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Hurt/Comfort - Hurt/comfort is a fan fiction genre that involves the physical pain or emotional distress of one character, who is cared for by another character. The injury, sickness or other kind of hurt allows an exploration of the characters and their relationship.

- Post with Character Name | Series in the subject.
- Others respond.
- Roll 1-10 at RNG for a scene, play it out and have fun!

1. INJURY. You've been injured. Broken bones or bleeding out or maybe just a tiny little papercut. The choice is yours.
2. SICKNESS. You're sick and laid up in bed, at home or in a hospital. The severity is up to you.
3. FEAR/ANXIETY. Something is happening and you're scared beyond belief.
4. LOSS OF SENSES. Sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc. You've lost some important sense or ability and now you're left to deal with it.
5. DESPAIR. Nothing is good or right anymore and you can't shake the depression. Maybe that friend of yours can help though...
6. BREAKUP. You've been dumped. You need someone to comfort you, possibly by the one who dumped you.
7. MAKE UP. Fight or break up, it's time to makeup.
8. RESCUED. You've just been held captive and/or tortured for however long and finally, someone has come to the rescue.
9. BAD ROMANCE. Fight, cheated on, abused, whatever the case is, someone else can clearly see you need comfort from someone who isn't your terrible lover tonight.
10. LOSS. You've experience a loss of some kind and need help getting through it.
11. INSANITY. You're seeing things that aren't really there, hearing voices, or you're just convinced you're at your wit's end finally and you're going to crack. Maybe someone can give you a helping hand.
12. TIRED. You've had a heard life recently and you're just worn too thin to really care anymore. There's no fight left in you anymore. Can someone help change your mind?
13. ADDICTION. Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or any other type of addiction has got you in its grasp. First time or relapse. Will someone be able to save you?
14. INSOMNIA. You can't sleep anymore, no matter how hard you try. Maybe someone can give you company.
15. NIGHTMARES. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you can't sleep without gruesome, horrible nightmares. Either someone is stuck in your dream with you, witnessing it or they're just waking you up, soothing you out of it.
16. BLACKMAIL. You've been caught doing something you shouldn't and you were blackmailed because of it
17. SEPARATION. You're going to be separated for awhile or were separated for a long time. Either make up for lost time or try to spend every last moment together.
18. VIOLATED. You've been violated in some way. Can include sexual overtones or not. Can someone help you through it?
19. STRANDED. You've been stranded somewhere remote, with no help of anyone finding you for awhile. Can you survive this together?
20. SINS. You're feeling the weight of your sins and guilt clearer than ever. Can someone give you absolution or lessen the ache any?
21. SECRET. It's difficult having to keep that secret of yours, be it a relationship or something you just don't want to share with anybody else. Maybe it's okay to talk about it now though...
22. ADDITION. Babies should be joyous things unless you're in a situation where you know you won't be able to care for them. Either you've adopted or found out you're pregnant.
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Naruto Uzumaki | Naruto | Open

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RNG said 15

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[Sasuke doesn't visit Konoha often. When he's run across information pertaining to the village before, he's sent it directly to the Hokage's office by hawk, taking care to have moved his location by the time the missive is delivered so that he doesn't need to deal with any Konoha-nin directly. It's not that he's avoiding the village or its people, really, it's just ...

The distance has been good, hard travel and long days for the simple sake of covering distance rather than rushing to destruction a novel experience. He camps, most nights, and on the rare occasions he takes a room he's found that beds are becoming uncomfortable after nearly a year of constant movement.

It would have been easy to send a hawk again, close as he was to the border of Fire. But the trail he picked up was a strange one, the residual chakra carrying an eerie tang to it, and he was a day's travel from Konoha. Somehow -- and he should have expected this, maybe -- stopping to share information in person has ended in Naruto's apartment instead, bunked down on Naruto's couch without quite grasping the sequence of events that has led him here, and somehow he's tired enough to actually give in and sleep, even with Naruto's hovering presence.

But sleep doesn't last long. He's so used to sleeping lightly on the ground after a day of travel, half-awake to keep watch, that when his mind catches up with comfort and rest it -- goes places it hasn't in a long time. Or maybe it's Konoha, or maybe it's Naruto's apartment and his chakra close by, or -- whatever it is, it has Sasuke startling awake in a cold sweat, blankets ripped away to the side and a hand on the kunai he's tucked under his pillow, breath coming short and Sharingan flaring.

Long minutes pass before he registers his surroundings, has enough thought to hope he hasn't woken Naruto. He pushes himself to sitting as quietly as he can, back curving to rake both hands through his hair.]
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[Without the constant threat of the Akatsuki hanging over his head, he's fallen back into old habits. Especially considering things were at least a bit more peaceful than they have been in a long time. Nothing is perfect. There are always plenty of things to fill the day which is why Naruto's rarely home. And maybe that explains why his place is a mess.

The guest in his apartment was unexpected. Half of his crap was everywhere, empty cartons that used to hold food or liquid lay where they fell days ago, clothes strewn over pieces of furniture or bunched in piles on the floor. It's not a big apartment (bigger than his last one) but it has a couch for random visitors to sleep on that he didn't have before. Sometimes it's Konohamaru who comes to stay and that kid has gotten used to Naruto's mess at this point.

But when Sasuke showed up, he attempted to clean up a little bit. At least neither of them will trip over anything in the middle of the night. Though it would alert Naruto if his friend disappeared as suddenly as he appeared.

It takes him a minute to realize that something woke him. He's gotten used to the sound of Konohamaru getting up to go to the bathroom but this is different. Being so groggy it takes him another moment to remember that his friend is staying here. With a groan Naruto drags himself out of bed and out into the very tiny hallway.

Even in the dark he can tell that Sasuke is sitting up, looking a little rattled. Silently he crosses the living room and flops onto the couch while trying to suppress a yawn.]

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[It's so weirdly homey in here, unkempt in the inhabited way that Sasuke is utterly unsurprised to associate with Naruto, that it's somehow more embarrassing to be torn awake like this. When Naruto comes into the room Sasuke is in the middle of letting out a slow, enduring, exhale, forcing his breathing back under control.

His inhale wavers when Naruto lands on the couch as if he owns it -- well, alright, he technically does -- and then catches short at the single word. Reflexively, without thinking about it, he says:]


[And now he's bound to the lie. Damn it.]

... headache. Go back to bed.
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[He's had a while to settle in to this place. It isn't the same apartment that Naruto practically grew up in and it's still kind of strange even to him. There's more space, which means more to clean. Most of the time he cheats and uses some clones to make the work go faster. Right after he got it there had been the idle thought that maybe he should have gotten one with two bedrooms just in case a certain someone decided to make a visit to the village. It was something that he dismissed in the end.

For a minute, Naruto keeps his eyes trained on his couch-guest. If he catches on to the lie, he doesn't say anything. Eventually, he looks away and unconsciously gathers up the borrowed pillow in his arms.]

It's weird to be back here, huh? A lot has changed since the last time you were here.

[Naruto laughs sheepishly and scratches at his cheek.]

When I came back after traveling, nothing had really changed. Everything was right where it had been.
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[He fully expects Naruto to ignore his words -- one of these days he's going to try telling Naruto to do the opposite of what he wants just to see if it works. Sasuke pushes both hands through his hair with an enduring sigh before straightening his back, just enough to tilt his head and direct an unimpressed look at Naruto.

The nightmare still lingers at the edges of his vision, vivid Sharingan-dreams tinting even the bright disorder in this place. He focuses on Naruto and frowns.]

When you came back after travelling ... when was that?

[There are still pieces of what happened in Konoha while Sasuke was away that he doesn't know. Less pieces and more chunks, really, swathes of change that stand out more than the weird rebuilt angles of the streets.]
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[That's not how it works - Naruto does what he wants regardless of what someone tells him. On occasion that actually means doing what he's told. Though things are different when it comes to the two of them. If things really changed, he wouldn't know what he'd do.

He shifts on the couch until the heels of his feet sit on the edge of the couch and his knees are up by his chest.]

About two and a half years after our fight.

[Most of the changes happened after he got back. Even after all of this time he still remembers coming back to the village after his Sage training and finding most of it crushed. Sasuke has been gone through all of that, through all of the big changes that have happened and even though he could have stuck around after the war - he left again.

He can't really blame Sasuke for that. It wasn't the buildings that has changed in Konoha. A lot of dark secrets have reared their ugly heads and they'll never be able to think of things being the same now.]

I've been here for most of the changes and it's still hard to get used to sometimes.
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[Our first fight, Sasuke doesn't bother clarifying. Two and a half years is before Pein's attack on the village; Sasuke hadn't been there, but he knows that the whole place was levelled. He's seen the Uchiha district, one of the few areas not restored afterward. There was no point restoring an area where nobody lives.

If Naruto has been here for how Konoha has changed and thought it was weird, he can't understand how strange it is to have not been here and seen how much Naruto has changed.

And not changed. Sometimes it's hard to decide which is stranger.

Sasuke watches him for a moment longer, then turns his gaze toward the dark rectangle of sky beynod the window, leaning into the back of the couch. He's not going to get back to sleep; he might as well get comfortable.]

Everything's off. [It's hard to describe it.] Streets and buildings ... they're here, but they're in different places.

[And people, but he doesn't say that.]
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[Saying it doesn't matter because Sasuke knows exactly what he was referring to anyway. Technically, he'd been away when the actual leveling had taken place but Naruto had seen it just after it became a great big crater in the earth. He has been around for the rebuilding of Konoha, though. Sometimes he wanders by the Uchiha district and wonders if maybe he should rebuild it or make it into something else where life thrives again. In the end Naruto always turns away, waiting for Sasuke to come back and make that decision for himself.

Probably about as strange as coming across Sasuke and seeing how much he's changed. Every time Naruto sees his friend again, something is different.

Not always for the better but there it is and he's butting heads with him all over again.

Was he going to go back to sleep anyway? Naruto usually doesn't after having a nightmare. A single nod of his head.]

I'll start towards one place and realize that the building is on a different street about halfway there. It's almost like Konoha had a new start.

[If there's one thing Sasuke doesn't have to say is different - it's the people. He can still remember a time when most of them hated him.

But Konoha isn't exactly what he wants to talk about.]

How come you came back now?

[Tsunade's been filling him in on the status of his friend. Telling him that Sasuke was active even if she never gave any details about what the communication was about unless he was assigned it as a mission.]
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[Sasuke snorts, an ungraceful hn, at the idea of Konoha making a new start. Cosmetically, perhaps. On a deeper level -- he reported to the Hokage's office today, watched the same people in this generation step into the same roles the previous generation evacuated. Shinobi villages breed for consistency, and the consistency is for violence, and there's nothing Sasuke has seen that breaks the cycle yet.

Thinking back to a year ago is sometimes difficult by now, the reasons he'd forfeited then, dawn rising ... sometimes it's difficult, and then sometimes it's this. This, right now, unclear, so when he looks at Naruto again his expression is carefully shuttered.

They were supposed to be the ones breaking the cycle. Instead there's -- this.

The question makes his mouth tighten.]

There was information relevant to your Hokage.

[He doesn't mention that there wasn't any real need for him to be in the village in person.]
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[One would think that the near-complete destruction of the village and a war that could have meant the end of the world as they know it would mean that everything could have a new start too. If only. The devastation was enough to shake some things loose but not enough.

That happens when separated from the reason everything changed. From the one person who never once gave up on what they had.

Can't break the cycle from a distance, Sasuke. He can change how people think and feel by himself but this is the kind of thing they should be doing together.

Sorry, he doesn't quite believe that.]

Yeah but you usually send in your reports. [Naruto trains his eyes on his friend rather intently.] So why don't you tell me why you really came back?

[There's something there in his eyes -- in his voice even though his expression is one of uncertainty. Hope. It's hope. Hope that his best friend is done finding himself out in the great big wide world and is ready to come back home. That they'll see each other more than once a year when Sasuke feels it in him to return.

He hadn't been happy when Sasuke left so soon after coming back but Naruto hadn't made as big a fuss as one might have suspected. A lot happened that his friend had to deal with, trying to be around all of those people who stared and glared isn't easy when someone was attempting to define who they were when almost everything was gone.]
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[It doesn't surprise him that Naruto has been keeping tabs on either his reports or how he normally chooses to make them. The easy thing to do, after the war and after admitting defeat -- a defeat he'd recognized down to the marrow, tapping into a well of exhaustion he's been living through since -- would have been to assume Naruto would shift his priorities.

But Sasuke knows him better than that, and Naruto is more stubborn than anyone he's ever known.

It's there in his expression now, and part of Sasuke wants to reach over and yank it right off that dumb face by main force. He entertains the thought of it for just a moment, brute force actually succeeding at something where Naruto is concerned, and then returns to reality.]

I wanted to see the place.

[Unspoken, he means: how it's changed, whether it's changed in any way that matters. Whether he's changed, in his time away. This much has: he doesn't deny to himself that he's deflecting when he continues with:]

I didn't think you'd complain about my coming back to the village for once.
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[It isn't a surprise to anyone who knows Naruto really well that he still keeps up with his best friend's movements. Not after everything. He doesn't have to worry about Sasuke getting hurt since there probably aren't many who can go toe-to-toe with the remaining Uchiha. And he knows that one day, Sasuke will wander back to Konoha to stay but keeping track has become natural at this point.

If he suddenly stopped, then it would be strange.

They both know what will happen if the other tries to use brute force on Naruto. He fights back with everything he's got.]

I'm not complaining, I'm curious.

[There are words unsaid but he doesn't need them to be spoken aloud to understand. Deflecting doesn't quite work either.]

It's not just the buildings that have changed, but you know, things would change faster if you were around to help too.

[Naruto has made sure that everyone knows what Itachi has done for them - concerning both the massacre and during the war. He wouldn't let it be covered up again.]
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[It's not just the buildings that have changed. Perhaps, Sasuke thinks but doesn't acknowledge: he's used to being stared at in Konohagakure. After the massacre, people had whispered; after the war, there had been something colder than whispers. Something Naruto knows, all the space between them Sasuke had tried so hard to maintain too easy to close with familiarity.

And now -- he's still stared at, but it's something different. People don't know what to do with the truth, when they have it.

He doesn't know if things would change faster with him around, or for the better, but he knows that they would. There have been points of conflict in the wider world he's been paying attention to, information he's been tracking down about how his kin (so many Uchiha gone so wrong) were able to do what they did, but ...

If he's honest with himself, those are distractions.

He looks away from Naruto, looks down at his hands and twines his fingers together for lack of something to do with them.]

Do you truly never feel the need to see anything outside this place?
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[Sasuke has been gone for so long that isn't shocking that people stare at him. They know that he was once deemed him an enemy and now a hero. To the masses, Sasuke is an ever-changing mystery and they don't know how to treat him.

Like the only survivor, the people spent years believing the lies told. Learning different is a difficult concept to grasp.

What his friend thinks and what Naruto believes aren't the same but sometimes that's how it goes with them. Maybe things aren't exactly settled with the rest of the world but getting peace everywhere isn't going to happen overnight.

He watches Sasuke for a long minute. Then he flops to the side, rolling onto his back and putting his arms under his head.]

What are you talking about? I see the world plenty. I saw a lot of it during my travels and it's not like I stay in the village all of the time these days either. My missions take me to the other countries too.

[Naruto didn't stay a genin forever and there's no way the village could stop him if he did want to leave.]
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That's not what I mean.

[The irritation in his voice is habitual, Sasuke lifting a hand to swipe through the air, negating. The way Naruto is sprawled out on the couch now leaves less space for Sasuke, and it's tempting to shove his feet out of the way, but for the moment he's more focused on --]

I mean not through Konoha's viewpoint. Talk to people about this place, people who don't feel like they have to feed you the same story Konoha does.

[That's been the most interesting part about travelling after the war. He's been bingo-booked since he was twelve, though the bounty on his head has varied over the years, dwindling now to a technical rescinding of the offer from Konoha, at least. Something about that makes people oddly willing to say whatever they want to him.]

But I suppose when people see you, they only want to tell you what you want to hear.
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[Naruto is quiet as his friend talks, not bothering to move even if that means he's claimed most of the couch as his own. At least he hasn't thrown his legs over the back and really started to invade the other's personal space.

Honestly, he doesn't quite get what Sasuke is talking about. Around Konoha he knows he's a hero but Naruto never really considered the possibility that other villages might feel the same way. Sure a lot of the shinobi who were there know who he is and what he's done but Naruto never expected it to trickle down to the civilians too.

For most of his life, he was a blight on his own village for being a Jinchuuriki. They scorned him, pushed him aside and because of that Naruto never had any friends or people who looked up to him. When his own village changed their tune, Naruto noticed.

It was different outside of the village. On his travels, no one knew who or what he was so they accepted him and were kind to him. That's why he hasn't caught on to them acting any differently towards him.

When he goes out, he is wearing his usual forehead protector too. But Konoha wasn't the only one in the war. It's natural to assume that anyone from the five nations got the same treatment.

He wants to protest Sasuke's words, ask him if he's lying but this doesn't seem like the kind of thing he would lie about.

Naruto sits up and suddenly he's far closer to his friend than he had been, mostly due to the fact that he's leaning in.]

"When people see me" - what's that got to do with anything? What kind of things do they tell you?

[Right now he may or may not be considering something potentially irritating on Sasuke's behalf.]
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[He wants to stare at Naruto like he's an idiot -- not that he doesn't do that all the time as it is, but really?]

Are you serious? Are you saying you still haven't gotten used to being the saviour of the ninja world?

[A world that Sasuke is sure didn't deserve it, and one he's not sure deserves the chance the change. But he agreed, and after a lifetime of dedicating himself to one supreme goal after the other, he doesn't give his word lightly.

Though sometimes he wonders if Naruto is bright enough to have figured that out, because really: there's genuine surprise on that face, and then suddenly it's close enough that Sasuke has to use willpower to resist the urge to lean back. Naruto has never understood the concept of personal space, and after working out that Karin and Naruto are related, Sasuke has wondered more than once if it's genetic.

But that's getting away from the topic, even to himself, and it's at least partially because he's looking for a way to put into words the kinds of things he's been hearing.]

I'm saying that what people are willing to tell a traitor who was known to attack the kage is different from what they'll tell you. Use your imagination.