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Let's do this.
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1. also i just sneezed literally 12 times in a row so violently...boogers everywhere. sorry to ruin the sexting. i just felt like you had to know

2. good thing you didnt wake up last night. wouldve found me naked talking to my closet asking to borrow my towel.

3. help. come pick me up. the guy told me this is not a hotel and i had to leave.

4. Text him!
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i realize this probably won't stop you, but don't explain. i don't want to know.
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[Right he is.]

i took a shower but my normal towel was dirty. i think someone puked on it or puked and used it to clean up. my clean one was stacked under a bunch of other stuff and i was afraid itd fall on me. you dont know how many times ive been crushed under the stuff shoved in my closet.
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i said "i don't want to know" and you not only told me anyway, but told me three other things i didn't want to know. how do you get through life without knowing how to read?

and clean your damn closet.
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i know how to read!!!!! i just chose to ignore you.

but theres so much stuff and i need it all, sasuke!
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or you can't read.

or clean. i've seen your closet, moron, 90% of what's in there can be burned.
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can to!!

you just dont know the importance of the stuff thats in there.
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you read about as well as you spell.

you were the one who invited me to stay at your place while i was here. did your tiny brain forget that already?

[Not an explanation, but Uchiha don't need to make explanations.]
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[That's suspicious. There's a pause before this reply.]

i can do whatever i want. i'm going through them right now. there's plenty of stuff in here to throw out.
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[LAKDJFOWIEJR! May or may not be scrambling to save his precious closet junk from Sasuke.]

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[Most of it really is junk... stuff that he got from his travels and could bring home or things that the villagers have given to him as a 'thank you'.

But there's probably something embarrassing in there for Sasuke to find, considering his reaction. Maybe a dirty magazine? Or it could even be something of Sasuke's that he collected? Really, there's a lot of possibilities that could be shoved in there that Naruto's forgotten he had.]
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most of this is actually trash by definition.

[There follows a picture of pants that are definitely too small, then some shirts that have too many kunai holes in them to be decent. Then a few empty cardboard boxes.

And then there's a long pause, followed by a picture of a magazine with a definitely-questionable picture on the front, with Sasuke's fingers holding it by the very corner, as if he doesn't want to touch it.]

are you serious?
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IT ISNT!!! you just dont know what its worth

[Not that Naruto knows either on some of the stuff either... Mostly he just hasn't cleared the stuff out since he moved in.]

thats the stuff i could salvage from my old apartment


erosennin gave that to me thinking id want it!!!
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do you know what it's worth?

you're telling me of all the things you saved from your apartment, you wanted to keep

[The message breaks off there, followed by a close-up of the almost-explicit picture on the front and its definitely-explicit title.]

'triple x-rated gals and guys of march'?
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sure i do! those pants are a reminder of my academy days and i was gonna give them to konohamaru but forgot. that's the shirt i used to wear when i was practicing. the boxes are from when i moved.... okay those arent really that important.

at least i didnt try to save all of my empty ramen packages

[That's how he knew where the remains of his apartment was - found a pile of crushed ramen packages.

Ugh, you don't have to do that - he knows what the magazine it, thnx.]

I DIDNT PICK IT OUT!!! he handed it to me and called it "research"
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you were going to give a kid your old pants. they have holes in them, dumbass.

[There's a pause here because Sasuke is going through the closet contents looking for empty ramen packages, not convinced that there aren't any.]

i should have worn gloves for this. is there other "research" that "your teacher picked out" in here i should know about so i don't touch it?
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no there arent! at least there werent when i saw them last

[Maybe moths got to them. If Sasuke's lucky he might even find the secret stash of uneaten ramen too! :D

Oh wait, he probably won't consider himself lucky for that.]

you dont have go that far! the only thing i did was keep it, dont really know why. theres nothing else you have to worry abo
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actually im not sure thats the only thing in there but cant really remember
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i'm not worried, i'm judging.

[But then there's a considerably longer pause, and then finally a picture of a poster, held down flat by two ramen packets (he found them) and a pair of child-sized shuriken. It's definitely a hand-drawn picture. The picture is definitely a scrawled scowling face with hair sticking out the back, and it's definitely labelled "Defeat Sasuke!"

He doesn't even bother attaching any commentary.]
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theres no reason to judge me for that. im not some pervy sensei who keeps that sort of stuff by my bed or anything like that. its in a closet thats stuffed full of other things i barely look at.

[That pause is enough to make him suspicious of what Sasuke's found now. He honestly doesn't know all of the things his closet contains.

When that picture comes....]


YOU FOUND IT! ive been looking for that!

i was going to change it to "defeated sasuke"
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says the guy who had a panic attack via text as soon as i said was going into your closet.

it's enough to make me want to retract my forfeit. my faith in you shrinks with every item i find in here.

[Picture of another skin mag, tossed on top of the other one, then a few balled-up and moth-eaten socks.]

yeah, the only way you won anything was by accident. i'm going to burn that drawing.
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thats because youll throw everything away if i dont stop you!!

ill just beat you and make you give up again. and its just not easy for me to get rid of some of that stuff

[Memories of things from the past are hard to let go of.

lakdfj! Did Ero-sennin really give him all of these magazines over the years?]

if you dont like it then dont look!

ill make a new one

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