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Patch You Up

Patch You Up
shipping meme

Let's hope you're not squeamish. Even if you are, you're going to have to power through it, because your crush, significant other, lover, or fellow practitioner in romantic tension has been battered and bruised. The degree of severity, from a minor scrape to a life-threatening injury, can vary, as can the reason - they may even be hurt because of you. If that's the case, you have all the more reason to tend to their wounds with your own two hands.

No one can take care of them like you can.

Bust out the bandages, even if they don't want you to worry over them or can't believe that anyone would. Though it's not your intention, if you're genre savvy, you may know that your best Florence Nightingale may be the final push if you're not together-together.

That's assuming if you both don't pass out from botched first aide before any of that happens. Don't forget that a kiss to make it better is critical!

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and the role you'd like to play - the injured or the attending. Also, would you like a pre-established relationship? One just on the cusp of becoming realized? Etc?
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Naruto Uzumaki | Naruto | Open

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[Happy to be either!]
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( tell me what you want his injury/injuries to be )
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The ultimate holder of places no longer has a job

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[Sometimes it's a wonder that he doesn't come home with more injuries than he actually does. The unpredictable ninja even surprises himself on occasion with the stuff that pops into his head at complete random in order to defeat an opponent. Which is exactly how Naruto ends up face down in the dirt with a wrenching pain shooting up from his ankle while his nose protests being jammed into the ground and a sharp sting spreads across his palms.

Now that he's down here getting way too intimate with the earth, Naruto has no idea what he was even thinking. With a groan he rolls over onto his back and stares up at the place he fell from. It hadn't seem this far from the side of the cliff where he'd been sticking just a few seconds ago but looking up at it and the shuriken jammed into the rock - he sees differently.

Naruto lifts one of his hands to rub his nose against the back only to come away with blood. Great, a crappy ankle, scraped palms and a bloody nose. At least he hopes it's just a bloody nose and not a broken one. He idly wonders how long it will take for the Kyuubi to heal him up, though he expects that he'll probably be limping back to his place.

He sighs and covers his eyes with both arms.]
That didn't go as expected.

[Nope, nobody saw his goof. Guess Sasuke counts as nobody now.]
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