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Bounty Hunter meme;

The Bounty Hunter Meme

There’s something about tracking someone or something down. Whether it’s for money, glory, personal vendetta, or a fun hobby; hunting is your thing. Maybe it wasn’t until now and this is your first time seeking out your catch, or you’re forced to due to personal reasons or hunting is just an aspect of your job.

Out in space, the old west, feudal Japan, medieval times, fantasy medieval, or a combination; even an already existing canon: any setting you want! Get out there, maybe bring a partner or two, and find your quarry.

1. Bounty Hunter
Good ol' money. There’s a bounty board posted, physically or digitally, and it doesn't matter who the mark is. You've got bills to pay. Perhaps you don’t even use the public boards, maybe you got contacted privately by someone you know or don’t know. Find your target and turn them in. Dead, alive, whatever your contact wants. Unless you don’t care...

2. Monster Hunter
Are there one too many creatures around, or is there a specific one that everyone wants to take down, except that it’s nearly impossible? Various types of Dragons (Krayt, Red, Ancient, etc.), Behemoths, Sea Serpents, Colossus (Nature, Volcanic, Ice, Mechanical, etc.), Wild Beasts, any fantastical creature you can think of goes here. Collecting ingredients, making weapons/armor/clothes/decorations/trophies, or maybe you’re just really hungry? Take them down (if you can) and maybe better the world! Or unwittingly end up upsetting the natural order of things. Unless that was your intention from the get go...

3. Hunter vs. Hunter
The apex of prey, and the best way to prove that you are the best of the best! Or maybe this is a rival you feel has to be taken down? Either way this is going to be dangerous and you know it, so do they. Pull out all the stops, take no prisoners. Is your mark a romantic love interest and this all just a game between the two of you? In that case have fun. Unless this is an ex and the games end now...

4. Supernatural Hunter
Not everyone knows that there are other facets to this reality, or how deadly it can be. But you do and you've sworn to strike down what most consider evil. Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Spirits, Zombies, Ghosts, and anything else related to the supernatural go here. Are you one of them and defected to becoming a hunter? Good luck convincing your new fellow hunters of that. Maybe you’re a double agent to take them down from the inside? Unless you find a reason not to...

5. Hunted
Uh oh. You’re the one being hunted. Whether it’s someone or something else, time to scramble and find a sanctuary. Could be one that’s an impenetrable fortress or perhaps neutral territory that has too much red tape. Or is it time to just knuckle up and take your pursuer down? Either way you’re being chased. Unless that’s what you wanted all along for a bigger scheme of your own...

Anything goes! Something not listed here? Do it anyway! Want to combine a few and have zombie half-dragon? Do it! Ready to give your Hunter S. Thompson muse a real voice test? Do it! Are you here just to work some smut in? DO THAT! Whatever your heart’s desire is exactly what this option’s here for. Unless you’d rather just roll again...
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Dr. Otto Octavius | Spiderman/MCU | OTA

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((Most likely he'd be the one hunted, being a criminal and all...))
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[maybe Doc Ock hunting down Daredevil to get money from the Kingpin to fund his experiments?]
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Re: 1

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[Ooh, on the one hand, that could end badly for movie Ock, not his brightest move, on the other hand he did already do something like that once before... do you have a starter in mind, or do you need me to set one up?]
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[ooc: my thoughts exactly :) you think Doc would set up some sort of bait scenario or just go out looking and find him? I'll throw in something generic to start.]

It was a full moonlight night over Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil crouched on a ledge, listening to the sounds of the city. There were plenty of thugs and lowlifes out tonight, but he was still working on his hunt for the Kingpin of crime. If he could just find the right tentacle to follow...

The dark figure rose to his feet and, drawing one of his nightsticks from his boots, shot a line to the nearest building. Before it even hit, he launched himself over the side. A perfect swing across, somersaulting to land on his feet two rooftops across.
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If he was looking for trouble to take care of, a woman's scream gives him a pinpoint of focus to go after. No woman screams like that unless she's in serious trouble. Or has been paid to pretend to be. Still, if he comes on the scene, there's a drunk man with a knife, who is threatening her, albeit unsteadily. He just may not have the coordination to do her any serious harm, should she actually make an effort to fight back, but apart from the scream and the smell of alcohol and unwashed body, Daredevil might or might not be able to pick up on that detail in time.

[Definitely bait.]
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The scream catches his ears as deftly as if someone had grabbed him by the arm and pulled. He zeroes in on the commotion, noticing simultaneously how neighbors are more annoyed by the noise than helpful as they slam their windows shut and bolt them as he passes, running along the rooftops.

Two heartbeats. One with large footsteps.

While someone like Spiderman would give a quip here, Daredevil goes right to the saving. His nightstick flying through the air to hit the knife hand square on. Hopefully the lady will have presence of mind to take off while he deals with the man who's definitely had one too many. "Might be time to call it a night," he says beneath his shaded mask as he lands on his feet.
Edited (sorry, adding where he ended up) 2015-02-10 18:16 (UTC)
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What he's less likely to hear is another heartbeat, perched on the rooftop above, and drowned out by a noisy air-filter unit on the roof. The man there chose the spot for the camouflage of sound, the air intake that should sweep his scent away, and the physical cover large enough to hide his bulk.

On the ground in the alley, the man with the knife gives a howl of pain and stumbles back, staggering and tripping, to crash backwards against some heaped garbage. As criminal take-downs go, this isn't one to be especially proud of. The woman (possibly a prostitute, but he can't gauge by her outfit, after all), edges toward the alley mouth. She's more frightened of this dark rescuer than she was of the man with the knife.

More alarming is the bizarre, quiet, ratchet-rattle from above as a metal tentacle lashes downward from the edge of the roof, moving whip-fast to strike at the vigilante.
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It's almost too late in coming. The metal grinding sound bearing down on him like the speed of a freight train from behind. Matt dodges to the side as it barely misses him and takes a piece of his sleeve for the effor. He tumbles twice and retrieves his other nightstick in the process. Where had THAT come from??? Was there more?
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There is indeed a second tentacle, following not far behind the first, as if it's already moved to strike even before the first one managed a grab at his sleeve. They're fast, dangerous, and relatively quiet, but to his heightened senses they're like robotic rattlesnakes, with a warning sound to their movements.
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Daredevil strikes at the noisy snakes, his night sticks connecting with metal. This was not like any hoodlum he'do encountered before.

As one strikes another seems to be right behind it. Matt is doing his best to block them off without getting caught. Being forced back to a fire escape ladder which he quickly makes use of. At the next strike, he jumps on the tentacle'S "back" and runs along it to see where it might lead.

A new heartbeat. "What are you supposed to be?"
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Beating on the metal snake with a night stick sends a tremor up his arm. Those things are at least as big around as his thigh, long and weighty and powerful. It's not that the night stick has no effect on it at all, but it doesn't really do much to slow it down or throw it off. Now he knows there are at least two, but as he's starting to run up the second one, there's a solid, crunching thud. It's the sound of construction equipment on a brick wall, something very big and metal hitting the concrete of the building hard enough to dig into it. Whatever the metal monster is, if it manages to get an actual hit on him it's definitely going to hurt. But there's also something human at the end of the metal snakes, with a heartbeat that's starting to pick up, thudding faster with adrenaline, and just a tiny hitch once in a while that hints something may not be quite right there.

"Get off!" A low voice growls, and the tentacle under his feet ripples and writhes to throw him off, while a rattle off to his side tells of that first one swinging in again, to either hit him or help throw him off. The man's voice tells he's on the move and, strangely enough, hovering in what should be open space over the alley. There are more rattles- more robotic snakes, four in all.
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Daredevil is starting to feel a little outgunned right now. His senses telling him the impossible: that a giant metal spider was attacking him. With a human controlling it.

"Whoa!" he is flung off, using his momentum to grab a nearby flagpole and swing back around. Aiming his feet at the human in the middle. He wasn't making headway with the metal arms, better go for the source.
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Technically, Spiders have more than four legs, but he's got more appendages than the one they call Spider-man anyway.

The metal arms are fast and agile, and dangerous for the amount of force they could hit him with. The man in the middle is on the large side, but his reflexes are far slower and he lacks a fighter's instincts. Daredevil's feet connect awkwardly, slipping off the edge of a metal band, then impacting with a somewhat meaty chest. The kick lacks the force it might have had, but it's still enough to knock the air out of the man with an audible grunt. Supported by two of the metal arms, he's only pushed back a foot or so, but the upper two arms that first struck out at Daredevil flail slightly, pulled back by the man they're connected to, and any reaction delayed by that sudden jerk.
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lol that icon

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That grunt is proof enough, there is a human attached to these metal tentacles. Daredevil finds a handhold on one of them and takes a page from his dad's handbook. And goes for the right hook to the face.

Hopefully this guy had a face to hit...and would be too off guard to avoid the punch.

[feEl free to block]
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Grimacing in a fight or on the toilet? You decide...

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He's a very solid man, with some kind of metal band around his middle, which may give a clue how those metal arms are connected. The arms themselves are easy to grip, segmented with cables through the middle, and each segment is roughly triangular so there's edges, but he'd better be careful gripping them in case they twist and crush his fingers.

At night, there's no need for sunglasses, and Dr. Octavius sees the second blow coming in time to throw up an arm- a flesh and blood one, but it's enough. He gives a wheeze, still catching his breath, a clear and audible signal of distress even if he has warded off a blow to the face.
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ultimately might be more fun if matt gets caught?

[personal profile] daredevilawyer 2015-02-11 12:23 am (UTC)(link)
He couldn't hang here for long without inviting injury from those tentacles. Matt climbs up the flailing arms and launches himself over the man's shoulders to catapult onto the roof. Getting behind the man to go for a hold around his neck with a baton. His hand finding where the arms attach to the man's back...that added a whole new level to how integrated this man was to his technology.
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I can accomodate that...

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The man at the center of the robotic arms is slow to recover, but the arms themselves have faster reflexes, and they react like living things with minds of their own. While two of them are anchored into the nearby buildings, supporting their wheezing creator, the other two writhe and snap at Daredevil's heels as he launches himself to the roof. They're not quite quick enough to double back as he moves for the man's back, so he makes it there, and there's another wheeze as the baton goes around his neck.

There's a couple layers of battered coat in the way, the metal arms emerging from holes torn in the back, but if he slides an arm along the metal segments to the source, he quickly encounters a sturdy metal brace and, above that, scarred and melted flesh against scarred and melted metal connections that go up the man's spine. Those arms have been fused to his body, painfully so, and there's no way they're coming off. Fortunately he doesn't even seem to notice the groping at his back- scar tissue is not known for having much sensitivity, due to nerve damage. He's more concerned with being choked right now, fingers prying at the baton. He's no weakling, but he's not an athlete either, and right now he's at a disadvantage.

Showing initiative to protect their host, the arms are far more effective. Daredevil can't go forward, since he's on the man's back, and the arms coil back to come at him from two different directions, one grabbing accurately toward the arm that holds the baton.
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He boots one of the arms away with a kick, trying to put an end to this. "Enough, stop!" If he could reason with him before they both got seriously hurt...

But the tentacle is already wrapped around his baton arm. Not having any other card to play, he tries to tighten his grip in a sleeper hold. "Let go and I will," he says through clenched teeth. Trying to ignore the pain in his arm. Hoping not to be flung like a bug from a windshield wiper.
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This may not be as good a plan as he hopes, because while the man he's holding onto is starting to lose air, his clawing at the baton growing more feeble, the metal arms seem just as lively as ever. Now the two supporting them take action, and suddenly he hears one let go of the concrete and they're abruptly moving through the air, swaying and swinging backwards. It's not a freefall, and while the man is still conscious his legs simply hang, as if the part of one's brain that should panic from knowing there's no part of your body holding you up has shut down. This is because the metal arms make better legs than his flesh and blood ones do, and they're making a controlled move now. Before there's time to register more than that they're swinging through the air at the mercy of metal snakes, Daredevil is slammed backwards against a wall. That would be unpleasant by itself, but he's sandwiched between wall and a very large man with a lot of metal coming out of his back.
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While most superheroes and vigilantes wear armor for just such an occasion as this, Daredevil'S costume is decidedly not padded, due to it dulling his senses.

He hits the wall with a thud, his eardrums practically exploding from the sound of it, and doesn't get back up again. A limp figure in black hanging off the tentacle holding to him. His batons dropped out of his hands to hit the ground. He was out cold for the moment, a trickle of blood coming from the side of his face.
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The actuators pause briefly, a claw tilting and opening to study Daredevil with a camera while Dr. Octavius gasps and wheezes with the renewed surge of air to his lungs. Well that could have gone better. The prostitute and the drunk he hired to make a scene have both long since fled in terror of the fight waging above the alley.

Carefully, still gasping, the man at the center of the metal arms uses them to descend enough to retrieve the batons, then moves up between the walls and over the edge of the roof again. His own legs aren't likely to hold him right now, since he's still got spots dancing in his own vision, but he pauses on the roof to sort himself out. A helpful actuator claw hands him the batons to shove in a coat pocket, then they carefully lower the unconscious man to lie on the roof, and nudge his limbs around. One claw grips both the man's wrists together, another does the same for his ankles. Thus hogtied, they lift him again, to dangle out of reach of their host. The lower set of actuators flex, and they're off swinging across the rooftops with ease, toward an empty warehouse a few blocks distant. Hopefully they can reach it before the man comes around again. He's clearly trouble, and needs some better restraints.
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I wish I could type faster on my phone

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Daredevil offers no resistance as he's carried away from the scene. He'd be seeing stars if he could see.

When he starts coming around, he doesn't move. His ears taking a few moments to clear. His back aches something awful and his arms were restrained. This was not a promising situation.
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There was also, as his senses began to recover, the occasional strange metal rattle of a metal arm in motion, some just-slightly-harsh breathing, and the heartbeat with the very occasional irregularity. That fight did not do wonders for his captor's health.

"...It'll have to do. They're only temporary anyway." The voice was the same that told him to get off, earlier, but slightly rougher, and followed by a cough. He seemed to be speaking off-handedly to somebody else, yet there's no other heartbeat, no other sign of anyone else in the echoing space besides him and Daredevil. Unless one counts the metal arms.

The creak of a chair under a heavy weight, then the quietly ratcheting approach of an arm, to wrap something tight around his wrists. Tight, but not metal, something flexible like rope or thick tape or cloth. The man shifts in the creaking chair, coughs again, and there's the quiet sound of skin-on-skin as he rubs his raw and aching throat.
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There's an almost wince at the metal sounds all around him, but he does his best not to let it show. Now that his brain was clearing, two things were glaringly obvious.

He wasn't dead.
And he was still masked.

"Who hired you?" he asks without moving, as if he's been awake this entire time. Someone obviously wanted him alive.
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Instantly the sound of rubbing his throat stops, and the man replies in a sneering tone. "Oh please, don't make it sound so plebian. I wasn't hired by anyone, but there is a substantial bounty on your head."

While he speaks, the metal arms continue their work, finishing off the binding of his wrists, then letting go without warning so that he's suddenly swinging upside-down to hang by his ankles. There's another set of bindings, for those, and the arms get to work on wrapping his ankles as firmly as they did his wrists.

"I ought-" He chokes on the word and has to stop and cough painfully before he gets his voice working right. "I ought to take my own cut out of you, first, for that little trick."

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