]

You're not playing fair, you know...
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[There was another of those deep, rumbling chuckles, as he looked up at her, licking his lips]

How am I suppose to help it if you taste so delicious?

[But his fingers keep moving, he keeps watching, and he moves back to lean over her, breathing in her ear]

Tell me what you want.
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[Her face, already flushed from exertion took on a new shade of pink at his words. To see that tongue that had just been tasting sent a thrill through her.

But her words seemed to get caught up in her throat. Putting what she wanted into words? It seemed an impossible task, not because she didn't know what she wanted him to do, but because she'd never said such things to anyone before.

She turns her head just so and catches his lips with her own. The kiss gave her courage, and even a bit of daring. She pulled his face close to hers and whispered to him.]

I want you to make me come, Warren...please.
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[Kissing her... there was a sweeter taste now. Maybe that was just his own head trying to add some romance to the whole thing (which thank you very much head, but we are not letting ourselves go down that path again). He grinned against her mouth, and rested his forehead on hers as she spoke to him]

["I want you to make me come, Warren".]

Fuck, Layla, you wanna watch your mouth with those words.

[He slipped another finger inside, feeling the slickness, and increasing his speed, arching his thumb to find that one sweet spot that has made her gasp]

Innocent little thing like you, saying words like that... guy's gonna lose control

[And if just to make his point clearer, he rocks his hips against hers, letting her feel how ready he is, groaning from the feel of her through the material of his boxers.]
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[And gasp she did, both from his thumb working inside of her and from the feet of Warren's obvious arousal against her. She sucked at her lower lip, forcing back any subtle moan that might escape her for now. She wasn't sure how long she would be able to control that though if Warren kept things up.

She looked into his eyes, her gaze steady despite the way her body rocked against Warren's movements.]

It's only fair then...since you're already making me lose control.
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[She was sucking on her own lower lip? Okay, that cause another grunt from him, and a sharp push forward with his own hips. He needed a helluva lot more than just this skin contact. He needed her, and his thumb and fingers moved faster, a determined little smirk on his face]

You loosing control is a helluva sight to see.

[You could call it almost a purr to his tone, as he continues to look over her, bottom lip deliberately licked]

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