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(or the everyone knows everyone meme)
a meme for playing out relationships in medias res

As appealing as some of the in-hotel options are, plug and play random fucking of strangers can get a bit played out, especially for those who feel their characters are restricted by that concept. Of course, there's always developing a relationship between characters, yet given the come-and-go of the playerbase here, it's often impossible to find someone willing to put in that kind of effort. Anon plotting can help; that's still touchy, though. But even with all that, sometimes you just want to enjoy the relationship between characters. In fact, given the kink and the characters involved, that may just help make the scene richer. Still, assuming CR/relationships can be a big no-no in rp. What to do?

This meme takes away that worry, because this is a place to play out all the scenes that require something to exist between the characters before the bumping uglies happens. All that is taken care of for you. Just tag in and enjoy!

Here are some prompts you can use, though they are by no means binding:
1. Close friends/friends with benefits
2. Dating or lovers
3. Married, by choice or by decree
4. Alliance of convenience, or the only person available to you
5. Couple attempting to spice up their sex life by trying out new kinks
6. Allies or teammates
7. Couple attempting to conceive
8. BDSM/slave and master
9. Forbidden lovers who should never be together
10. One-sided, unrequited love
11. First time of any variety
12. Longstanding sexual tension finally resolved
13. Incestious relationship
14. Relationship with an age difference
15. Relationship with a species difference
16. Non-consensual/abusive relationship
17. Desperation sex (ie, the last people alive, the end of the world, etc)
18. Hurt/comfort sex
19. The "been together forever"/comfortable with each other couple
20. WILDCARD or come up with something more to your own tastes.
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[[Non non/dub con, or incest, please]]